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Apartment wrestling
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Apartment wrestling" is a quite outmoded term stands for real or stage physical contests in form of a wrestling between two women in domestic environment – on the bed or on the room floor. Actually, the term "apartment wrestling" is used for several different forms of entertainment – the concept of apartment wrestling has been changing since it appeared in 1950s. It includes both - erotic and amateur wrestling

Today, some apartment wrestling matches represent real amateur wrestling. However, almost everything which is usually called "apartment wrestling" barely belong to real competitions (see the section "Pseudo-competitions").

The Fabulous Moolah
'The Fabulous Moolah', the most prominent pro wrestling star in 1950-1960. She trained female wrestlers, including Ella Waldek, Daisy Mae, and Katherine Simpson; girls from her school participated in private 'apartment wrestling' events

Apartment wrestling cropped up in USA in 1950-1960s with development of television, as an imitation of extremely popular in the US professional wrestling. This form of entertainment (which nowadays actually is mostly known as catfighting staged for the purposes of male audience entertainment or fetish erotica), was born under totally different conditions. Owing to TV broadcasting, millions were able to watch matches with The Fabulous Moolah and other female wrestling stars. Unusual image of a fighting woman became habitual for everyone.

Brassiere 1950
In 1950's movie star Lana Turner brought cone-shaped brassieres into common use, which became one of symbols of fifties

According to legends, bored rich housewives having seen enough TV wrestling shows, started to entertain themselves with funwrestling in bedrooms. Rich ladies languishing of idleness in absence of husbands came up with the idea to wrestle themselves with invited female friends. They wrestled in lingerie without male witnesses. Possibly, in some cases, they had an inclination for Lesbianism. Perhaps, wrestling for fun as a women's pastime (world wide spread now) arose from that activities.

Later, wealthy began hiring women trained in wrestling to amuse family guests by their wrestling. They wrestle in living rooms (that's why it got the name), wore bikini which was difficult to keep on the proper places. Gradually, private wrestling as an erotic imitation of real fighting and wrestling transformed to the spectacle of "catfighting" – female no hold barred fighting. When the "apartment wrestling" became known to the public at large, it was a chaotic brawl unfettered by any sense of rules or civility - athletic attributes had been set aside - women from all walks of life met in "epic struggles" (with scratching and hairpulling) before a select group of male admirers to determine who was superior and to claim to substantial financial rewards that went along with that.

As a matter of fact, the concept of 'apartment house wrestling' was born in 1970’s when the wrestling magazine industry was in crisis. Pro wrestling journalist Bill Apter had a fetish for women wrestling in his apartment for his amusement (pro wrestlers were supplied from Fabulous Moolah's school). Bill Apter came up with a revolutionary concept of apartment wrestling which revived the industry. Actually, the new term 'apartment wrestling' had nothing to do with real private wrestling - at the same time Stan Weston, who was owner of "Detective" magazines proposed, 'What do you think about getting a couple of gals in bikinis, and have them pretend to wrestle in an apartment?’ Famous photographer Theo Ehret made a gallery of glamour models pretended they fought and wrestled. Those photos were published in pro wrestling magazines. Since then, photo and video production with women wrestling in apartments became world wide popular. A photo and video industry has developed, "commercial catfighting and female wrestling became profitable business: Luscious, bikini-clad bodies rampaged in fierce combat against one another before an appreciative audience.

In fact, apartment (private) wrestling have transformed into three different forms having in common only the domestic environment

In fact, apartment wrestling have transformed into three different forms performed in domestic environment

– Erotic wrestling actions for men – both – for video recording and for live performance;
– Real athletic competitions in a room between more or less trained women recorded on video for sale. Such contests usually go as a submission wrestling matches (grappling), in which ladies act mostly on the ground in the tight body contact;
– Private wrestling between women for their fun as well as for fun of their mates witnessing the matches.

The first two forms became world popular with video and internet development.

The third brand of apartment wrestling is a mix of athletic, erotic and entertaining activity, attained perfection by efforts of famous "Barbara Doctor" from New York, who is a theorist and practitioner of private female wrestling. In her detail instructions, "Go and fight!", she describes in detail what is private women wrestling, why women wrestle and how they should prepare to it, train and act. According to Barbara, wrestling matches in apartments and house basements are quite widespread but being private, run underground and are not widely known.

Besides domestic environment, these three forms of apartment wrestling have in common the great fascination and attractiveness for men.

Since grappling became an official popular sport, and private women’s wrestling is not widely known, they term "apartment wrestling" is usually associated to erotic spectacle of catfighting.

Written in 2000
Revised in September 2010

History of apartment wrestling

Apartment Wrestling

Apartment Wrestling

Apartment wrestling
Apartment wrestling
Photos by Theo Ehret from 1970s from the book "Exquisite Mayhem"


Classic apartment wrestling

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Two Brazilian Housewives in an underground wrestling match

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Soft style apartment wrestling. Two girls wrestle in the room

Two Philippines housewives wrestle in the room

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