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'Upset her balance and take her down’

Truly women’s contest

Combative sports classification based on the balance contest

Balance, coordination, speed, discretion, quick wit, strength, grace and femininity!

Essentially standing contest,
delicate struggling for keeping balance,
with a substantial psychological component –
this is just for us!

Amanda Bryant

Quick toe-to-toe strength and balance contest consisting in attempts to rock the other girl off her standing position. The main goal is to cause her to go off balance in order to make her touch the ground with any body part other than the sole of her feet (preferably by her back) or (in some styles) to push her out of the circle.

Spartans The first known official wrestling match happened at the 18th Olympic games in 708 B.C. There were two styles of Ancient Olympic Wrestling – ground style (‘Kato Pale’) and upright style (‘Orthia Pale’). The rules were the same except in the upright wrestling style a wrestler had to throw his opponent to the ground three separate times in order to win the match. The upright style was considered as more aesthetic and noble. By the way. ancient Spartan women wrestled just in the upright style.

As a matter of fact, the most of traditional wrestling styles all over the world essentially come to a balance contest. Whoever manages to drop the opponent having him/her touch the ground by any part other than a foot is a winner (or, in some styles to push the opponent out of the circle).

During past decades, just these wrestling forms became widely popular among women – both in form of official competitions of informal contests and tournaments.

The contact sport style ‘Upset her balance and take her down’ seemed to be the form of contest precisely designed for women matching their psychology and physical nature. Competing in balance, coordination, speed, discretion, quick wit, strength, grace and femininity, women realize their natural desire for contesting (including physical) – without tough and brutal moves like punches to face, locking joints, squeezing the body, chokes, pain techniques, etc.

The balance contest is quick, that’s why a contestant should sense the opponent’s intention, even hidden from spectator’s view, trying to sense her move even sooner than she did it. It is not just a physical but also an imperceptible psychological contest between two female characters.

Female matches in Schwingen, Sumo, Gouren and other ‘standing styles’ last just for seconds; they are full of not only physical but also psychological contest of two female characters. Even in the combative sports in which ground fighting is allowed, female standing contest and takedowns are the most impressive and gracious moments.

he strategy and tactics of a standing contest depend on rules and terms of a particular style, especially on admissibility of grasping the opponent’s attire. In some styles, wrestlers wear special belts (like Sumo, Kuresh, Ssireum) or combative shorts (Schwingen, Glima) or jackets (Judo, Boke) as well as their combination (Gouren, Lucha Canaria).In some styles a match begins in a given position (Sumo, Backhold). In other styles, wrestlers may grab each other by arms or torso (Wesuwa, Greco-Roman), in some – by legs (freestyle, beach).

Русская версия

Two Women Wrestling by Ferdinando Tacca
Two Women Wrestling
Ferdinando Tacca (Italian, 1619-1686/90) and workshop
Wrestling matches between women as well as men
were a form of court entertainment in 17th-century Italy
Photo from Wikimeida

Gyongyi Kallo of Hungary throws Francoise Harteveld of the Netherlands to the floor. 2011 Sumo Championship, Category +95kg.
Sport Illustrated

Judo is the best tool for unbalancing someone.
Breaking balance (kuzushi) is the aspect of Judo that sets it apart from other martial arts.
Ana Hormigo of Portugal (left), 2010 Euro Cup winner in the 52kg category, tries to unbalance her opponent. Marbell, Spain.
Photo by Jose A Dianes from his page in Flickr

Gi-Ge wrestling in South China. Torch Festival "Stone Forest" in Yunnan, 2015
Yn People

Throw in the Backhold wrestling. Cumberland and Westmorland wrestling competitions in London. The Hodgson sisters in action. June 2016
Westmoreland Gazette

Balance contest. Ssireum, South Korea
Korea World Wider

Two female competitors take part in Huka Huka wrestling during the World Indigenous Games in Palmas, Brazil October 2015
Daily Mail

Belt is a perfect leverage for a throw. Turkish belt wrestling Kuresh. Lipetsk, Russia. March 2014. LipetskMedia

The top girl seems to get lost because her hands touched the ground
while her opponent is still in the air

Sumo is a straight balance contest
Anna Zhigalova of Russia managed to get off balance Francoise Harteveld
of Netherlands having thrown her on the dohyo
in their women's open division match
during the 16th Sumo World Championships on October 12, 2008, in Rakvere, Estonia
Photo by 'Getti Images' from the album Daylife

Lucha Canaria
Spectacular throw. Lucha Canaria tournament in Santa Cruz de Tenerife. July 2012
Diario De Avisos

Women in the Viking wrestling Glima. From the collection of Georg Hansen. Viking Market

Швейцарская борьба Швинген Yolanda Geissbühler disbalances Katja Enz. Schwingen tournament in Oberbühl, Switzerland, 2016 Schwingklub Huttwil

mONGOL Bukh Barildah
Mongol girls test their balances in Bukh Barildah contest
Photo by "zatoichi213" from the page on Flickr

Beach wrestling
A girl overturns her opponent. Beach wrestling Cup, Brazil.
December 1, 2014. United World Wrestling

Dramatic throw by a Brittany girl. Celtic wrestling Gouren.

Women in balance contests. Videoclips

Icelandic Glima is the essence of the concept of "upsetting her balance and taking her down"

Two quite stable girls zealously work in their Glima balance contest.

Peasant girls in Icelandic traditional attire wrestle in Glima style

Lucha Canaria. 15 year old girls.

Lucha Canaria. Heavyweight women

Lucha Canaria. Video compilation

Beach wrestling. Women 156 Lbs

Beach wrestling. Women 135 Lbs

Beach wrestling in Sumo style

Bridge-of-Allan Highland Games in England.
A bold girl wrestles against several guys

Bridge of Allan Highland Games in England.
A strong girl managed to defeat a smaller guy three times but later
was unable to resist a bigger girl.

Scottish backhold wrestling: A girl against a boy

Alpine wrestling Schwingen in Heiligenschwendi, Switzerland. August 2010

Bakweri Wrestling of the people Kwe in Cameroon

Ssireum World Championships. 2012 Women 80kg

Daria Ibragimova throws down her heavier opponent in Sumo contest.
Sumo 2015 World Championships.

Luciana Watanabe of Brazil impressively throws her Mongolian opponent.
2015 Women's Sumo World Championships.

An amateur Sumo wrestler effectively upsets her opponent's balance. Kitanokuma stable

Submission wrestling match. Jeannette (in red) demonstrates outstanding sense of balance.
She eventually catches her bigger opponent and dropped her down.

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