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"Mash up his face!"

Fight over a woman

Water color "Fight over a woman" by Walter Plantikow. Werner Sonntag's colection

This real story is not about female combat, even though it's about fighting and about women.

Русская версия

I first found out how much of an aphrodisiac a punch up between two guys is to girls several years ago when I took Lisa, my girl-friend on holiday.

Our hotel room overlooked a street and one night, just as we were going to bed, we heard an altercation take place down in the street below. Lisa, my girlfriend, smiled at me, and said, "Interesting. Let’s have a look." She switched off the light, drew back the curtains, and we peered down into the street. Two young men were rowing about God knows what, but it was getting heated, and you just knew that at any moment it would erupt into a fight. A crowd, sensing excitement, was gathering.

Lisa stood at the window, naked and with her arms folded across her breasts. I hoped none could see her. We were only two floors up. I stood behind her, slid my arms around her waist, and held her body close to mine. I was about to suggest that we go to bed, but I could tell by the look of excited anticipation on her face, that she was looking forward to watching a good fight, and curiously, it made her look incredibly sexy. The fight erupted and Lisa let out a delighted squeal. Her eyes were fixed fully on the two fighters; a curious smile spread across her face, and her breath coming in short pants.

The fight was in full flow, punches swinging wildly. The crowd was obviously enjoying it and more groups of people rushed over to watch, including a number of girls who were clearly relishing the sight. Violence was in the air, creating a sexual excitement. I should know, because I was being turned on by it. Not by the fight itself, but by the effect that it had on the girls in the street, who squirmed with delight in their sexy and skimpy dresses and urged on the fighters, but also by my naked Lisa whom I held in my arms and who was being sexually energized by this display of male physical violence. My cock swelled up, brushing Lisa’s soft round buttocks. Lisa briefly turned away from the fight to look at me and smiled, put her hand behind her and started stroking my cock, and then turned back to the fight. She said nothing, but her breathing betrayed her excitement, and she simultaneously stroked me and relished the fight. I have never known her to be so sexual, and she was quite a sexual person. The fight became fiercer, and suddenly Lisa squealed, "Look, blood." I looked down and one of the combatants had blood splattered all over his white t-shirt. Lisa squeezed my cock even harder and I let out a groan. I ran my fingers down her belly and into her cleanly shaven fanny. It was moist. "Not yet," she said. "I want to watch the finish of this fight. It’s a good one." "Are you enjoying it," I said. "Of course, I am," she replied. "I love to see hunky meatheads beat the crap out of one another and these two are just wonderful.

This is the best fight I’ve seen since my school days. The boys use to fight behind the bike sheds and they were hot. "Anyway," she added giggling, "look at all that blood." My cock in her hand was rock hard. I was close to orgasm. Suddenly, one of the fighters was felled by a series of hard punches around the head, each punch accentuated by Lisa shouting," Yes! Yes! Yes! Kill him! Mash up his face!"

The fight over, Lisa’s breathing was still coming in excited pants and her body, naked in my arms, was trembling. I looked down at the loser and he looked pretty badly beat up. "Christ, look at his face," I said. "I know," she replied, giggling. "I don’t think I’ve ever witnessed anyone get so mashed up before." It was obvious she had thoroughly loved the sight. My cock was fully-grown and ready to come. "Lisa, "I said. "I have to take you now." "Go on" she said, "take me from behind." I did and we simultaneously exploded in a gigantic orgasm. We went to bed and in that night, we made love two more times.

The memory of the violent confrontation was fuelling our sexual passions. I have started taking Lisa to boxing matches. They have a dynamic effect on our sex lives…

Bruce Masher

September 2006

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