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Snow romping

Romping in Snow
Siege of a fortress
Postcard 1891
From the Police gazette print

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Winter coolness and fluffy snow incite to outdoor games. In regions with permanent snow in winter, swowball fighting and funwrestling were very popular from time immemorial. In Russia and some other places, a fun was pupular, "siege of a fortress" in which women p[layed an important role.

Romping in snow

Wallpaper from the blog mi9

Romping in snow

Photo from Telegraph

Romping in snow

Photo from Eldur og Is

Videoclips. The clips should be downloaded

Snowthrowing in bikinis
Videoclip from web resource Bikini Adventures
Romping in snow

Sumo wrestling on the snow in japan
Videoclip from web resource Bluemafia Snow sumo

Videoclips from Youtube

Bikini snowball fight

Snow fight, 2005

Snow wrestling

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