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Campbell. Dinner and fight
Campbell. "Dinner and fight"

We publish two letters received one after another. They represent two views from opposite sides about the same phenomenon.

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They thirsted for blood

Female watchers

Reading "This is not sport, it is sex" rather confirms what I feel about women who attend boxing matches; namely, they get a sexual thrill from it.

It may explain why I, observing girls so obviously getting a thrill from a fight, in turn, get turned on by them. I have often attended boxing matches and cage fights not to watch the fights, but to observe the young girls who can easily be found scattered around the fight arenas. I always take care to sit myself a little behind, and to one side, of them so I can observe their faces during the fights. I get a positive thrill watching there faces beam with delight as a fight hots up and they unashamedly betray their utter blood lust. These girls are often "well-turned out", wearing carefully applied make-up and, interestingly, revealing clothes. Cleavage and legs are usually well displayed.

I recently attended a Cage Fight at Wembley Arena in London, and I sat just behind some attractive girls in their twenties. It was obvious they hadn't come to see a sport. They wanted man-on-man violence. They wanted to see blood. In-between the bouts, they were well spoken and very feminine, but during the fights, they lustily spurred on the men. When the fight was going slow, they didn't fail to hide their disappointment. When the fight got going, they stood and cheered. At one point, one fighter had pinned down the other and raised his fist as if to pummel him. The two girls erupted with cheers, urging the fist down and to inflict as much damage and as much pain as he could. If he had done, they would have been ecstatic. Instead, he just punched him around the head. Cries of exasperation came from the girls. In another fight, when a punch caused blood to spurt over the face and chest of the other fighter, they shrieked with delight, one of them shaking with laughter. As you can see, that night I got lucky Ignoring the fights, I discreetly watched these girls and got incredibly turned on by them. I found them so very sexy.

Your article by "Tony" Collins also excited me. Another woman who says she gets a thrill from watching men fight, and like my two girls, good looking. I wonder if, like Miss Collins, my two girls got wet between the legs, watching a man-to-man fight."

Ian Williams

April 2005

They got crazy from women's fighting

Male watchers
Admiration. Artwork by P.J. Crook. Fragment/ Web resource MagnoliaBox

Hello, female fighter admirers! A month ago, my husband and I attended a women's boxing tournament held in St. Petersburg. Of course, I wasn't an initiator of watching boxing; it was my husband and his friend who came to the idea. They convinced their wives to look at female boxers assuring us it would be an unusual and exciting show. I am not a boxing fan, even though I respect strong and courageous men. However, I female fighting always seemed to me disgusting.

As far as the matches are concerned, it seemed to me (from the dilettante's prospective), they were a little boring, even though women's boxing looks more emotional than men's boxing. However, I want to tell you about a different matter. It was much more exciting for me to watch my husband and the other men. I would never think that men would get a thrill by watching a women's fight - they got just ecstatic and wildly expressed their emotions. Actually, they were excited not by boxing but just by fighting of women. I was really shocked by some men's behavior and their obscene yells, like "Smash her buffers!" or "Kick her ass!" Despite the disgusting catcalls, I was thrilled - not by boxing girls but by our men who were heated by the sight of fighting girls. I can't fail to mention that I noticed a bump in the certain place of my husband's pants :) I should admit that the men's excitement infected us women and we got involved in the excitement too. I guess even a striptease show wouldn't heat our husbands to the level female bouts did. They just got crazy from watching the women's fighting.

When we have come back home after the tournament that night, my husband jumped on me as a wild animal, which had never happened before. Thanks to Natalia Karpovich! :) (Karpovich - president of Saint-Petersburg association of female boxers and the organizer of the tournament - FSCC)

Thus, I think that men who love watching female combat are inspired not by athletic competition but by sexual emotions that women's fighting evoked. I have a chance to see that for myself. As a matter of fact, not only Japanese girls get crazy by men's fighting...

Valentina Bolotova

April 2005

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