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Men who love fighting against other men in front of watching women and women enjoying such sights express their thoughts on the Forum of FSCClub (selective representation of the branch).

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I love seeing women fight but at the same time I like it when women get excited and aroused watching men fight and I'm very glad to see that this is being addressed in your articles such as "Men’s duel in women’s eyes". Keep up the good work.


Two of the best fights I've ever had, were with the girlfriend/wife of the guy I was fighting watching us slug it out- LOVE to fight a guy in front of his woman.


Hi guys! I feel exactly the same. I love to wrestle or fight with guys, if beautiful girl(s) looks at this.


What is it about charge of two guys fighting over a woman? Very primal. The most basic of contests. As the psychologist wrote, it is part of strong fantasies for men to imagine themselves fighting over a woman and her watching. Good ones: prehistoric, Man and woman in jungle naked approached by other naked man, men fight for her. 18th century, man comes upon rival courting his mistress come to blows, broken up but decide to continue at appointed place for duel where woman comes to watch, they wrestle naked on the beach she is very aroused, after victory of suitor they make love on the beach. Present, woman can't decide over two men, one is at her house in bed with her, other comes over unannounced. They argue and fight while she is there. All good fantasies that need to be explored more.


For more on this subject, read Leo Lewis "This isn't sport, it's sex" which is on this sight. I find girls who get turned on by men fighting a real turn on itself. Another article posted on this site "Sexuality is in the air when fighting" by the English women, Mrs Tony Collins, is also fascinating. Read what she says about watching a fight: "I could feel my breasts swell and my nipples harden with desire...", "...when I see two guys take each other on in a man to man scrap I feel that excitement in my breast, and dare I say, a delicious warmth between my thighs..." Wow! What a woman. There is a cage fight in Wembley in London in a couple of weeks. I'm going of course. Not to see the fight, but to look at the girls in the audience - and maybe try and talk to them at the bar at bouts. More than that, I would love to take Mrs Tony Collins along so that she may enjoy the violence of men on display for her pleasure. I can dream.


Dreams is well! But how about actual combat? It is necessary something to do. To show an example.


You mean get into a fight in order to impress her? Good point. I would love to get into a fight outside the hall with her watching on, bloody my opponents nose, in order to excite her, then deliver a knockout blow. In reality, I am useless as a fighter and it would be me who would get beaten.


It is not necessary to fight to impress the woman. It is possible to wrestle, for example, on a beach.


Despite what some people on this site say, I find that wrestling does very little to turn them on. They prefer to watch a proper fight with fists.


I think any contest or struggle will do. A prearranged wrestling match with rules is sexier for the woman due to the anticipation that two men will fight over her. But a spontaneous fight with fists has to be a turn on as well. The prearranged fight has the advantage of a build up, passion, chivalry, a story - that is what gets women so hot. I knew a woman in Brazil who wanted to see two rival guys meet at dawn on the beach and wrestle naked while she watched. She thought that would be very primal and raw and a real turn on.


I get aroused and turned on by watching two men fight and if they are fighting over me, well wow! Fantastic. However, I didn't know guys would get excited watching me get excited by said fight, but that's cool. I know at school guys use to fight to impress the girls. It was easy to get them to fight one another, which we use to love to do. When a fight was arranged, word went around the school and we also used to go and watch and enjoy it was very exciting especially when they stripped off their shirts. I used to fantasize them stripping naked and then having one hell of a fistfight. It never happened but i saw some thrilling fights anyway.


Melanie, good to get a woman's perspective. It isn't surprising to hear that you would get turned on by watching men fight over you. I think it is a very primal urge. After all, males fight over their mates all over the animal kingdom. We as humans used to do it in the wild up until very recently. Just because we have gotten "civilized" doesn't mean that urge has disappeared. For women they get turned on by seeing the stronger male win who will then produce stronger offspring. Since there was not much "courtship" in early human existence the mating probably happened right after the fight so it paid off for the woman to be aroused just at that point. And for the man to be too since there was sexual and progenic reward for his victory. We all get a little too puritanical in our society today and get afraid to admit we would all like to be primal sometime. So Melanie, here's one guy who you can fantasize about "stripping naked and having one hell of fight" over you!


I shared my fantasy of fighting/wrestling another guy with my girlfriend after we got back from hiking where we swam naked at a secluded waterfall. As we were leaving, another guy came along who was going to do the same, I could tell she thought he was attractive. Later that night in bed I said to my girlfriend what if the guy came earlier and he started swimming under the waterfall naked too but he started hitting on you. I then started fighting with him, both of us naked under the waterfall while you watched. She didn't think it was a real turn on though. I guess some women don't -- I don't know why. She even thought it was vaguely homoerotic but I said absolutely not -- it was all about the contest over her and being naked just made it more intense and visually appealing for her. Up until then I had also shared my fantasy of seeing women wrestle and fight and could have easily substituted another woman coming along and she fighting with her over me! She really wasn't into that scenario either, needless to say, I have a new gal!


Tee, maybe you should get together with Vitie, get naked and have a fist fight with him while I watch. Should I get naked as well? :)


Wow, this is a great thread. I love it when guys fight over a woman. Two guys got into a shoving match at the beach over me once but that was it. I have to say I kinda wanted them to take it to some out of the way place and finish it. Didn't think of them doing it naked but now I think that would be an even bigger turn on! But Melanie can't have all the fun I want to watch too! And then maybe Melanie and I can fight over the winner . . . I'm a pretty good scrapper.


Weird forum here. But once when I was on holiday skiing there were four girls and three guys, we were sitting around the fire in a big room drinking and the girls started to laugh about something and push each other, it got a little out of control, so of course we all started shouting, "Fight, fight" and so they did in their knickers. That all ended well and good and one girl yelled, "OK guys your turn". One guy left the room to get more beer leaving me and another bloke I did not know that well. So we got up to cheers from the girls started pushing each other all in fun and then started wrestling more spiritedly. We both had on sweat pants that kept falling down so the girls yelled strip off and do it nude! We were drunk, so we did and you've never seen anything like it the girls lit up screaming, wildly excited, so we gave them a good show, wrestling nude for them. When it was over I grabbed one of the girls and had a wild night. It really does something to them.


I wrestled 4 times in NYC. To do this, we rent a room in a motel, it cost $50 for 5 hours, so we have more than enough time to wrestle. So, come to NY and I will be glad to wrestle with you. The only thing is that to make it perfect is some woman who will watch our match.


I'm enjoying the discussion about women watching men fight. Also I like what Risa has to say on the subject - it's most exciting when the guys either fight naked or wear something that emphasizes their manhood. My stepson is just 18 and when he quarreled over a girl with another boy his own age I have to admit I gently coaxed him into challenging the other boy to a fight. I said things like Carly (the girl) will fancy you all the more if you win her in a fair fight, you know, things like that. And I also said that I would watch to see fair play. Well, it worked! They've arranged to fight in our garden next week. Watch this space! And Risa, if you've got the spunk for a fight as you say you have, send me a pic of yourself and we can compare physiques!


Watching a fight

I actually was able to get in touch with Tee and Vitie - the two guys who wanted to arrange a fight here. We all met in New Orleans over Memorial Day and it was a little weird at first but we all got along and we were all pretty adventurous. After a few drinks and some get to know you chat the guys wanted to go to the gym Tee knew about and get the fight on, but I had a plan. I urged them to wait a bit get to know each other and me. So, we just went out that night. I played the flirt to both of them and noticed they both kind of liked me. I was definitely trying to get some jealousy between them I knew that would make for a better fight than without it. Next day same thing we went out and I could start to feel the tension between them growing and it was because I was coming between them in a way. Not that much of course but subtly just enough. Later that night Tee got an exercise room with mats at his gym. We all went in and we were the only ones there, it was about 11pm and the place had closed otherwise. So now, it gets interesting. The guys start undressing, Tee down to bicycle pants, and Vitie to shorts. They were warming up, stretching, and running in place and I was just watching. They were both pretty cool kind of dull actually, so I said, ok guys, here's what you're fighting for. At that point, I took off my shirt and jeans and stood there just in a g-string and a big smile! Well that turned on the switch they both started smiling and moving really fast in place full of energy. I could tell they were really turned on. I said hey now I want you to show me just how much an impression I made on you because the winner will get to take me out alone! And before you begin, let me show my appreciation. So then I went over to Tee and pulled down his shorts gave him a really passionate kiss and grabbed him. I could see Vitie out the corner of my eye looking really mad. Then did the same to Vitie. And of course, Tee was pissed, I pushed back and what do you know two naked guys aroused pumped up and glaring at each other really mad. Did I tell you it would work. Then I said well what are you waiting for. So they started to approach each other circling, Tee took a swing, Vitie blocked it, then Tee just tackled Vitie and then they started really struggling and yelling at each other. They were pushing and finally both fell on the floor and started rolling around trying to get punches in too. I was so captivated by it and really turned on. At one point Tee put Vitie in a choke hold and bent him back, that really turned me on. Vitie got out of that and tackled Tee by his legs but the most turned on I got was when they just glared at each other angrily and circled each other. Sweaty naked and mad. It was so intense and I made it happen the way it did. It went on for a while until Tee put Vitie in some kind of pin and he submitted they both fell back exhausted. WE all went out on anyway after and laughed about it but for a while, it was real animalistic.

So Denise, if you were there, maybe we could have fought before or after to get them going or "rewarded" them. I'm 5'6 125, pretty muscular, pretty tough. How about you?



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