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Fighting Lust

Monograph by Werner Sonntag

Fighting Lust

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Werner Sonntag The German journalist Werner Sonntag, one of the seniors in the private wrestling scene, has written a book about all aspects of women wrestling. The title: "Kampfes Lust", that means fighting lust.

The subtitle: "About the erotic of body contact in single combat / Description of a scene / If women are fighting and men are watching: emancipation, stimulation, obsession?" The book shows: The single combat, especially the wrestling, as a form of intimate body contact, can represent the character of lust and erotic. This lust can determinate the whole life of many men. On the other side women have discovered the challenge, the sensuality and the psychohygienic function of combat. The book describes the outing of fighting freaks and the psychological aspects, especially with the psychoanalytic method. Historical chapters delineate the development of wrestling and female wrestling. The author gives many ethnic impressions. Other chapters are: aggression, sadomasochism, facesitting, cockfight, mud wrestling, fighting f or lovers, battle royal. In a part about single combat in the literature the reader find many quotations. Important for specialists is a large bibliography: 209 pictures reflect the continuity of female fighting and fighting lust.

About the author: Werner Sonntag is a well-known running author, he writes for the German edition of "Runner’s World". Finisher of 285 marathons and ultramarathons. He has founded and edited the formerly German magazine "Amazone".

Werner Sonntag: "Kampfes Lust", in German language, 662 pages, hard cover. Verlag Laufen und Leben, 2002, 90 € + shipping. ISBN 3-9802835-2-6, delivery from the author. For additional informations look at the WEB page Kampfes Lust.

Kampfes Lust. Uber die Erotik der Korperbegegnung im Zweikampf. Beschreibung einer Szene. Wenn Frauen kampfen und Manner zuschauen: Emanzipation, Stimulation, Obsession? Verlag Laufen und Leben, Ostfildern 2002, ISBN 3980283526

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