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I just decided to express my old opinion about this matter, after I have discovered the “Female Single Combat Club”. I had a chance (against my will) to watch women’s competitions in boxing and kickboxing. Watching those shows was not easy for me...

It might sound commonplace, but being a biologist, I assert that it is unnatural and counter-indicative for women to participate in hand-to-hand fighting or practice combative sports, especially those which involve hitting. It’s known that females in the wild nature do not fight each other – it is a prerogative of males. It’s explained by many obvious biological and social factors which I won’t discuss here. Suffice it to say that the “biological value” of a female is immeasurably higher than of a male. There is a humorous parable stating that if a hundred women and one man take up their residence in an uninhabited island, in a year there will be expected more than 100 babies. In case of a hundred men and one woman, in a year you should expect just one baby. That’s why the Nature and the God protect the female gender considering taking the risk of a female individual as inadmissible. As to humans, vertical body position substantially aggravates the vulnerability of female body (particularly, the front part of it) in compare to mammals’ females whose abdomen and mammary glands are situated under the trunk.

The evolution of women has occurred in the way of lessening body mass, especially, the upper body. The women’s muscle are much more elastic and thinner than men’s ones, so even a well developed prelum abdominale is not a durable enough shield to protect the abdominal viscera. Women’s organs, particularly ovaries and uterus, badly suffer from direct blows to belly, especially kicks. Women’s skull and jaw-bones are much thinner than men’s ones and blows to head might entail serious destroying consequences for the brain and hypophysis of a woman. This is not to say that women’s breasts cannot be fully protected by any breast protectors. Trauma of mammary glands might cause critical subsequences for health and even for life itself. Although women’s punches and kicks are not as strong as men’s ones, they are destructive enough (especially kicks) to inflict serious damages to many organs.

A thick muscle layer on the chest and abdomen protects a male fighter’s front torso rather well. Durable skull and jaw-bones represent some brain protection while a solid muscular neck amortizes blows. I want to emphasize here that I set myself against any sport (no matter, for men or for women) allowing hitting to head, all the more those in which hitting to head is the primary way to win a contest. In particular, last medical studies show that repeated head traumas can cause damage to the hypophysis, the part of the brain which controls hormone production and affects the body's metabolism. Professor of Endocrinology Fahrettin Kelestimur said: "Our study shows that kickboxers experience an increased risk of suffering from hypopituitarism, a condition where the pituitary fails to produce enough hormones.”

Female combatants are not capable to build up muscle layers thick enough to secure them against after-effects of traumas caused by punching or kicking. If a female athlete manages to build up big muscles (as a bodybuilder), she won’t be capable to participate in boxing or any other striking combat sport. Needless to say anything about the reproductive functions or aesthetics.

When I watch women fighting on the ring, I see two colliding female bodies and organisms, which internal organs are undergone hitting and are primary object for hitting. As a biologist, I can vividly imagine the result of each hit to each organ. For me this sight is not just regrettable; it’s disharmonious and even unnatural!

I think physical collisions are unnatural for women also because female brain is programmed not for contest against somebody but for reacting to male combat which is biologically outright related to a mate partner and reproduction. So, perhaps, a woman on the ring is a revenge for the weakness of contemporary men.

The aesthetic and moral aspects seem to be a matter of taste - someone likes something, someone dislikes – who cares. But we shouldn’t forget that some preferences are directly related to the body hormone content. We should be tolerant to homosexuals and Lesbians, transsexuals, etc. But it’s difficult to be convinced that such people represent and absolute norm and their hormone contents are normal. On my opinion, a similar context is applied to men who enjoy women fighting, boxing, kickboxing, etc. I know that some men are turned on by watching female combat but erotic dreams and visions are very different from real combat in which women punch and kick each other not for fun at all and in full strength – to head, jaw, breasts, belly! It’s known that some women are turned on by a thought about being raped and have corresponding night dreams. But no way, they want to be raped in the real life! The same story s about women’s fights. Dear men, dream, imitate, masturbate but do not provoke women to fight for real with fists and legs! To be honest, I haven’t seen more abominable show than that!

Translation from Russian

Margarita Kravtsova


December 2007

Female Body Anatomy - Fight
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Anatomy of female fighting
Anatomy of female fighting
Anatomy of female fighting
Anatomy of female fighting

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