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An extraordinary woman is our guest. Initially, the artist-designer Vera Chechelnitskaya got into the club not just for her own free will. However, since she found herself here, she has written the great essay especially for our club: "Motion and fighting in fine arts". Therefore, we take the opportunity to talk to such a marvelous person. We are interested in knowing her opinions and judgments as a specialist interested in artistic depiction of combat and just as an outstanding person.

Vera's appearance in the club was related to the story by her husband, "We wrestled with you at sunset". The brief content of the story is the following. Two young couples got together at a Summer resort in 1980 during the Moscow Olympics. It happened to be that the husbands at first and then the wives had friendly outdoor wrestling matches. During that vacation time, some new elements appeared in their relations. After a while, the couples broke up and a few years later two representatives from each couple (Oleg and Vera) engaged and got married.

Tell us about your profession.

I am working for a firm accomplishing design and decoration of premises - from baths and concert halls to luxury homes. The company is based in Germany. We project wall frescos, mosaics, tile coverings, various compositions, etc. My personal responsibilities consist in collection and arrangement of decoration fragments using elements of classic and contemporary fine and applied arts.

Are combat pictures presented in your compositions?

Of course, especially in athletic gyms, in baths and swimming pools. Actually, we don't follow the "socialistic realism"; usually we don't represent subjects with the photographic precision.

Are your services expensive?

Not personally mine but the firm's services are very expensive.

What artworks are your favorites?

In the battle genre or in general?

In general and particularly in the battle genre.

In general, I like van Gogh, Rubens and many more. In the battle genre it's "Battle of Anghiari" and "Battle of Amazons" by Rubens

Have you ever practiced sports?

No, I have not. I am a non-athletic buxom woman. Nonetheless, since recently I have been training in gym in order not to gain weight.

How did you get into the club?

You have already explained that - my husband took into his head to write a story where I was one of the characters. Besides, he took a notion to publish my facetious parody poem, which was written for the "internal use", just for my friend Alla.

Once you found yourself in the club, what has surprised you or attracted your special attention?

Actually, I had already known that women's combat interests and excites men, as well as vice versa. However, I can't imagine women creating and maintaining a non-profit WEB site dedicated to men's combat spending as much time and labor as the creators of the Female Single Combat Club do. Therefore, you admire and surprise me.

Thank you for your appraisal. As a matter of fact, you expressed the great interest in the subject of women's combat; everyone can make sure of that by reading your fascinating essay "Dynamics and combat in the fine arts". It's a lot of work to seek and collect rare artworks with female combat. Why are you interested in female combat?

First, representations of combat interest any specialist in fine arts because combat means motion, energy and psychological stress - non-material matters that is difficult but interesting to depict. Secondly, the burning interest to the topic expressed by friends and acquaintances with respect to our friendly wrestling with my girl friend started interesting me. Being far away from sports, I was forced to listen to sophisticated men's lectures about combat secrets (every man considers himself a specialist in these matters). Until that time, I had not even known what the real difference between wrestling and boxing was.

Do you know that now? What combative activities are your favorites? Do you like athletic combats at all? Why?

Yes, now I well orient myself in the combat world - if something interests me, I learn the subject in details. Yes, I like watching combative sports; I like dynamics and balancing of interacting human bodies. In the sense of that, boxing and wrestling are equally attractive, even though they are different by nature. Considering balance is very important for Judo, that's why I enjoy it as well but I hate painful holds and chokes, especially in women's matches. Actually, my favorite combative style is Sumo; a Sumo match is a straight contest for the balance (for me it's the main thing in any combat). For me, a physical contest is just balancing in collision. Have managed to be more physically stable and to break the opponent's balance - you have won (without violent acts and inflicting damages to the opponent).

Would you imagine yourself as a Sumo wrestler?

Very easily, especially since I had seen the tournament with Veronika Kozlovskaya - she looked exactly as I was 10 years younger. Even our names are similar.

You fluently use such terms as "balance" and "stability". What is your education?

Technical college.

When first time you realized that you enjoyed watching combative activities? If we believe the Oleg's story, probably when Oleg wrestled with your husband of that time. Right?

Yes and no. Yes, I enjoyed their match (but in a different way than Oleg claims in the story ) , but even long before, when I was a child, I enjoyed watching boys' wrestling but fine points of that didn't entertain me - whatever style they used, for me all was just "fighting".

Until the wrestling much with Alla, had you had occasions to see women's wrestling or fighting?

I can't recall any; once I saw two girls grabbed hold of each other's hair but I didn't experienced any positive feelings then.

What do you thing about women's wrestling?

That's all right. Nowadays, it is a popular sport (not even one - freestyle, sumo, judo, sambo, sumo, taekwondo, and more). If women like the sports, why don't they practice them?

How about women's boxing?

Women's boxing is much more controversial. Broken faces are not becoming to women as much as to men. Nevertheless, if a woman wants, let her go with that.

What about women's fighting?

I hate any real fights, particularly women's ones.

What do you think about the report that Japanese girls constitute the majority of spectators at "no-hold barred" bouts and are very excited about fights and fighters?

The explanation is very simple. Since time immemorial, men's valor and courage have been cultivated in Japan. Since Japan recently burst into the world of Western civilization, a sort of cultural vacuum has come into being (men get softer and no longer correspond to the traditional picture). Such fights somehow fill this vacuum. In fact, traditions and customs usually change slower than social conditions.

What do you think about "no-hold bared" fighting?

I don't like brutalities; in combative sports I appreciate a keen prudence, dexterity and playing with balancing.

Do your husband and you attend athletic events?

No, but sometimes we watch them on TV.

Did it happen in your childhood that boys fought over you?

Yes, boys vied over me, sometimes even fought - I was a very attractive girl.

Do you consider that normal?

Yes, within reasonable limits. Physical contests inure boys' characters; fighting over a girl cultivates chivalry and nobility (while the fighters compete fairly following the rules). On their parts, girls get used to expecting an appropriate behavior from men and learn to encourage them in this direction.

Can you recall the details of those fights?

Well, just one case should be mentioned. It happened in 6th or 7th grade - two boys chased me. I was indifferent to both of them but I respected their persistence. After all, I suggest ironically that they should clear up between them and somehow select one suitor because two seemed to be too much. I always was a jokester and I definitely didn't think they would fight; honestly, I didn't think about that possibility. Later, when I found out the details of their "duel" (seconds and spectators presented at the venue), I regret I didn't attend it. The duel consisted in delivering punches in turn until one of the duelists loses balance and falls down. Who should make the first blow was determined by lot.

What happened after that?

Having learned about that, I thanked each of them for the honor but frankly explained that I was not interested in either of them. The classmate girls denounced my behavior saying that I provoked the guys for the duel and didn't appreciate their courage. In fact, the girls just envied me. One of them frankly told me then, that if someone fought over her, she would give in to him.

Did you fight in your childhood?


What if girls vie over a guy, should they wrestle over him?

НAs a matter of fact, I wrestled with Alla and after all gained her husband.

No, you just lost to Alla in that match. However, it was Oleg who defeated your husband of that time and later he got you as a prize. Didn't he?

I have to confess that after his victory over Viktor, I recognized the value of Oleg's physical and moral qualities but nothing more. In turn, after our match he began looking at me a little differently, no matter whom he announced a winner. However, believe me, it didn't play any role in our life at that time, after that we didn't meet with Oleg for several years and didn't have real desires to do that.

What exactly could impress him when you were wrestling?

I don't know, probably it's the chemistry. When people wrestle, chemical reactions intensify.

What would you say about the story written by your husband?

I love the story; I didn't expect such a talent from him. However, there are some exaggerations almost in every episode.

In other word, did he add fictional details?

No, the facts are correct; he just decorated some nuances, which distort the picture.

Could you give us the examples?

First of all, the epic description our play as the "powerful battle" and comparing our "body delights" to "siege tools" and an "unassailable fortress". Besides, the episode where I allegedly pestered to Oleg. It was a pure joke (but since I married him in a few years after that, now it's difficult to believe in that. Though it doesn't matter now).

What did you feel during that wrestling match?

I wouldn't call it a wrestling match. What I felt? Some kind of confusion; after all, it was a new activity for me. As Oleg noted, I felt uneasy about my obesity. Awareness of the fact that a dozen of pairs of eyes looked at me wrestling in a swimming suit, made me embarrassed. Nevertheless, an attention gladdens a woman and I felt a sort of enthusiasm too.

I am sure that our visitors would be interested in details of that competition. Could you please attempt to recall them?

It's very difficult to add anything to the poetic description of "giant battle in the rays of the going down Sun". It takes longer to read the description in the story than the event lasted. Well, the gals pushed one another a little and amused themselves... Nothing more.

But still...

Alla began vigorously pouncing on me but I just realized that I have enough margin of safety. For better balancing, I instinctively moved my legs apart and slightly bent ahead. I am a very prudent person in any situation; just in a few seconds, I put together my thoughts and tried to act in the best possible way. I realized that Alla would bog down pretty soon - she pushed too energetically and disorderly. Two things were in my mind at that moment: to keep the balance and to look as better as possible (rather not too shameful). When Alla began fizzling, I quietly helped her to fall down by pushing her body to the direction she was already moving to. She looked quite amusing and funny - imagine a plump girl getting frenzy and running into me like a ten-year-old boy into another boy his own age. However, the situation was under my total control and I deliberately stepped back intending (as Alla did too) to complete the show in the water.

Oleg wrote that in the end Alla and you began yelping. Why?

It was Alla who ardently let herself go after the falls. I never yelp - it's against my disposition.

Do you believe Alla fairly defeated you?

Not at all! I think when Alla kept falling and jumping like a self-righting toy doll, Oleg being a referee had to stop the competition and to announce me as a victor. Having dropped the opponent to the ground several times, I was sure I won. What else should I have done? Not to drag her alone the ground, after all! Of course, Oleg was afraid that frenzied Alla would lose her temper. If I didn't stumble at the sand hole, we would just finish the contest bathing.

What did you feel when Alla pinned you?

The term "pin" is high-sounding. She just put all her heavy weight on me but I absolutely didn't make up my mind to get tangled with her and to putter about the sand. However, being under a plump woman's carcass wasn't too pleasant at all. Nevertheless, I must give her credit, she knows how to get advantage from a complex situation (it always helps her in the everyday life). When I realized she would be announced a winner, I got a little upset.

Did you feel a jealousy toward Alla all the same? Was it an additional stimulant during the contest?

Absolutely no. Maybe Alla felt something like that but even she did, I am sure, it wasn't too strong feeling.

What did you feel when Viktor was wrestling Oleg?

I felt nothing, Alla had to be the one who might feel something; after all, the battle was over her. As to me, I was just curious.

How their match was running?

I didn't go into detail - wrestling like wrestling. In fact, they acted skillfully and cleverly using sophisticated wrestling techniques.

How did Oleg manage to win?

He masterfully chopped Viktor down and they got scrambling on the ground for the advantage. All the sudden, Oleg found himself on top and Viktor - being firmly pinned. In fact, Oleg was more assertive and aggressive; I like those things in men.

Have you ever thought about having a wrestling match with someone else?

Actually, the friendly wrestling with Alla was fascinating to me (I wouldn't say we really wrestled though, just tested each other's balance ). ,So I wouldn't refuse having another match if a woman comes across who wishes to measure her strength against me under proper conditions. Alla was a unique person though: being a little lighter than me, she was very lively and athletic. Alas! Other women of my build are usually different.

Why didn't you wrestle with Alla again?

Because our vacation was over and circumstances had developed, that we didn't see each other for a while (though we never stopped talking on the phone) and then she left for abroad.

Have you wrestled with men?

Isn't wrestling with men considered as wrestling? Besides, my husband wouldn't allow.

And with your husband?

Oleg and I sometimes "return to our young years".

Tell us how you wrestle with Oleg.

Well, this is quite intimate activity. For example, we climb on the wide bed, stand on knees and start fiercely wrestling. To be serious, we like hiking and if we find a nice meadow in the forest, with soft grass, why not to wrestle there? We enjoy that.

Who usually wins?

This is the incorrect question; such contests are not wrestling matches. Oleg is a solid strong man having some wrestling experience. He would easily topple me using sophisticated techniques. I would just get injured and who would enjoy then? However, without using special techniques, it's not easy for him to over wrestle me. We both enjoy the fact that he is unable to defeat me for a long time. It just heats us.

Have you defeated him?

Yes, sometimes I manage to overturn him remaining on feet. However, don't forget, he doesn't compete with me in full might, he is a gentleman, after all, one of fossils survived the Jurassic period. He taught me some tricks, which I use against him.

Examples, please.

I always try to control the balance of my body as well as his body. If he makes a wrong move, I attempt to make him out of balance pushing in the right direction - the typical Judo tactic.

And then?

Parterre wrestling doesn't develop though... "The friendship wins!"

By the way, what wrestling style do you practice?

Strictly in the classic style.

Do you agree with the statement that wrestling is the men's activity?

In general - yes, in particular - no. Nowadays, many women practice various wrestling styles. However, it's women's combat rather than combat in general. Any sort of brutality and ferocity is not feminine, whatever someone would say.

Vera, tell us what femininity is.

First of all, femininity is the thing that rouses male element. This is the substance, in which the world is developing. It's the balance between male element and eternity.

Whom would you consider as feminine?

Very simple. A woman whom a man once meets, thinks about, "Ah, this is the one I want; at that, I want her just now!"

You just described exactly what I feel when I see your picture

To be honest, it's not the freshest photo. But I haven't become less attractive since then, believe me.

What would you wish the visitors of the Female Single Combat Club?

Always, in any situation mobilize all your sense of humor and consider everything with a bit of irony. Frolic and fool around as much as you can - with spouses, beloved, friends. Then your life will be easier and happier, relations with other people - stronger and more cordial and sex - sweeter. My first husband was too serious whereas the second one likes to play the fool and we are happy. Besides, please be physically active, otherwise you would be plump like I am.

Many thanks for the witty and exhaustive answers, for infective sense of humor and irony (including over yourself). Have great health, success in your profession and be happy in your personal life! Say hello to Alla! Maybe she would like to have an interview with us too.

Thank you very much for the publicity. Alla would be happy to have an interview but not regarding female combat, which she said she wasn't interested in. The best wishes to everyone!

March 25, 2005

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