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Bouncy combat

Bouncy combat
Joust fight with inflatable lances in the South Utah University carnival, September 2011.
Photo by Katie Christensen. Website SUUNEWS

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Bouncy combat
Bouncy fighing with inflatable dumbbells
Photo from the site Party Animals

Time to time everybody wants to test his or her strength or "fight" with other people. But the most of people (especially women) are not fighters or wrestlers. That's why it was invented absolutely safe and amusing combative form - combat with bouncy equipment. Boxing in huge bouncy gloves ("bouncy boxing") is especially popular. You can buy or order inflatable plastic rings, gloves, helmets, sticks, dumbbells and other facilities for such facetious combats. Such rings are installed in amusement parks, in backyards, indoor and in bars.

Bouncy boxing
Bouncy boxing.
Photo from the site Peter Johnson Entertainment

Contestants, wearing huge oversized gloves and sparring helmets, try to knock each other down. The most bouts are held in an air-filled bouncy boxing ring. The inflatable ring has deep inflatable floor and four air-filled corner posts. So it makes it very safe to play. The object of the game is to "knockout" your opponent and to keep him or her down for the count. Bouncy boxing is the very popular folk amusement, especially among women and children.

Bouncy pillow fight
Intramural Pillow Fight Tournament in the Texas Southern University. Female division, October 2009
Photo from the site TSU

There are more "combat" forms with bouncy equipment. We can enumerate pillow battle - "combatants" are sitting on a horizontal log trying to drop an opponent from the log by bounce (or regular) pillows. Combat with inflatable dumbbells or sticks are as much popular as bounce boxing. Recently, due to popularization of the Japanese wrestling Sumo in Europe and America wrestling in inflatable jackets became very popular. In such a costume even a supermodel; looks like a sumoist. It's very inconvenient to wrestle in such uniform but it's very amusing and funny.

Bouncy Sumo
Bouncy Sumo
Photo from the site Sun Journal

Battles with bouncy equipment are cheerful and safe plays where women can wrestle to their heart's content without fearing of traumas.

Bouncy fighting

Bouncy boxing indoor
Bouncy boxing indoor
Photos from the site Canta

Battle with inflatable sticks Site Inflatehire

Battle with pillows Site Bounce Krazee

Battle with pillows Site OLX

Bouncy sumo Sumo Pin

Bouncy boxing
Bouncy boxing Russian girls are having fun in the park "High-Dive" near St.Petersburg.
Photo by Arenamaster


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