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"No more fight with a woman!"

No more fight with a woman

We are proud to publish a striking story about a real (historical) event imparted by an American boxing trainer

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A few years ago, a friend of the trainer, wealthy boxing fan offered him to sponsor a mix boxing bout to find out if a heavy- or middleweight prominent experienced female boxer could fight an experienced male flyweight as an equal. The trainer had a flyweight fighter with 10-year boxing experience as an amateur with quite an impressive record. Surprisingly, an appropriate female opponent was found quite easy. In fact, female boxers are not spoilt by high compensation, so one of the most prominent female professional heavyweights quickly accepted the offer – since the prize was quite generous. The trainer didn’t disclose the names of the participants and named them Peter and Sandra. Participants’ weight and height are approximate – in order not to allow recognizing them.

Since such a match was illegal, it was decided to run it as a sparring inviting just eight people who were really necessary: a referee, a doctor, the event sponsor and two trainers – one for each boxer. Besides, three boxing gurus formed the audience. The latter had to pass judgment about possibility of an equal male-female boxing competitions. The match was scheduled for five three-minute rounds.

“Round-by-round” report

The fighters come out into the ring with the referee and the sponsor who forewarned that the prize will be presented to both fighters only if they fight for real in full strength.

The size advantage of the heavyweight (middleweight by the men’s category) girl, Sandra (180lbs/5’11”) over the flyweight man, Peter, (112lbs/5’5”) is just astonishing. The pair looks extremely uneven and weird.

First round. The fight starts right away, without usual pre-match fuss. Peter starts slowly looking up closely at his unusual opponent. He is on the outside as Sandra advances ponderously. Sandra has big disadvantage in speed terms, but everything else seems to be in her favor. Good combination from Peter, but none of the shots from the man have dented the girl as yet (or at least not outwardly). Peter tries the left jab and gets on his bike. Sandra meanwhile tries to cut off the ring. Peter tries to stay out of range, in and out for him at the moment. Quick body shot from Peter to the ribs of Sandra. She gets bucked up. Peter manages to slip a jab and throws his overhand right upward into the taller fighter's head. It connected, but to little effect at this time. Peter shows a developing attack - he tries a body shot but no great power. Sandra again tries to the cut the ring off, but Peter on the move all the time. She is just plodding after him rather than putting any great pressure on. Another quick counter combination from Peter: right hand and a left uppercut - to perceptible effect now. The short man continues to box well on the back foot - he's showing real discipline here. Sandra struggles to find the target and gets a little bit frustrated. She delivers single punches, no flurries or combinations. The most of Sandra’s right punches slip the top of ducking opponent’s head. Sandra does nothing fast, trying to back Peter in a corner but no real menace in her work as yet. Peter jabs at Sandra's chest and Sandra gets nervous in kind. She just misses with a big overhand right and then a left as she darts back out. Decent jab from Sandra. Sandra edges forward and Peter on the back foot boxes smartly. Peter continues boxing like this on the back foot biding his time. Sandra corners Peter for the first time - body shot and then an uppercut -- neither land with any great venom, but at least a little more menace in those shots. Peter slips inside Sandra's glows, and lands a brutal combination of body blows to her ribs, stomach and chest. She desperately attempts to adjust her arms to cover the target areas. In vain - she is visibly shaken. The referee saves confused and embarrassed Sandra announcing the end of the fist round.

Second round. Sandra looks recovered and determined to fight. She is still plodding, still jabbing - now misses with a wild right. Peter keeps boxing off the back foot with a steely resolve and focus. Left hook from Peter, swift right counter from Sandra – the first sign of speed from the girl - hidden depths maybe. Sandra pins Peter in the corner and Peter lands a short powerful counter uppercut shaking Sandra’s head. Sandra throws a right to the air as Peter gets out of the corner. Sandra tries to jab, Peter moves out of range. Sandra misses with a wild left hook as Peter sways out of range again. Left by Peter on the way out tags Sandra. She comes forward not really threatening Peter in any way. Peter works mainly the body, with sharp rights and left combos to the head. Sandra acts very one-dimensional desperately trying to pin Peter on the ropes. Not working at all. Suddenly, Sandra bursts into the violent attack pouncing on Peter with heavy punches. Just when it looks like Sandra might be on the way to leveling the action, Peter ducks and jumps up delivering an instant devastating uppercut with a left to the jaw. Sandra falls face down on the canvas while the referee realizes at once that she has badly hurt and that there's no point in counting. The referee signals a knockout, moves Sandra to a reclining position and calls in the doctor. Sandra never loses consciousness but is very dazed and remains on her back for around 3 minutes receiving medical attention. Eventually, she gets up and is warmly applauded, tears rolling down her cheeks. She comes to Peter and they passionately embrace – he is barely visible in her arms. Peter looks regretful and sorrowful: “No more fight with a woman!” he said vexedly. “No more men either!” she agrees readily.

After match quotations

As Kipling said, "Oh, East is East and West is West, and never the twain shall meet!" The sponsor paraphrased it, “Oh, he is he, she is she, and never the twain shall meet... in the ring.”

As one of the judge-gurus compared the match with a “corrida of an evasive swift bullfighter and a lumbering raged bull.”

“No more fight with a woman”, the winner said having knocked out the girl. After the match he said that firstly he was in the wrong box and off balance – he felt awkward punching a woman. But being pushed into a corner and having a couple of heavy blows to the head, he sensed it was no joke and grew heated. However, he soon realized that the opponent hardly followed his moves and he felt a kind of ease. He slackened his pace and was punished immediately by a combination of several brutal punches – the big girl seemed to have second breath. At that moment, Peter got a burst of energy and felt urgent desire to finish the “offender” off…


As a matter of fact, Peter seemed to know what he was doing against a bigger female opponent. Peter capitalized on his speed, quick reaction and shortness. At short range, he was able to deliver hard short punches to her belly and chest (which was difficult to protect) as well as painful uppercuts to the chin. At short range, his shorter arm facilitated greater power and leverage than his opponent’s longer arms did.

To neutralize Sandra's reach advantage when she delivered her straight punches, Peter used a clever tactic: he threw a hook to her forearm, and followed up with a combination of strikes to her body or to the head by getting in close. He used head movement by ducking, which disabled the most of her heavy punches. Peter’s tactic was to disable her forearm to discourage her attacks.

Peter used side-stepping and finding unusual awkward angles in order to intercept his larger opponent's inside range. He avoided being in front of his big opponent, which gives him an opportunity to seek for an opening and makes him less predictable.

The unanimous conclusion was made from this match that a woman - whatever heavy, strong and skillful she is - would be incapable to withstand a male flyweight as skilled as she is. Moreover, such a bout might be very dangerous for a woman and cause serious injuries.

The main reason for these conclusions is that the reaction time of a light male fighter happens to be overwhelmingly quicker that of a heavy female opponent. Along with a much better arm speed and strength, this allows a male fly to avoid dangerous punches and to effectively counter attack at the short distance. A substantially shorter and faster male fighter would be able to make devastating damage to female face, bones, breasts as well as internal organs, such as womb, liver, etc.

“No more fight with a woman!”

Svetlana Kravtsova
Translated into English by Alexei Bauman
August 2010

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