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The truth about Male vs. Female strength

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Some weak submissive guys on this board have fantasies about strong women. Another guy named Barbara likes to brag about the strength of her (his) girls. Well, here are the facts. Your average male is far stronger than your average female. Not just because he is larger, but because he has a leaner body mass. Tons of testing has been done but lets go to the US Armed Forces. They tested reasonably fit men and women. What they found was: Men had 72% greater upper body strength, 54% more leg (yes, leg) strength, 47% more trunk strength, 33% leaner body mass and 28% more aerobic capacity. And despite what our wonderful Barbara says, the "quality" of the muscle tissue is identical among the sexes, although men have slightly more fast twitch fibers. Women who workout or who have abnormally high levels of testosterone can certainly be stronger than low testosterone or unfit men. In fact, these Amazons can be a lot stronger. And then there are those women that take male hormones. But we are talking averages here, not elite athletes but men and women that are in the Army. Also young girls can be stronger than many young boys. But once the testosterone starts flowing, the boys pass the girls. By high school few girls can compete in male strength sports like football, basketball, or wrestling. To read more go to the WEB site “MASTERS ATHLETES PHYSIOLOGY AND PERFORMANCE”. Better yet, you weak submissive guys need to start lifting at the gym. Oh, you can't do that, it would destroy your submissive fantasy.

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