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"Wrestling brought us together!"

Wrestling Love
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Married couple Eugenia and Valery Pankratovs from Moscow, Russia sent a warm letter to the club and asked to place their message to the Guestboook. We have exchanged with letters and a material has been created by itself about this handsome beautiful couple.

Eugenia. Valery and I used to study at the same college, at different faculties and grades though. I am a quite tall woman (511) and I have played basketball since the fifth grade in the elementary school. In the college I was a member of the girls team. We had a good gymnasium and one day I was dragged there to watch a freestyle wrestling competitions. I had never been interested in wrestling but a girl from our basketball team assured me that I wouldnt regret being there. Once she came there, she started waiting for heavyweights. As soon as you see heavyweight wrestling you will go out of your mind - she said. At first, it was boring, even alienating semi-naked sweaty men squeeze each other But all the sudden, a short handsome guy came out to the mat and attracted my attention. Obviously, I wasnt interested in short guys but this guy he was moving gracefully and acting smartly, without visible exerting. I asked my friend what was his name. She disappointedly answered: This is Valery Pankratov. I am surprised you are interested in so short guy. Watching Valery in wrestling, I just realized that I began understanding the nicety of this sport and the complexity of its techniques and war of nerves. After a while I was going to leave the venue. But the life is a weird thing sometimes All the sudden we heard a mens voice behind us: Hello girls. I saw both of you in basketball games. And added, appealing to me: I like watching how skillfully you throw balls into the basket from a distance. I am just stunned. It was Valery who appeared in front of us

Valery. In my childhood I was short and sickly and anyone who feels like it picked on me. It motived me to start practicing wrestling I have been into it since the second grade in elementary school. After a year or two everyone respected me and didnt pick a fight with me. Frankly speaking, I always liked tall girls but by tradition the combination of a short guy and a tall girl was reputed to be inharmonious. So, for the time being, I did not succeed with tall girls. Now, I dont have any complex about my height everybody tells Jeka (thats how I call Eugenia) and me that we are a very harmonious couple we feel that too

Eugenia. Having familiar with the sport of freestyle wrestling and with a freestyle wrestler, I just recalled a few episodes from my childhood which I had never recalled. I am recollecting how two boys violently wrestled over me just in our fifth-grade classroom, in front of the whole class. I enjoyed that but our girls condemned me for that fight. Next year I had to fight with a class-mate girl (of course, not over a boy). We fought in a park, face to face without witnesses. We began unskillfully brandishing with hands but I just recalled how the boys wrestled and grabbed my opponents neck and managed to easily throw her onto the grass. Thats how my first and the only school fight finished

Valery. Practicing wrestling in a particularly male training class, I thought sometimes why girls didnt practice wrestling and imagined how they would do. It was somehow funnily and exciting to thing about that. When I was in high school, two girls of my age were brought to the wrestling class then womens wrestling began spreading. Both girls were quite massive, I would say even a little fat. The trainer started teaching them nuts and bolts of wrestling. The girls trained very hard and in a while they wrestle quite well and our trainer started placing them in sparring with us boys, including myself. Wrestling with a girl even in sparring is very unusual activity. However I didnt feel anything SPECIFIC, except a burning interest in female wrestling I didnt realize what the nature of that interest was. Although the girls were taller and heavier than me (I wrestled in the flyweight category), I was sure I would defeat either one in a real wrestling match owing to quickness and abruptness... I was fond of one of the girls and dreamt to wrestle against her imagining how I would pin her Once we sparred with her so recklessly that soon began wresting for real then I quickly pinned her. We both felt a special mutual attraction (Jeka should excuse me it was so long ago) After that, short romantic relationship with her sprang up. For the first time in my life, I dated with a taller girl. And I didnt feel uncomfortable with her

Eugenia. Lets return to our first meeting with Valery. Looking at approaching Valery I just felt it was a fortune! We began dating and spent weekends out of town breathing country air we both loved walks in woods. To my great surprise, being bigger than Valery, I didnt experience any physical advantage over him I always apprehended his as a strong man. At the very first walk he offered me to show a couple of wrestling moves. Demonstrating a technique with me he managed to pin me somehow skillfully and tenderly. Being hot-tempered and excitable by nature, I started standing up to him... It turned out that when wrestling we turned one very much. Since our love affair started in late Spring until July, we went out of town almost every weekend and wrestle there with pleasure...

Valery. Jeka turned out to be a talented student. Just after a few sessions she properly accomplished some wrestling techniques, particularly undercutting. She fascinated me not just because I fell in love with her; she was very interesting and versatile. Even her ability to wrestle with me fittingly increased my respect and admiration. It has happened that those friendly wrestling matches have closely concerned with our physical intimacy and love. It has been lasting for many years and we have not been tired of such frisks. By the way, a couple of times Jeka proved in actions she was quite a good fighter. Let her tell

Eugenia. After the fifth grade in college, Valery and I traveled to a sport camp in the Black Sea resort Anapa. Once we met a young couple at the beach. Both happened to be Judokas. They were very proud of that and the guy was unable to cover his skepticism having discovered that Valery was a freestyle wrestler. Being confident in Valery, I challenged the guys to a wrestling match. The other guy was heavier than Valery probably by 45 pounds. In fact, Judokas are not used to wrestling without a uniform (the guys were just in swimming trunks) but for Valery it was still not easy just to collide against so heavy opponent. As I expected, Valery quickly pressed his opponents back against the ground, even though the opponent attempted to break his leg.

Valery. Frankly speaking, I already knew how to act against a Judoka we had a special training session dedicated to mixed wrestling. My opponent though didnt know what to do against a freestyle wrestler. However, I was a few steps lower him in the weight category, so I gave him odds anyway. My opponent attempted to deliver a pain hold on my leg but he lost a chance to crush me before I pinned him.

Eugenia. The Judo couple was quite embarrassed by this defeat and I just added fuel to the flame challenging the losers girlfriend to gain revenge wrestling against me. She was very surprised and refused: I dont wrestle with basketball players. She was a little shorter than me but quite solidly built and probably heavier than me. But both guys convinced her to accept the challenge and eventually she consented to wrestle with me without using joint breaks, chokes or pain holds

Valery. It was very fascinating match the whole beach came running to the venue. I was pleased to see how well Jeka mastered the techniques I had taught her. Since she was used to wrestling against a man (me), it was even easier for her to compete against a woman. At first, her opponent was high and mighty expressing great self-confidence. But as soon as she realized Jekas strength, she began wrestling not giving her an easy time. People around were be filled with enthusiasm and an outcry was terrible. At one moment, Jeka almost pinned her but the opponent managed to escape I didnt teach her how to hold an opponent on pin...

Eugenia. Then we stood up and started another round. Unfortunately, when the Judoka had a foreboding of the defeat she began seeking a cloth to catch me by. She didnt find anything better than the top of my swimming suit and seized it from behind near the buckle I started desperately yelled asking to release my top but it was too late I found myself topless...

Valery. It was the moment of the truth. ? I was afraid that being embarrassed Jeka would draw back and I shouted the brief Continue! But even without my advice, not being confused at all, she tripped the opponent, dropped her onto the sand and instantly accomplished the pin using the leverage shoulder-neck. Jeka didnt give her any chance to recover her senses. The spectators were screaming so loud that even beach rescuers came running. I gave Jeka her top but she seemed not to hurry to put it on and stood out for a while topless. Her body is so perfect that she can be proud of it and demonstrate it!

Eugenia. This is not 100% true. I just was so carried away that forgot that I had lost the upper part of my swimming suit. By the way, I suspect my opponent tore off my bra on purpose understanding that she would lose anyway. But she got the wrong sow by the ear!

Valery. There was another occasion when Jeka wrestled but not according the rules. Actually, it was a brawl.

Eugenia. I wouldnt call it a brawl either - I just taught an impudent girl a lesson throwing her down over hip. As a result, she shamefully got out of there taking her cheeky boyfriend.

Valery. Actually, I should have interfered but Jeka beat me in it A drunken man in the street barged against Jeka in a big way and instead of sorry his girl-friend cursed Jeka naming her slut. Without hesitation, Jeka laid hold the insolent girls arm, pulled her ahead, put the hip under her and slammed her ass down to the sidewalk. Spectacular! The hooligan barely rose to her feet swearing like a trooper but her stunned boy-friend just swept her away. Thanks God!

Eugenia. All in all, I have become a wrestler. No kidding! Even Valerys male friends, who tried to wrestle with me for fun, had a hard time

Valery. Yes, Jeka often provokes our male friends (wrestlers or non-wrestlers) into fun-wrestling but if it comes to wrestling, men look rather vulnerable against her Women, including athletes, do not even have the dare to wrestle with her. Jeka wrestle very well, even though she is a truly amateur. But what is the most important here - wrestling has brought us together!

Eugenia Valery Pankratovs

December 2007

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