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Cover page of the "" June 2012 issue of the "Combative Kitten" magazine and its table of contents
Artworks by Nikolay Kulikovsky

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Сергей, расскажите кратко о себе.

My name is Sergey Sychev, I am a botanist by education, MS in biology, and my major was “Plant ecology”. Currently, I work as a biology school teacher but my main source of income is bee keeping. I have several hobbies but unfortunately my spare time is limited now. . One of my favorite out of work activities is the literature-journalistic Club of fighting women fans and web resource "Tomboy".

What are the goals of your publishing activities?

From the very beginning of our club, it was obvious that we couldn’t make profit of it or even cover the expenses, so the project was supposed to be non-commercial and it remains non-profit. . Our goals are to help like-minded people find each other, self-express and accumulate their creative resources.

What are conditions under which your authors contribute to your resources?

The conditions were advised by Viktor Orlov, кwhose contribution to making our resources was significant – he helped us with support, editing and advice. Our magazines have a symbolic price - a dollar in USD equivalent and any author ever published with us gets lifetime free subscription for every our materials. We consider an author anyone who sent us a story, note, critics, discussion, consideration and anything. The main attractiveness for our authors is illustrations by Nikolay Kulikovsky – all stories of authorship are illustrated without fail. In fact, Nick is the pivot of our club.

What publications are introduced on your resource?

We introduce monthly issues of two magazines: “Valkirie” dedicated to male-female fighting and “Combative kittens” dedicated to fighting women. The third magazine “Horsewoman” – about riding on shoulder remains just in nine issues and its future is undefined because of lack of materials. . Stories of authorship published during a quarter, are brought in the quarterly literary miscellany, which represent only works of art.

Our website “Tomboy” is a princely gift from Veronika Teplova whose importance in our work can scarcely be overestimated. Being a layman in web design, I even didn’t intend to make anything like that on my own.

What is the subject area of your exclusive materials?

The range of our authors’ works is very wide, almost all known in Russian web authors creating works of arts in the area of fighting females are represented in our resources.

Are all your publications exclusive or you reprinting material from other sources? If yes, what are the sources?

Our dream was to publish only exclusive materials but it turned out to be a pipe dream. Ideally, our publications should be exclusive but we don’t have enough materials. We have managed to publish just one set of magazines containing only exclusive materials. There are very few exclusive materials at the web site because I try to keep them for magazines. (However it happens time to time if my attention is drawn away). We constantly reprint many materials from other resources including Female Single Combat Club. I always place appropriate links unless I don’t really know the source – in that case I refer to the source as “Internet”.

It should be noted that our materials are very often piratically spread around Internet without references to the Female Single Combat Club.
Are you translating foreign authors?

To our deep regret, we have very limited translating resources, so foreign materials are published mostly as loose interpretations.

Which materials of the Female Single Combat Club do you consider as the most interesting?

You have tons of interesting materials and it is difficult to single out anything specific. For our magazines, historical essays and interview with female athletes are more important (arrangement of exclusive interviews is our big problem). )

How and why did you get interested in fighting women?

My interest to strong girls began with mixed wrestling (male vs. female) whereas merely female fighting entered my sphere of interest owing to the acquaintance with Nick Kulikovsky who suggested the idea of publishing the "Combative Kitten" magazine. In fact, my path to this topic is exhaustively described in the article "To the sources". (See its Russian version here).

How would you explain such a widespread phenomenon as men turning on from contemplation of fighting women or from fantasy about them?

This question has been raised time and again, including in our magazines. I’d like to answer this question more detailed in the article “Men and women’s fighting” which I prepared for the January issues of our magazines.

OK, we have reprinted it in Russian here). Thanks a lot for this conversation. Hope we will cooperate in the future too.

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