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I want to defend boxing from fault-finding. I think boxing is the best way to preserve manhood and male element in the human breed. Such is indeed the case. I am a women but I am not ashamed to admit that I love watching boxing fights. Some ladies "do not understand me" and even censure me but become crazed, furtively watching the show. One day, a friend of mine visited me and I began watching a boxing match. She condemned me for my interest in a "face beating" while was stealing a look at the bout.

I adore boxing! I know about boxing – its strategy, tactics; its attacking and defending punches. The staccato boxing terms sound most euphoniously in my ears. Punch, hook, swing, jab, uppercut, knockdown, knockout… I apologize to delicate ladies but I love boxing first of all as a male physical clash, single combat, fight, brawl if you will. Creation and struggle are two primary men's deeds. The creation is a long process; wild passion is not its feature. At the same time, a one-on-one fight, explicit physical single combat, duel, battle represent passion and sexual energy charge. I am not ashamed of my thoughts and feelings which come to my mind when I watch a boxing match. "These two violent males of the human race fight over me! They fight hammer and tongs in order to get hold of me! They unsparingly give each other no quarter – for me and over me… Damp with perspiration, bleeding, breathless and excited victor, is approaching to me… I flutter in ecstasy and tenderness. I feel delightful feebleness and the languor of lust…" This is just an imagination though…

If the combative sports didn't exist in out times, especially the most popular one – boxing, what would remind a man that he as a man, that the struggle is his deed? What would remind a woman that men are different, that struggle is in their nature?

Writing to the "Female Single Combat Club", I screw up my courage saying that the phrase "female combat" is nonsense, an artificial unnatural thing invented for sheer fun. For instance, who would take women's boxing seriously? It is just a fun, circus show. Since I know about boxing, I can say that so-called "women's boxing" is three negatives: unskillful slow movements, unskillful weak punches and unskillful feeble defense. The God has purposely created a woman in the way to prevent her from being involved in fighting. The Creator intentionally arranged vulnerable tender women's breasts just in the hottest "battle spot". When two people fight, the most of blows cross and clashed around this spot. The very gesture - sticking out the breast is a symbol of an attack. It is not for nothing do colloquial phrases exist in any language like "to breast the enemy". Can you imagine female breasts in this context? :) For my ears the phrase "women's boxing" sounds much like "men's maternity". :)

Boxing is a man's daring. It is a tough exciting spectacle. It is a good hardening for men and a great pleasure for women. Let men fight, box, wrestle, battle – honestly and by rule. So, we women would be sure that the stronger sex has not degraded or weakened. That we still have support and defense. And that our offspring would be healthy and strong!

Viva boxing!

Svetlana Kolotinskaya

February 2007

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