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Dear Professor of the Soured Soup,

Thank you for your letter. Deservedly replying as a person who answers affirmatively all your rhetoric questions (whether have embraced a woman, etc.)

I totally agree with you (except some nuances . In fact, who cares if Jonnie has a fist argument with Ronnie? But if Patricia does that with Alicia many would definitely care and it would even initiate media reports. But why? Just because female fighting (wrestling) is not typical (yet and so far) and everything exotic attracts. Besides, there is an erotic element in any single combat and exotic erotica (or erotic exotica) is something very spicy. So, dreams are here, so it's useless to deny!

Now, let's consider athletic perspective. In fact, men's competitions in any sport where women also participate always are much more popular and more attract attention of media and fans. Just because men jump higher and farther, run faster and hit stronger. This is true for combative sports – women's competitions are always second to men's one with regards technical and athletic features (although emotional part might be more impressive when women compete). For example, female boxing matches on the professional ring can't attract millions dollars and such great fan attention as men's ones do. That's why the sections dedicated to the sports on our site might be not that popular as remarks and reminiscences of “fans” about “exotic combative women”. As a matter of fact, WEB sites dedicated for instance to soccer contains even more comments of fans and so-called “specialists”.

And the last note. FSCC differs fundamentally from the most of entertaining sites about female combat. We don't emphasize on erotic and naturalistic pictures, video clips and stories. We don't have so-called catfight stories either, which are so widely spread on the WEB where two topless or nude gals are fiercely and bloody fighting, scratching, hair pulling and cursing each other.

The site FSCC is unique because we consider female combat from two points of view: as a sport and as an amusement. I really don't know any other similar site on the WEB. Actually, we can't avoid the “dreamland” but we still are not going to rename the site.

Thanks for the attention,

Alexei Bauman
August 2004

Julia Volkova also answered to the Professor of the Soured Soup.

You can slaughter me, you can stigmatize me but I see right judgments in the words of the professor of the soured soup. And even the most of them... Actualy, I agree with him. It's difficult to agree with his conclusions (starting with the words "And why all these happen") though. I don't consider this opinion as right or wrong because I am not sure what is going on in the men's heads - let men judge. But I personally hope his conclusions are mistaken.

As a matter of fact, his opinion and my opinion are just two ways leading to one point: female fights (combats, etc.) - are just an exception, not the rule.


One more reply to the professor from Marina Kinyakina.

I want to reply to the retort of the professor of the soured soup. Actually I agree that combat has never been and won't ever be a common activity among women. Vast majority of women will never want and will never be able to practice in combat sports (I mean real physical contacts, not swinging by extremities). I personally regret about that but you have to take the reality and the Nature as it is.

But nonetheless, female combat exist – both as an activity and as a term, no matter whether or not anybody dreams about it. Not that many people do fishing but the activity (and term) exists. The professor asks male visitors if they ever embraced a woman. I can say that if I permit him to embrace myself he wouldn't doubt if combative women and female combat exist.

Marina Kinyakina

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