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Women provoke fights and enjoy them

Policemen discussion on the Forum "Mindless Violence" in the web resource "Police Specials" in February 2007

A woman provokes a fight
Bare knuckle fight over a woman.
An episode on the TV show "The Crabbie's Grand National Festival" by the 4th British CHannel.
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Two very typical posts in the forum "Women Watching Men Fight" in the "Female Single Combat Club"

Judy: I mostly enjoy watching a very physical, brutal fistfight; I get the most sexual arousal out of that kind of fight. I love to see a lot of hard hitting and blood and I like to see it last for a while. A good, long struggle is what gets me dripping between the legs and turns me on more than anything.

Koko: I have to agree with Judy. I saw a really good long drawn out fight at school last week and the effect on me was sensational. My breath came in short pants, my heart was beating so loudly I thought it was going to jump out my body. I felt such a thrill I thought I would pass out with delight. More than that, my pussy was delightfully moist. After the delicious fight I went to the girls' toilet and frigged my self, remembering with delight the thud of the punches and the smeared blood over the fighters. The thought made me cum three times in a row. There is talk of a rematch, so time to wear my skirt short and show some cleavage. If the rematch takes place-and there will be plenty of us girls there to watch it because we love the first fight sooo much. I can’t wait.

"What is it that females like about watching men fight?"

RMP: ...I'd say 50% of females I've spoken to actually like seeing their boyfriends or other lads getting involved in fights. I'm not talking about chivalry (or being a teddy boy) but they actually enjoy seeing two lads/men (normally strangers) getting kicked and punched about. Speaking to females, they tell me that they "get a buzz off watching men fight", even if it involves another being seriously injured. The exception to this being when their boyfriend's getting a pasting and they start screaming, shouting and generally trying to pull off the assailant. If this type of behavior is endorsed by females, then surely males are going to want to engage in it to satisfy the alpha male instincts and thus gain social respect leading to a vicious circle. Some of the women who have told me that they like the aforesaid behavior are not your stereotypical chavs or scalies; they come from good areas and good families and are in good jobs.

What is it that females like about watching men fight?

David: Is it something instinctive, something from the dawn of time when males would have to compete for the female? The female then choosing the stronger of the species with which to perpetuate? Look at male deer. Being the rational, conscious beings we (supposedly) are, we should have left this behind hundreds of years ago, yet still the instinct remains.

Donkey: Can't say as I've come across a female who's thought that.

RMP: Speak to some of them and ask them what they think/feel about two males fighting and you'll be surprised.

David: In all honesty neither have I, but we can speculate on RMP's question. When fights break out in such circumstances, it does at times seem that some women do get some perverse satisfaction out of it.

Matt D: Is it not just human nature, us reverting to our animal instincts? In the days of the caveman my understanding is that one attracted a female by showing your physical strength, partners were chosen on the ability to defend themselves and therefore also their mate. These instincts are of course not compatible with morally accepted modern human behavior but they are still there and won’t die down easily.

Atr: "What is it that females like about watching men fight?"

The blood, the my man is hard than yours… If I ever saw a female instigating a fight I would have no problem arresting them. Mindless violence ruins people’s night out, and people’s faces.

RMP: But sometimes they just like watching fights for the hell of it, even if it’s two strangers.

Jack-Flash:"Speak to some of them and ask them what they think/feel about two males fighting and you'll be surprised."

Yes I agree. They do. How often have you been with a girl when she says, but he's bigger than you isn't he, probably be able to fight better than you. Which to some men is a challenge to their ego and off they trot to prove fair maiden wrong.

I have heard that kind of thing lots of times and yes, they enjoy it and yes, I think it is a very basic instinct. It’s a very similar thing to the reason lots of men like women with large breasts, small waists and large hips. It shows they are fit/healthy and should be good child producers. Primitive urges again.

We are but apes with no fur and bigger brains after all.

Andy: I think these are the same people who get excited when watching boxing not for its technical merit, but in the hope of seeing some bloke get a good pasting, or who watch Formula One hoping there'll be a spectacular crash instead of admiring the skill and bravery of the drivers. In other words, a fair chunk of society, and not just women!

Matt W: They are called 'low brow breeders'. They are operating on a basic level that says that the most 'powerful' man is the most 'attractive man'. It is commonly accepted that men like the idea of showing how strong they are in front of females but it is less socially acceptable to think that it is a two way street. I have to stress that I am talking about some and not all women. More sophisticated variations include women finding men in uniform attractive or older more mature men or rich men etc. It's all loosely based around a desire to have a man who can 'look after me'.

I suppose that being drunk helps such females get in touch with some of their more basic feelings towards men and violence hence them saying the things they do about watching their men fight at the weekend.

It is all to be expected but what is important from a male's perspective it to be able to recognize the signs if a woman in your life has tendencies to be a low brow breeder. Warning signs are women who bump into their men as they pass other men trying to knock them into each other, saying things like 'what is he staring at me like that for, darling?' or starting arguments with strangers and saying things like 'my boyfriend won't let you get away with talking to me like that!' Thankfully it is most often seen in people with lower IQs and such women see above average intelligence as less attractive than large biceps!

DGP: I guess it is an evolutionary issue. Women - or females across species - chose males based on the genes / behavior so their off-spring have a greater chance of survival. The human race has evolved beyond that need, but it is still there. Most nature programmes show some element of this.

However, on a social level it could also be a conditioned thing. The female might like the attention from the males fighting for them, or fighting in general. They might think that violence is a good thing or an indication of social status.

I have never met a female who has stated that she enjoys it. But it is clear that they support their boy friends and always vocal when they get nicked.

But in terms of enjoying total strangers be violent... Never come across it and it is a worrying trend if that's the case. Are these 'normal' females or 'Vicki Pollard' types?

RMP: "But in terms of enjoying total strangers be violent... Never come across it and it is a worrying trend if that's the case. Are these 'normal' females or 'Vicki Pollard' types?"

The ones I have spoken to appear entirely normal, even one care-worker (which alarmed me most), which is what prompted me to post this thread.

You do get the Vicki Pollard types and it is more prevalent amongst these, but as I say it appears to me to be 1/2 of all females who actually enjoy this conduct. Perhaps it is a sexual thrill they get by watching it.

Zulu: I've come across a number of girls (even a some who were old enough to know better) who think its great to see guys fighting. In fact, the last fight I broke up was between a local lad and a polish lad who had tried to buy the girl a drink at the bar. At kicking out time, the local lad walked up to the polish guy and thumped him in the side of the head. The girl found this very amusing.

People eh?

Akki : Good jobs, good backgrounds, 'nice' women, instinctive behavior aside the word scum comes to mind.

SGGH: I think that, unfortunately, it is human nature ingrained into us over millions of years of existence without the social structure we have today, and unfortunately it takes a lot of strong social stylizing (providing IMO by a stable family and background, among other things) to set up these boundaries.

Matt W: Boundaries that are easily broken down by drink and drug mis-use even if they are in place.

Teabag: At the end of the day we all animals & despite our intelligence there's bound to be some instinctive behavior left over, especially under the influence of adrenaline. The bit I'm not convinced about is the implication that the reason men fight is because women enjoy it (which I haven't come across personally). I don't think women are to blame for men trying to impress each other, I think the forces of testosterone are much stronger than us girlies.

Mark: The ancient, tiny reptilian part of the brain makes instant "instinctive" decisions to ensure our survival, fight for food, secure a mate, run away etc. The HUGE cortex (the sheer size of which distinguishes us from all other animals) should kick in pretty quickly to over-ride this, apply logic and keep us out of trouble / custody. I think the latter is mainly unused in the sub-species known as "punchy type". As intelligence should be a major part of any sexual selection process, don't you think that fighting would be a negative attribute? Particularly when he's drunk and wanting to hit the nearest person - his partner.

Matt W: One would think that a violent trait would be a negative especially for a woman and her children, and yet the women who involve themselves with men whom they know to violent tend to think that it will not apply to them, only other people - the reality is all too often the opposite.

"The bit I'm not convinced about is the implication that the reason men fight is because women enjoy it (which I haven't come across personally)."

I don't think that men fight to impress women in the main. They will however under certain conditions feel compelled to demonstrate their willingness to fight in some situations. I am thinking of the man who is asked 'are you going to let him get away with that?' Men often fight when women are present in situations where they wouldn't if there were no women present.

Men will fight to gain the respect of other men. Men who hold the respect or fear of their peers do appear more attractive to some females though so it's all very complicated and it's difficult to generalize but some women do 'enjoy' seeing men fight or at least like aggressiveness in a man.

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