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Hello! My name is Antonia (Tony) Collins. I am 41 and live in a farming county of England. I want to tell you how watching a fight between two boys when I was 14 gave me this sense of excitement which, 27 years later, I haven't lost.

I can remember the scene as though it was yesterday. It was a hot day and the boys were stripped to the waist and were wearing just fairly tight-fitting white shorts. I knew them both, but only slightly. We were in a secluded corner of a public park - I was out for a walk with my friend Carla and we just happened to stumble upon the scene. When we arrived it was just a friendly tussle but as we watched it turned into a real fight - I shall never know from that day on whether or not it was our presence that altered the nature of the fight, but it certainly became more savage.

Mrs. Tony Collins

When we arrived they were tussling on the ground but soon they stood up and circled around each other, fists up in classic fighting pose. They were a well-matched pair, lean and muscular, but both Carla and I were almost hypnotized by the assertive bulges in their shorts. We both realized that we were being turned on by the sight.

The exchange of blows became more vicious until one asserted his superiority and cornered his opponent belt short jabs into his face, ribs and belly. Suddenly, Carla and I realized that we were shrieking cries of encouragement, urging the better boy Ronnie to finish his victim Sean off. Sure enough one more punch into Sean's bruised belly did the trick and he slid to the ground, holding himself and sobbing. Ronnie turned to face us. He looked magnificent.

I could feel my breasts swell and my nipples harden with desire. I wanted him but so, unfortunately, did Carla. Without a word being spoken we knew that it was our turn now. The winner would go with the better of us and it was up to us to prove which it was.

To run ahead I want to say that I emerged the victrix, and that my first sexual encounter followed (I hope I've put that with sufficient delicacy). Ever since, when I see two guys take each other on in a man to man scrap (and I'm not talking about overweight boxers shuffling round a ring) I feel that excitement in my breast, and dare I say, a delicious warmth between my thighs...

When the fight between the boys ended Carla and I started to embrace Ronnie, more by way of congratulation than anything else, but as our caresses became more intimate we started kissing, open-mouthed and hungry the way lovers do. I felt his hands encircling my buttocks as a started to feel for his hard weapon. This took just seconds, but it was long enough for Carla to get jealous. She started trying to pull me away, and the more I resisted her the more aggressive she got until I broke away from Ronnie and turned to face her, (hands on hips, if I remember correctly). "Push off Carla!" I said. "Why don't you push off!" she retorted. At that, I just saw red! I supposed I was sexually aroused and wanted nothing to come between me and Ronnie. She was wearing a white school shirt and I grabbed the front of it, pulling it open and revealing her white bra. She screamed something abusive and threw herself at me, trying to tear my shirt as I had done to hers. Then Ronnie intervened. "Take those shirts off and have it out here and now girls!" he said, grinning unsympathetically.

We backed away from each other and tore our shirts off leaving us in our bras and short navy blue uniform skirts. Then the fight really started. At first it was a fist fight, but when I started to get the better of that Carla tripped me and we fell to the ground, rolling over and over. Carla finished up on top and straddled me in a "schoolboy" pin, as I believe it's called. Reaching behind her she pulled my skirt up and thrust her hand between my thighs. "Give in?" she asked. I knew she had me at her mercy but I shook my head. At this she pulled my panties to one side baring my vagina (much to Ronnie's delight). She started to pinch me in most vulnerable area, and when I shouted protestations she started to pull at my pubic hair, encouraged by Ronnie shouting things like "Finish her off Carla, then we can go off somewhere!" At this, I just saw red, and with an almighty heave dislodged her. We rolled over again and this time I was on top and furious at her dirty tactics. But unluckily for her I was, by this time dying for a piss. I pulled my own skirt up, my own panties to one side and screamed "Give in Carla or I'll piss on you!" Now it was me that was encouraged by Ronnie's shouts!

I swear that I would have done it but she gave in. I punched her in the face hard, making her nose bleed, then got up and threw myself in Ronnie's arms. He and I went off together for my first sexual encounter, leaving Carla on the ground sobbing. That's the story…

I have watched other fights, always, as it happens, between boys or very young men in the age of 17-19. That's just the way it's happened. I saw a fight between two schoolboys quite recently so obviously from the viewpoint of an older woman. But even so, I still found it exciting to see the two kids locked in combat, boy against boy just to settle who the better one is. No girl was presented, but the sexuality was in the air nevertheless. I was watching from a window so they couldn't see me which was as well because I was blatantly fondling myself at the sight. They were a long-legged pair and the fight ended when one trapped the other between his thighs, extracting a submission. I love watching men's fighting in any form: two young guys deciding with their fists who is going to have a particular woman is very sexy, but then, so is two naked guys locked in wrestling combat.

I've had just one fight since that battle. When I was about thirty I had a fight with a farmer's wife who accused me (quite rightly, though I didn't admit it to her) of having sex with her husband. We wore jeans and boots with the result that when she knocked me down she also gave me a good kicking. I'm afraid I wasn't woman enough to get even and she gave me a thrashing. Not something I want to repeat!..

Mrs. Tony Collins

January 2004

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