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Both women and men consider that as erotic...

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Opinion of a former fighter about watching fighting

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We just received a letter from the author of the report “Old style fist fight” and the referee of that match. He expressed some thoughts about watching fighting between members of the opposite sex.

Watching wrestling

Watching fighting

Watching fighting

Watching wrestling


I have seen my Angela vs. Jenny fight report on your site and I like the way you have set it out. Also, congratulations on the comprehensiveness of your site, it is really something.

I would like to comment, favorably, on a point that often comes up about fights between women and female fighters of all kinds and I have seen it mentioned on your site too. We sometimes read and hear people tell us that men like to watch women fight as though it is some kind of strange or improper behavior. And that is true, both from my own direct experience of what I like to watch and from what I get told, but I don’t think there is anything especially strange about it. What is often overlooked or maybe not known to some is that women like to watch men fight too.

I am an ex fighter, I was a professional boxer for some time before I “retired unhurt” from the game/sport. Before I became a boxer I enjoyed submission wrestling too.

I know directly that many women like to watch men fight and that includes a man winning as well as loosing. I too like to see a good boxing match between evenly matched men and I like to see a good boxer win a fight and also the same one to be beaten. It is entertaining and also thrilling to be there and see it all as it happens. As a spectator it is not as thrilling as it is for a fighter who wins - I know from direct experience because I have been both. It is mostly more thrilling for the spectator than the fighter if he is defeated. But even then it can be an extremely thrilling fight if his defeat is sudden and decisive. But all that aside, I think some women enjoy watching a male fight more than men do. They often find it very thrilling as well as erotic.

The thrill of a boxing match and probably wrestling too is partly to do with the [fighter’s feelings during] breaks between rounds. Women sometimes say the anticipation during the break of what is to come gives the experience an added element of excitement which makes the action more erotic. I think the same goes for me when watching a female fight but much less so when watching men fight.

There is certainly a sexual element to the enjoyment of an opposite sex fight. Then again that might be the case for heterosexual people. The special attraction might be to watch a fight between members of the preferred sex.

I enjoy all sorts of female contests from arm wrestling to extreme cage fights. The ones I probably enjoy least of all are naked women wrestling or boxing. Though they are not held in public arenas that I have seen, so that is different. I enjoy combative sports all much more that ordinary non-fighting sports, but so do many women. So it’s not unique to men!

Tony Janus

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