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Top 100 Hottest Women in Combat Sports

Classification by "KocoSports"

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Resource "KocoSports" proposed a list of "Top 100 Hottest Women in Combat Sports". But just 19 out of 100 women in the list practice or practiced competitive combat sports, the rest represent show industries - they are professional wrestlers, valets, referees, ring announcers, ring card girls, fitness models, action movie actresses, stuntwomen, gladiator show women, mayhem models, and glamour models posing in boxing gloves. And just two out of nineteen are freestyle wrestlers, the rest are ring or cage fighters (our classification includes only the latter category).

You can look at these 19+ top hottest women in competitive combat sports from the KocoSports classification and compare it with our classification.

Gina Joy Carano (USA)
Former kickboxer, MMA fighter, actress, television personality, fitness model

Leila Ali (USA)
Former professional boxer. Daughter of Mohammed Ali

Kyra Gracy (Brazilia)
BJJ fighter and grappling world champion

Mia Rosales St. John (USA)
Professional boxer in the super welterweight division

Hollie "Hot Stuff" Dunaway (USA)
Professional strawweight boxer.

Sharon "Wild Thing" Anyos (Australia)
Professional welterweight boxer

Ginele Marquez (USA)
MMA fighter

Jessica Rakoczy (Canada)
Professional boxer and MMA fighter

Keri "Crusher" Scarr (Canada)
Professional lightweight boxer and MMA fighter

Leticia Pestova (USA)
MMA fighter

Keri Ann Taylor (USA)
Kickboxer and Sanshou Fighter

Laura Saperstein (UK)
Professional boxer featherweight

Elena Reid (USA)
Professional flyweight boxer and MMA fighter

Deborah Sunshine Fettkether (USA)
Professional welterweight boxer, kickboxer and MMA fighter

Julie Kedzie (USA)
MMA, Taekwondo and BJJ fighter

Lindsay "Lethal" Garbatt (Canada)
Professional boxer lightweight

Christine Nordhagen (Canada)
Former middleweight freestyle wrestler

Erin Toughill (USA)
MMA fighter and former professional boxer

Marcie Van Dusen (USA)
Freestyle wrestler

LaTasha Marzolla (USA)
MMA fighter and kickboxer (FSCClub's Number 1)

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