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Topless boxing

Topless boxing
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Topless boxing is a special combative activity and show. The fact that women box topless cardinally changes the sport (show) boxing making it completely different form. On the one hand, boxing is boxing whatever boxers wear. In fact, nobody will pay attention to what male boxers wear, whatever it is, t-shirt or they fight just with bare chests, it's really doesn't matter. On the other hand, in case of women's boxing, this is a uniform (or lack of it on certain places) that cardinally changes the genre. One situation is when an athletic fistfight takes place between two women with safely protected and packed breasts and completely different case is if the breasts are open for punches and public viewing.

There are many reasons why female topless boxing is unusual and piquant show, especially if competitive rather than demonstrating boxing is considered. Women's breasts - one of the most vulnerable and fragile parts of female body and women always try to protect them even in ordinary everyday situations. And here a fierce combat is considered, especially fistfight, especially bare breasted one!.. At the same time, it's out of discussion that nice breasts are a pride and an excellent decoration for a woman. Boxing with bare breasts allows women to demonstrate advantages of their bodies; for promoters it's a good chance to sell the "merchandise". So, topless boxing attracts people by unusual combination: fistfight with unprotected and vulnerable breasts in which one of the main attribute of femininity and female beauty is exposed as an object of merciless physical attack (breasts seem to be the closest body part to the attacker's boxing gloves). It's obvious that the female breast's structure is totally different from male one. Typical in this respect was a lawsuit claimed by owners of "topless dancing" clubs which were pushed out of Midtown New York city by the city authorities. They pointed to the fact of gender discrimination: men are not restricted to dance topless, why women do? The court rejected the claim issuing the profound resolution: "In essence, women's breasts are different form men's ones by nature."

A true woman always cares about how she looks to other people. Even being knocked down (in a real, not a fake knockdown) she still tries to look nice. The represented here photographs taken from the commercial WEB site CatfightWEB well illustrate the aforesaid. Female topless boxing is exciting, erotic, emotional and even gracious spectacle, but it causes mixed feelings: an admiration and a pity.

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