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If a man gets excited by the sight of fighting girls but he lusts after you, you must be happy!

The motif in the story "Mash up his face!" sounds very familiar to me. I have very similar experience with my husband Roberto. It happened about 10 years ago, shortly after we started seeing each other. We were sitting at my place alone with him hugging one another before TV. He mechanically kept switching channels but we didn’t pay much attention to the TV screen enjoying intimacy. A boxing match was broadcasted on one of the channels and Roberto stopped switching channels. I didn’t like boxing and asked him to turn the TV off. For some reason, he didn’t want to. Firstly, I even didn’t notice it was a female match. *) It was the first time I saw women engaged in a boxing bout. The sight appeared disgustful to me - women and fighting seemed to be incompatible to me. But I noticed a metamorphosis in Roberto – he became emotionally and physically strained, he literally stuck to the TV screen. I didn’t have a choice but watching that shocking event. Surprisingly, the female boxers turned out to be quite skillful and fierce. I was also surprised that the heavier one had quite an ordinary feminine body – if a woman like this comes across in the street, you will never recognize a boxer (or an athlete) – just an ordinary woman. It was seen that she was stronger her slimmer opponent, even though the other one looked more skillful.

I can recall just two episodes of that fight: when the heavier lady had bleeding nose and when the slim one found herself on the floor. Actually, while the ladies were heavily punching each other, I was busy with something else – I tried to give a meaning to what was happening to Roberto. Usually, a man watching a sport event doesn’t pay attention to anything else. But Roberto managed to simultaneously watch the match and caress my breasts and other tender spots. I felt that his ‘device’ was swelled up - I realized his outstanding excitement was caused more by the fighting ladies rather than by me. It vexed me a little bit but just for a little while. As soon as the fight was over, he literally pounced on me. It was unforgettable!

Since then, our sex became much spicier. Once I realized that female fighting made him more excited, I played into his hand. We often play wrestling before going to bed. Besides, I had several wrestling matches for fun with the wife of his close friend. Each match inspired both men and each inspiration goes a long way. I am used to the fact erotic fantasies are necessary for good sex life. Even if these fantasies are situated quite far from you. If a man gets excited by the sight of fighting girls but he lusts after you, you must be happy!

Rosalie Marino

September 2006

*) Later, I learned that the female bout we watched really made history – for the first time, women’s boxing was broadcast in prime time (Mike Tyson bout unercard). In that bout, heavier Christy Martin defeated Deirdre Gogarty by decision.

Christy Martin (left) and Dierdre Gogarty

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