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Arousal caused by female single combat

Igor Kon, leading Russian sexologist and psychologist, the author of popular and educational books for sexology such as "Introduction to sexology", "Taste of the forbidden fruit", "Sexual culture in Russia". Professor, full member of the Russian Educational Academy of Science, honored professor of Cornell University (USA).

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I. S. Kon

We asked Dr. Kon about arousal caused by female physical contest.

FSC Club:

Many people are wondering what is the reason of sexual excitement caused by watching female physical contest. Why a physical contest between women seems to be erotic to many of them (even women are dressed)? We have a lot of facts confirming this phenomenon. Many people (particularly males) feel that and letters in our portfolio also give evidence that some of them are ashamed of that.

We are interested in psychological aspects of female single combat and we already asked such questions some female combatants but no clear explanations have been gotten. Being not professionals in sexology, we never met any researches on this subject. In this connection we ventured to give our own non-professional interpretation of this phenomenon in our notes: "Female combat as a specific show" (in Russian only).

Dr. Kon:

I don't know any special researches regarding this subject but the fact itself of sexual excitement of men caused by female single combat seems to me quite natural.

First of all, appearance of semi-naked women wrestling is sexual itself. A man may imagine himself as a missing third party just as when watching Lesbian scenes which excite many men.

Second, sexual intercourse almost always contains some elements of wrestling and imaginary playing aggression. It's rather difficult to materialize these wishes in marital relationship. Watching of female combative activity makes it possible for a man to involve himself (in his mind) in the contest and to get the position there that he prefers. It allows to execute sadistic/masochistic elements of his scenario that many men are ashamed of. For homosexuals this role is played by [men's] professional wrestling.

Third, female single combats contradict customary stereotype of soft and tender femininity. Such combats shock some men and women but at the same time, other people are exited by them just as by any kind of transgression act. A man gets additional pleasure when he imagines himself as a winner over a strong woman or the opposite, as a loser.

There is nothing wrong or pathological about that. Of course, it's a matter of taste. By the way, many sports based on power and contest also have erotic underlying theme for many people although they don't confess to that.


Please clarify what you meant saying: "For homosexuals this role is played by professional wrestling"? Does this mean that homosexuals wrestle for sexual pleasure or they watch men's professional wrestling in order to get that? Why professional wrestling (circus show) rather than other (real) wrestling activities?

Dr. Kon:

I meant spectators. Gays are just afraid to really wrestle because their erection might be distinguished [In USSR, homosexuality used to be a crime - Fscclub]. I read about that in several memoirs. Beside, this subject is common in homo-erotics.

I mentioned professional wrestling because it is a common commercial show that almost doesn't have rules. Actually, I don't know any researches about erotic aspects of sports shows of any type and for diverse audience. Perhaps, they don't exist. People feel uneasy about that.

We thank Dr. Kon from the bottom of our heart. The questions was asked on the Dr.Kon's WEB site.

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