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He and She on the same Mat

He and She on the same Mat
Artwork by SteelBlazer
The artist expressively depicts emotions of the wrestling guy and girl
It is easy to imagine how would you feel being in his shoes - being defeated by a full-blooded attractive girl

Poll: is wrestling a co-ed sport?


Sacramento, California, June 2001

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The poll results:

Yes - girls should be allowed to wrestle guys* - 53%

No - girls should not be allowed to wrestle guys - 47%

- Yes. My son just recently completed his first year of wrestling for his high school and they had several female wrestlers on their team... I feel that these girls have every right to be a part of the team as the males do. The males on this team have the utmost respect for their female teammates but trust me these girls have taken all kinds of sexist remarks from males from other teams... a lot of those guys snicker and assume that they can beat these girls because they are "girls"... trust me u don't want to underestimate these young ladies... I have all of the confidence and respect in the world for these ladies. The girls on our high school team practice and compete with guys and with other females. I would love to give more of my input regarding this subject.... Where is it written that if you play certain sports then you can't also be a lady?
Julia Stanley, North Highlands

- Yes. This is ludicrous, I wrestled against a couple of girls in high school 13 or so yrs ago and the only argument was if the girl wants to wrestle with the boys than she shouldn't expect to be treated any differently then the boy's physically or mentally.
Jo Jo Jaquez, Sacramento

- Yes. Women should be and will be "allowed" to participate in everything men get to do. It's called equality. Wrestling is just another activity women have to fight to have the right to engage in.
Seana Martinez, Cameron Park

- No. I would not want my daughter to wrestle boys or girls. What's the matter with tennis?
Y Zepeda, Elk Grove

- Yes. From being a current High School Wrestler myself, I have known women to be excellent Wrestlers. I believe a woman should be able to compete in wrestling. It is a sport and everyone who feels comfortable competing in it should have the chance to.
Joshua James, Modesto

- No. Men and Women are built different, in case you haven't noticed. It is too unfair to both sides to be mixed since it is a sport of physical strength and very close body contact. Especially in school, how is the guy going to feel when he grabs the woman's breast or crotch, even by accident, which happens. When it is same sex both can laugh it off.
Floyd Knapp, Placerville

- NO! Women by no means should be allowed to wrestle with men! What is this world coming too anyway? Let men have their sports! Don't women know when to quit while they're ahead? We were not created physically equal, OK!
San J Rangel, Sacramento

- No. However, it would be more interesting to watch if it were coed. There is something odd about places of higher education encouraging and subsidizing scantily-dressed young men to roll around on the floor and grope other men into homo-erotic submissive positions in public arenas before crowds of cheering classmates and alumni. What's amazing is that they often get scholarships for doing this, but young women who work their way through college mud-wrestling at strip bars are vilified. Go figure.
Nicholas von Teck, USN (Ret.), Delhi

- Yes. Last year a girl from St. Francis High school competed on the men's wrestling team at Jesuit High. She did very well and had good standings in the metro league.
Jeremiah Garcia, Rio Linda

- Yes. Any sport is a co-ed sport. If there are women's teams then that's fine, but if there is only a men's team then it should really be a co-ed team. No one should be discriminated against, no matter what excuse.
Katie Dawson, Sacramento

- Yes. I think that in the politically correct world we believe we live in, if she wants to and shows that she can, then she should be allowed to.
Mike, Oakdale

- Yes. I think wrestling should be able to be co-ed just as any other sport they should have men and women teams and their co-eds and if he/she feels confident to go co-ed then why not.
Brenda, Yuba City

- Yes. Women should receive equal opportunities to participate in the sport of their choice, be it wrestling or cheerleading. If the school does not offer them their own separate teams, there should be no excuse to exclude them from making it a coed team.
Kalena Plath, Manteca

- No. I do not think that wrestling should be a co-ed sport. The reason being is because if women could join MEN'S wrestling then men could join WOMEN's sports.
Phuong Vu, Sacramento

- Yes. Academic pursuits as well as athletic training and competition opportunities must be available to all students regardless of gender. It's time for college coaches and administrators to wake up and abide by Title IX** Federal law and State statutes that ensure equal funding and access for male and female students in co-ed activities which have been considered 'non-traditional' in the past.
Jennifer Hill, Woodland

- No. Demands to be treated like a "man" should come at a cost. Are these women prepared to have her daughter fight in war one day? Has this women ever talked to a mom who has lost their son in war? Get over it!
Virginia, Sacramento

- Yes. Of course!!! It's not fair that girls can't play some sports. At my school, our wrestling team is co-ed, and the girls are all happy w/ that.
Kassi Russell, Citrus Heights

- Yes. At my high school, we had about 3 girls on the wrestling team, and they did everything we did, train, participated in matches and tournaments, etc. Other schools we visited usually had a girl on their team. Sometimes the girls would pin the boys. So, yes, I would agree that wrestling is a co-ed sport!
Anthony Avila, Patterson

- No. The only arena of 'co-ed wrestling' should be left in the WWF. Leave it to [layers] to come up with a gender basis suit like this. The minute a male touches her private areas during a match, there will be a sexual assault charge. What is this world thinking?
Steve K., Sacramento

- Yes*. As long as people of the same sex wrestle. I just don't think a man hitting a woman is right, even if it is just a sport. There needs to be teams for one gender each.
Jeremy Busto, Modesto

- Yes. Title IX forces high schools to make sports teams friendly to both genders - why shouldn't universities be held to the same standards?
Heather, Davis

- Yes. Oh, come on! Time for those old fogies to get with the times. Women play competitive basketball, baseball, football, soccer and judo among others. Why not wrestle? I compete in Olympic Weightlifting and I am seriously considering competing in freestyle wrestling. Women have the right vote and to serve our country, we also deserve the right to compete in any sport we choose.
Veronica, Sacramento

- No.If women want to, they can form their own teams. Just because a few want to do it doesn't mean they can join the men. Some things are just not right, and this is one of them.
H.S., Stockton

- No. I think it should be left to the men. Women do not belong in the wrestling arena and certainly not with the opposite sex. If it is allowed to continue, then we will see more sex related lawsuits because the women are touched in places that they should realize that they will be touched in. Ladies, get a life in another sport. There are many more out there to choose from.
Jana Everitt, Granite Bay

- No. I have no problem with women wrestlers, wrestling each other. I would not want to wrestle a woman. Can a man be forced to wrestle a woman? Can a woman be forced to wrestle a man? If not, maybe the best thing to do is eliminate all sports in the public school system and let them do without.
James Pilkington, Sonora

- Yes*. Sure, if the women want to get beat and have their bodies handled by men, let them.
Ken Stears, Citrus Heights

- Yes. If they're equally matched why not? Drop the "crush his self-esteem if he gets beat by a girl" theory because we all know that's BS. What difference does it make who beats who? Just a note to all the women's and equal rights activists out there... This is your time to shine!
Michael Coleman, Sacramento

- No. ЯI assume, if women want to wrestle men why not? On the other hand, it really is not a co-ed sport - men are stronger than women and I can see the insurance issue and it being a problem. Why would women want to wrestle men? To prove they are macho and can beat a man at his own sport? I see no reason for the co-ed because the first time a woman complains being injured by a man they will make a dramatic issue of it and a law suit.
Bev Burke, Vacaville

- Yes*. I believe it is. The males on the team or the opposing teams don't have to wrestle them, they only wrestle females. It is just like another sport were females go against females but there is more contact.
Cassandra, Stockton

- No. I'm sorry, but we just aren't built the same. I don't think I need to say more. I believe that an equal amount of funding should be spent for both genders.
David A. Simpson, Elk Grove

- Yes, because people are created equally and everyone should be treated equal. If a girl or woman is not permitted to do the same as a male or boy is to then that sport and/or activity should not take place. Period!
Mike Hausauer, Acampo

- ???. To be coed wrestling teams or competitions or not to be - it's a matter of decision of the two sides. If many boys feel uncomfortable of that or even get stressed, it's not good to brush aside these feelings simply referring to "male chauvinism" - psychological problems of teenagers are too serious and they may not be ignored.
Female SIngle Combat Club

*) Some respondents said "yes' even though their notes testify their negative opinion about coed wrestling.

**) Title IX—the federal statute that grants women's athletics proportionality in public school

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June 2001

Он и она на ковре
Photo from website "Amateur Wrestling Photos"

Wrestling in Northfield Mount Hermon High School

Coed wrestling

Marshwood's Deanna Rix wins a 130-pound match against Noble's Heath Devoll in January. The victory was Rix's 100th, the first female to reach the mark in Maine.
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