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We are publishing a fragment of an interview, which we conducted with a female combatant some time ago. On her request, we withdrew it from the interview. However, considering it to be very interesting for female combat fans, we got her permission to publish the fragment with the exception of specifics pointing to her. It is impossible to figure her out – there are too many interviews in our portfolio.

So, we asked her a traditional question: "what do you feel when inflict an injury to an opponent or knock her down?" There was nothing specifically unusual in her original answer but eventually she indulged in confidences with us…

- What I will tell you now, would seem weird and even repulsive but I assure you I am not a unique woman experiencing such a feeling when engaging in combat with a female opponent. I feel an enormous burst of passionate aggressiveness and - I would venture to suggest - savage lust for a wild enjoyment. Like in a 'sex game', I thirst for a sweet physical satisfaction with thrashing her; I fervently desire to smash her face. In such moments, her face seems to me as loathsome as it is pleasant to give her a good smack on the jaw. Once again, this enjoyment is comparable only to sexual pleasure. Actually, come to think of it, there is a correlation between these matters – I am fighting against another female individual – sturdy and dangerous, my body burns with fever caused by the acute sexual rivalry… Like being transformed into another state, I see a brutal crafty female rival before me and I crave for wiping her out and knocking her female substance out of her. Her breasts and her cute face literally enrage me and there is nothing more desirable at that moment than smashing her muzzle… So, now you better understand what I feel when manage to knock an opponent down – it is a downright orgasm! Surprisingly, as soon as the bout finishes (no matter how – by knockout or by a referee signal) these feelings just disappear. The fury and brutal excitement are just gone quickly, without the trace… By the way, according to some male combatants, they have similar feeling when fighting.

Then we asked her how she managed to think and use combat techniques in such a wild condition.

- Combat techniques can work only if you don't think about them - the skills are cultivated for years - when walking, you don't think where to step, you think about something else. Don't you? In a fight, a trained body knows itself how to act while combative passion makes you intrepid and furious.

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