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Sculptures "Wrestling Women" by Ferdinando Tacca (1619-1686) and
"Pantcrationists", Ancient Roman bronze copy of a Greek original made in III BC

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Just open any dictionary. To fight means to set one's will against the will of another, with the aim of defeating the opponent, to bring him to his knees, possibly to kill him. "Life is a battle" is a proposition that must at first have expressed melancholy and resignation. But our century of optimism and massacres has succeeded in making this terrible sentence sound like a joyous refrain. You will say that to fight against somebody may be terrible but to fight for something is noble and beautiful. Yes, it is beautiful to strife for happiness (or love, or justice and so on), but if you are on the habit of designating your striving with the word "fight", it means that your noble striving conceals the longing to knock someone to the ground. The fight for is always connected with the fight against. And the proposition "for" is always forgotten in the course of the fight in favor of the preposition "against".
Milan Kundera. Immortality

Fighting is the most ancient, primitive bestial ritual. The Creator has given animal males more muscles than females. Some of them even get combat equipment which actually is useless for protecting off springs and family - they are designed exceptionally for butting male rivals and showing off strength, horns or tusks in front of a burning of desire female in heat. Perfectly shaped refined deer horns are used not for decorating but for a primitive ritual fight with another possessor of similar horns. This odd action turning females on might disappoint her because both challengers often die unable to arrange for uncoupling their horns.

The Creator has endowed humans with intellect and the exquisite intricate brain which Homo Sapiens has used for the sophisticated improvement of the techniques of fighting against their fellows in order to suppress, depress or kill them.

Combative sports, martial arts, boxing… Exhausting training of body and spirit, meticulous study of vulnerable body spots and durability of joints and ligaments – all these just to be capable to successfully break the most sophisticated work of the Nature – human organism and first of all, its peak, the brain. Ironically, the brain is used for breaking someone else's brain. A successful punch in the head damaging the brain delights and excites men and women attentively watching each move of the fisticuffers who wave hands in the brightly lit ridiculous box. A person, who after the punch falls down unconsciously like a sack, gets brain concussion while the one who managed to deliver the punch celebrates and triumphs like a child and gets awarded by audience ovation for his brutality. The victor experiences almost orgasmic enjoyment because his cherished dream – to get opponent's face (muzzle) smashed - comes true. He might not even have met the other person before. This is no accident that the art of face smashing, so-called boxing is also called "sweet science". And it was invented by English aristocrats!

There is another 'sweet science': two well-fed half-naked guys in inappropriately open tricot purposefully squeezing each other before the audience; a soft mat is stretched under them to make it more convenient for necking. They hug, grab each other by any part of the body, even by the crotch, snuggle up to each other, wishing to put the other one down on his back and to lie down on top; they shamelessly rub against each other. But these men are not gays; quite the opposite, they are the most masculine and most popular male individuals – wrestlers; women dream to find themselves in their arms. A woman watching two men fighting imagines herself in the role of one of the fighters, of course of the defeated one, while the man defeating his opponent imagines himself winning a woman. In fact, the centers of sex and violence are located in adjacent brain areas – as close as two fighting male and a female waiting for a victor are located. For a man, pinning an opponent is a pleasure comparable to a pleasure of getting on top of a woman; indeed, the ability of pinning other men is valued highly by women as an important indication of the masculinity.

Two individuals in white surgical coats come to a white rug in a stately manner. As a matter of fact, they are surgeons, bone-setters who are very familiar with human anatomy and know how joints can be dislocated and how the frontal artery feeding the brain can be cut off. They demonstrate their knowledge and skills breaking each other under supervising a foppish umpire. Besides, they are masters of cutting bricks and heads without a scalpel… The one who has successfully broken something to his opponent must let forth a loud animal call. That is an invention of Japanese aristocrats who gracefully called that "the soft way".

What's the use of hand-to-hand fighting! Since the oldest times, men have been improving their skills of exterminating each other by means of newest technology. At the beginning, they used sticks and clubs, which eventually had taken the refined and fanciful shape… Two noble knights, armored and mailed, gallop at full speed toward each other with long heavy bludgeons at ready, in attempts to strike each other by the knob in the face (muzzle, to be more precise). These are aristocrats again! Ladies surrounding the fighters rapturously greet the one who 'skillfully' stunned the other one by the bludgeon and managed to throw him off, leaving him half-dead or dead. Delicate and sensible creatures admire with their heart the gross and brute contest, slily called a 'knight tournament'. Small wonder that they don't feel sorry for the knight lying in the dust – just because he turned out not to be as valorous and manly as the victor.

During centuries, the best intellects were busy with developing and testing complex alloys which could be used for making sharp blades of various shapes in order to give men a chance to slaughter other men (as well as women and children at the same time) in more sophisticated way… Two noble and honest men who have spent their best years for mastering their skills in handling those blades; they elegantly dance before each other in graceful attempts to pink each other through or to cut each other in two. Certainly, the victor (the killer) gets not just a lady who both duelists have desired, but also other ladies' favor for his so-called prowess. The dead loser is quickly taken away and buried, so nobody feels pangs of conscience after the premeditated murder.

Two huge herds of men alienated from their home and families by the leaders, furiously, passionately and fiercely break into each other's ranks by swords and axes. They splash their unquenched brutality and perverted sexual energy into the opposite herd, into people whom their leader considers as enemies but whom they have never met before. Those who managed to survive such a slaughter house, are cheerfully greeted by women who have lost a good half of real or potential husbands. Of course, they admire the survivors (which are usually neither the best nor courageous ones) flattering and awarding them with their attention and their bodies. Greatest artists and sculptors depicted and glorified those valour murderers whereas great poets and troubadours celebrated their feats.

No doubt, if men had horns or tusks, the humankind would have become extinct long before the civilization came. Humans are superior to animals in all respects, including fighting and killing skills. Bulls for instance, do not have enough intellect to kill each other for a cow.

The fighting techniques are being perfecting at full speed. As the civilization develops, men are irreversibly weakening – physically and mentally – and their determination to fight is diminishing. However, since violence is always in mind along with sex, women are persistently invited to the rings and mats. Plump men guttling chips, bliss out and turn on at sight of babes thrashing each other (for real or in pretence). The contemporary show industry is overfilled with female violence and so-called catfighting. Women fiercely box, wrestle (everywhere including mud, oil and coleslaw) and even participate in no-holds barred fights and finally, in warfare. And for whom? Just for weak fat men!

So, when I hear the word 'fight' and high-flown incitements to fight, I am willing to fight passionately against it! I am sure this fighting style is the only reputable one!

Nikolay Simonov
January 4, 2011

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