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Equestrian battle

"Chicken Fighting"

Chicken fight
Ultimate Chicken Fighting Championship (UCFC) on the Crab Island, Florida. 2010

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Equestrian battle in outdoor pools Equestrian battle in a pool Equestrian battle in a pool Equestrian battle in a pool Equestrian battle in a pool

Equestrian battle in indoor pools Equestrian battle in a pool Equestrian battle in a pool Equestrian battle in a pool

End of the battle End of the battle

Equestrian battle in the river Equestrian battle in the river

Equestrian battle on the "dry land" Equestrian battle on the dry land

Equestrian battle in DWW Equestrian battle in DWW

Some recreation activities and combative sports stem from old martial activities, for instance, fencing came from combat and duels with plain weapon. The popular folk entertainment - "equestrian battle" is semi-facetious imitation of mounted battles. English speakers call it "chicken fighting".

"Cavalrymen" (usually gracious and light "cavalrywomen") climb on the "horse" shoulders or backs and the two combative pairs start the battle (usually in water). The pair wins which manage to drop the opponent rider down.

Actually, an "equestrian battle" is a variety of "beach combat" ("bathers' wrestling); they are usually held in water - in a sea resort, on a lake, in a pool or on the sand beach (but sometimes even far from water, for example on a lawn). In the most cases "equestrian battles" run in whatever way they can: equestrians saddle horses and "fight" trying to push the opponent rider down. Horse participating in battles is optional; they usually concentrate on holding riders and maneuvering and don't directly participate in the battle.

Though the "equestrian battle" is particularly amateur combat form, inventive people organize competitions and tournaments for this "combat" with appropriate attributes, such as referees and rules. We have the report about the world championship for "horsewomen battle".

'Ultimate Chicken Fighting Championship' (UCFC) was held in 2010 on the Crab Island, Florida.

Chicken fight

"Equestrian battle" is cheerful and safe game in which all participants have specific fun: male horses enjoy having nice riders; female equestrians enjoy attention and merriment. Spectators also enjoy the show.

Despite its seeming simplicity, this amusement has its fine points and "handicraft" secrets. This combat style looks unpretentious but in order to be successful you have to have tactic and strategic thinking; experienced pairs used intricate holds and tricks.

There is information about "equestrian boxing" - women sitting on horse shoulders try to drop each other down using punches with boxing gloves (hollow or real ones). A boxing trainer told us that they organized peculiar semi-facetious tournament during a training gathering: pairs competed having male boxer with female boxer on his shoulder. The pairs fought against each other on the improvised sand ring. Men could punch opponent men only while women could punch both opponents. According to this message, the most of the girls were unable to have an effect upon the bouts because their horses actively maneuvered and quickly dropped them down. However once it was a girl who managed to achieve the victory: she punched the opponent "horse" to head; the guy dawdled for a moment being confused who should he punish; he got immediate punch from her "horse" and his rider and he found themselves knocked down. Of course, this was just an exotic event and real exception. True folk "equestrian battles" have nothing to do not only with violence and knockdowns but also with traumas. Thus, this amusement is just for girls and for families with kids.

If no real horses around, they fight on dummy ones

Fight over water Fight over water

Videoclips from Youtube

Tough violent chicken fight in a pool

Battle of three pairs

Reverse championships. Final. Crab Island

Chicken fight in the Dekaney High School pool (left) and in Florida

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Battle of topless beauties Battle of topless beauties

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