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Gentlemen from the club of female combat dreamland!

You surprise me, folks! Guys, have you ever embraced a woman? Did you touch her breasts? Did your wife get pregnant? Did she have periods? Didn't she have problems with breasts or with gynecology? “Combative women”; “combatants of old times”; fierce female fights”; “a schoolgirl got brawled with a mature woman”; waitress furiously wrestle between tables. And cetera and cetera. Wake up, gentlemen! Awaken! Yeah, it might happen somewhere once in a year gals have a tussle. And yes, there is a small circle of female boxers and wrestlers who want to imitate men everywhere. But overwhelming majority of women will never fight and combat, no matter whether or not such web sites are created.

Let's imagine a “rare case”: Jonnie engaged in a fight with Ronnie. The striking news has spread over the city quickly as lighting and TV broadcasts the report. Or two guys have wrestled on the lawn. Newspaper reports, a lot of materials on the web! And here ten or something cases of female brawls have been sought (but most likely just think up) and sent to the “female combat club” as stories or reports. In fact, wherever you look on the web you can meet fighting females as if it's their favorite activity.

And why all these happen? Just because some guys like to daydream about gals in exotic positions. For example, a guy looks out a plump damsel in order to dream about her in private later, sensually imagining her in different activities, especially in wrestling against another woman or against a man. It's sweet for someone and thank God it is! But it has nothing to do with the reality, even if you manage to convince your girlfriend to wrestle someone. You have to realize this, folks! And this entire site is about men's daydreams rather than about female combat. Simply because there is no such a thing as female combat. As there is no “men's artistic gymnastics” which actually would be mastered by men if women like it. So, please rename your site to “the club of female combat dreamland!” That will be more correct and more honest.

Be happy in your personal life, my friends!

Professor of Soured Soup
(translation from Russian)

August 2004

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