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Yell of a female soul:
"I hate feminists!"

Feminist hater
Artwork by Nikolay Kulikovsky

Русская версия

"They have taken masculinity away from men
and femininity from women!"

Dear guests,

Publishing this letter, we rely on your discretion and on good sense of humor.


At last, I have found the right place to express myself regarding this matter and pour out my female soul. I hate feminists! They have taken masculinity away from men and femininity from women!

"Combative women" are sticking around here along with male perverts who drop slobber and sperm when watching fighting skirts (or dream about them). Huh-huh! Really, read this (preferably loudly) - that's what a normal healthy beautiful woman has to say about that.

The God has created two universal elements - female and male, two mutually exclusive and mutually attracting worlds, two poles apart. Women always were delighted to feel their physical weakness while men's world around with its straightforwardness and toughness, supplied the feminine element with life energy. And vice versa, men are irresistibly attracted by the vacillating soft women's world, which is also dangerous swallowing up like a maelstrom.

The most sensual and desirable woman's wish is to be a man's prize catch, which the man must conquer and attract. Men fought each other over a woman's attention, over the power or glory. They desired to win a woman over and to make her be captivated by the qualities not available for her by nature (like physical courage and strength). I just recall how I was literally delighted when two boys wrestled in a park in front of me. No, it wasn't a duel or a fight over a girl - they just engaged in a friendly wrestling match in order to please and to gladden me. In fact, I was grateful to both of them for the pleasure, no matter who overwrestled whom.

Since time immemorial, fighting was men's business, not women's... However, all the sudden, the hormonal balance was disrupted and various strange humanoids started propagating:- transvests, transsexuals, bisexuals, homosexuals and Lesbians. The "combative women" found themselves among those too. Sweaty, smelling like a man, with seething by a hatred eyes, these former ladies delight only driveling womanly guys. Some of such so-called women fiercely push and pull each other, knead each other like raw dough, grab each other by crotch, break each other's extremities, clutch each other's necks, waists and breasts. Other "damsels" punch and kick each other to any body parts: to face, to chest, to stomach, to groin, even to ass (the only move I enjoy in such women's "bouts" )

You feminists have exterminated real men and true women like bedbugs. You dreamed about the equality and got the caricature on men and women. Ignoring the biological nature, suppressing all feminine and maternal inside yourselves, you just kid people by darting out into boxing rings and wrestling mats. Such "sports" don't evoke anything in men except sexual lust. These activities don't represent any interest as sports. The technical and athletic level of women in boxing and wrestling immeasurably lower than the men's one - any specialist in sports would tell you this. The interest in female combat is based exceptionally upon the ludicrousness, ridiculousness, scandalousness and eroticism of these activities perverted for women. Personally for me, a female boxer is the same nonsense as a man practicing in rhythmic gymnastics

To each his own! It's ridiculous to contrast yourself with your biological nature attempting changing it. The Nature can avenge!

Angelina Nezhnaya (the "Tender")
May 2005

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