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Fistfighting for fun

Outdoor boxing
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Fistfighting is an ancient fun of many nations. Certainly, this tough game used to be a stricly men's actiovity. But everything has changed - nowadays, women actively participate in boxing, kickboxing, taekwondo, karate, MMA and other sports using blows. And of course, women who do not practice such sports also gladly box - in backyards, parks, meadows, beaches, at home - just for fun, for leisure and for pleasure.

In the past, from early years children learned that men made a war, fought, wrestled, while women never did. That’s why it was honorable for boys to know how to fight and wrestle – tusslers, boxers and wrestlers were extremely popular. At the same time, girls even didn’t imagine they would fight or wrestle. The social environment taught that women must be helpless and weak, under men’s protection. Then if was impossible to imagine a real physical combat between women. However, since the end of the 20th century, combative women literally burst in movies, TV and Internet where they skillfully fought and wrestled. Female combative sports spread all over the world, some of them became Olympic disciplines. This was accompanied by tectonic shifts in the direction to the gender equality. All the sudden, it turned out that girls and women readily fight and wrestle – in the backyard and in sport gyms. According to the statistics, American schoolgirls fight more often than schoolboys.

Going by the number of video clips on YouTube, friendly boxing (and not too friendly as well) is extremely popular among girls. As in fungrappling, a woman gets an opportunity to look differently at herself, at her body, emotions, and aggressiveness as well as at her relations with other individuals of the opposite sex. Besides, sometimes women like men want to settle their differences in a civilized but physical way. Therein, boxing or fistfighting is a quite suitable way. And they often fight persistently and take the heat well.

Many things women do they do beautifully, gracefully and elegantly. And they box much more elegantly than men. Elements of eroticism shows through friendly girl fights. Contrary to the traditional opinion, more prompt, agile, brave and artful in boxing girls are more successful among guys.


Outdoor snow boxing

Boxing on the snow.
Video from the site GifBoom

Video clips

Boxing at the grass-plot

Malayan girls in ardor fight

Ring in forest

Boxing at the beach

Boxing in bikini by the pool

Boxing at the grass-plot

Summer boxing club

Boxing at the parking lot

Ardent fignhts at the sand ground

Boxing at home

Boxing in a Summer camp

Boxing in a Summer camp

Boxing in a Summer camp

Boxing outdoor

Backyard boxing

Boxing in a photo studio

Boxing at the grass-plot

ПYard boxing

Boxing at the grass-plot

Bout in a night fightclub

Short bout at a parking lot in a park

Furios bout at the schoolyard

A girl fights with a boy

A girl fights with a boy

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