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Tom-lions and pussy-cats, or why women love boxing

"Secret garden of women’s daydreaming"

Elena Rychkova

Author: Elena Rychkova

Elena Rychkova is a Russian TV and Radio commentator and journalist.
She is a host of the show “Weekly Events” at the TV channel “Russia-1”

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Woman watches a fight

I just attended the tournament in Kazan, Russia "Fighting by the rule of TNA's Cup TatNeft@ - it is something between boxing and kickboxing - I am not an expert in combat sports but I love watching them. Not just me - there were a lot of representatives of the fairer sex in the TatNeft Arena. Puzzling what inspires women to watch such an unwomanly sport as boxing, I just realized that it is not just inspires them but turns them on. It would be more correct saying that.

You can break girls attending boxing events into several groups. Some of them come there with husbands or boyfriends; they might not love watching boxing but want to share the interest of their loved ones. These women prefer to put it up with this show in order to be with their men and not to look like homely women. Besides, they go out all the same. The girls of the second (and smallest category) are sport fans, they understand the sport and truly support good athletes. It is their hobby even to feminine one.

However, the vast majority of female boxing fans are women who want to take a delight in something different from just watching sports. And they get it!

HNo wonder, handsome, muscular, hyper-masculine men are sorting things out using outright brute force. It can turn on, I’ll tell you! This is a powerful stimulant helping exhale sexual energy. Seeing two men physically fighting, a woman is subconsciously undergone a pristine biological mechanism: once two males fight, they fight over possessing a female.

HWhat an awesome sight – watching how these jaw-dropping guys are coming into the ring! My God, the whole world is at their feet. This show makes everyone believe that all power he-men really exist. They are so strong and handsome; they are decorated by wonderful scars! This is not a kind of scars which your husband got in his childhood after shamefully fell from a tree. Seeing these machos, you start regretting that your man is too sickly, too flabby, too plain…

HAnd even more – the crowd of red-hot guys around you! It is so inasmuch as we have forgotten that a man can be something else but an office bringdown curding around in traffic jams, snarling about your delay, or complaining about food you cocked. Here, around the ring, the guys are so stormy and aggressive, that is difficult to imagine them reclining at ease on the couch at home.

HThe way how women cheer fighters is something special. We women ignore athletic criteria like fighting techniques or muscular strength: we don’t give a damn about that. What really matters for us is that a guy must click with us. For example, female audience disliked a perky boxer from UAE and all of us unitedly wished him to lose, even though he was a good fighter. In other words, we choose the one to shout for in the same way we choose a lover. It doesn’t matter what his name is and what country he is from – we are totally unpatriotic at that time. And if we like both of them we throw out our hearts to the stronger one, to whomever wins – no matter if he is Russian, Tartar or Surinam citizen (wherever that Surinam is)/ We love strength, period! And we don’t to be upset when watching boxing. We are excited, marveling nd something like a jaw dislocation is not a big deal – doctors will fix it somehow, right?

HSo, for women boxing is sexy first of all. We a transformed into she-cats who want to feast our eyes on tom-lions. It is that simple. For us any single fighter is Mack Daddy. We see in them something which we miss in every-day life. We look out for brutal tough guys, for whom everything in the world is within their depth, including making us women happy. We look for something illusive; we are not wives or fiances here but fair ladies.

HYou can ask: how about those horror-stricken girls closing their eyes, groaning, wailing, crying every time someone is knocked down? Those who do not accept bloodshed and violence? Those who decently state that brain is the most important man’s organ while boxing destroys it? I don’t have the answer since they don’t attend boxing.

It was Elena Rychkova who has visited a secret garden of women’s daydreaming.

October 28, 2010
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