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This is the very old story, which happened in 1960s in Moscow. Before telling the story, a digression is needed. In fact, the Soviets subsidized sports more than many other things considering it as a support in military training and good propaganda leverage - they took care of both the sport material resources and coach staff. Boxing and wrestling were especially honorable because they were thought as the highest manifestation of masculinity and courage. At those times, we didn't hear anything about so hot now oriental martial arts. You should be lazy now not to have a black belt - perhaps, millions have it - from actresses to our president. At our time, a guy had to successfully compete in many local and regional tournaments in order to get a title in sports. Young boxers and wrestlers were considered as golden boys and stood high esteem of coevals (especially girls). As a result, many of them got a swelled head.

There was such a guy in our class, Sergey Panov, broad as an ax. He started practicing wrestling early in childhood - he began with Sambo training under the direction of Sambo guru Kharlampiev. As soon as he gets bigger, he moved to classic wrestling (Greek-Roman wrestling) where managed to go places. At the seventh grade, he was already a "master candidate of sports" (quite high athletic rank for adults). He was the indisputable strongest guy in the school. Some older schoolmates attempted to bring him to his level but every time he quickly bent his opponent's arm, moved his head to the ground and stepped on his back. There were a lot of toadies around of Sergey but normal guys tried to keep away from him because he lost no chance of humbling anyone (especially A-students).

But the most disgusting for me was that girls literally wormed their way to Sergey despite his arrogance and conceit. I even began hating female sex as a whole. Our girls liked to squeal on boys to Sergey - it was a favorite threat. If they do, Sergey enjoyed punishing of the offender - he grabbed his arm by an iron grip and slowly twisted it looking him in the face and demanding to apologize to the offended girl. If the guy refused, he slammed him over the floor and held his twisted arm until he apologizes. Sergey loved showing off in front of a crowd and executed these punishments in public.

Some his victims tried to resist but he invariably gave them hell. I just remember how a quiet guy named Shoorik managed to escape the grip when Sergey taught him a lesson at the schoolyard and even to punch him in face, so Sergey stumbled and was about falling. Numerous spectators kept quiet and a girl shouted:
- Sergey! What are you doing? Thrash him!
Shoorik was scared waiting for the worst. But Sergey behaved in a strange way - instead of twisting arms he said quietly but distinctly:
- Get out of here, swine!
Shoorik was happy to escape but as soon as he showed a clean pair of heels, Sergey suddenly attacked him from back, threw him down and started belaboring. I couldn't stand that and helped by some other guys began dragged him of Shoorik... I thought the girls would despise him for his perfidy and cowardice. But apparently the love is blind and they continued idolizing him.

Much more would be said about Sergey but I am going to tell about a rivalry between two girls over him. It began in the seventh grade. There were quite few girls in our class - something 10 out of 40. All the girls except two were kind of mollycoddles; they didn't shine with physical talents in gym and tried to avoid the physical culture class. Those two, in contrast, were very athletic - one of them, Ira, practiced basketball, the other, Katya, played volleyball. By the seventh grade, both had grown inordinately tall - Ira became the tallest in the class while Katya was second just to Sergey. The other girls began getting matured too but still looked tiny little against the two. In fact, all the girls fell in love with Sergey but real competition happened between the two most powerful girls who tried to keep the other girls away from him. If a girl approached Sergey too closely, later Ira or Katya gave her a slight shove as a preventive measure or just explained to her that she would be beaten.

Actually, Sergey kept aloof from all classmates but patronized these two vouchsafing them some attention alternately. For instance, he saw one of them home and gave a wink to her next day, so the other one fell into a trance. However, after a little while he did the same toward the other one... He seemed to love the rivalry between the two girls and probably enjoyed setting on to fight them. Everyone in the class made merry over their ridiculous behavior, while the most reasonable classmates advised them to keep away from Sergey. But the first love is an insuperable force, so the growing enmity between them became literally tangible. A few times, they were seen standing face to face with clenched fists and withering looks. For the time being, it didn't come to grips but to be honest, I often dreamed about a fierce fight between these two ripe girls; for some reason, this thought excited me.

At last, the duel occurred. It happened at late spring. A cozy park was located next to our school and one day, after school, Ira and Katya directed their steps there. Looking forward to a good spectacle, we followed them (being at a respectful distance in order not to be noticed). By the way, Sergey wasn't among us. The rivals found an ivy-bush with grassy lawn and got ready for a fight. But when they discovered spectators, they got confused. I decided to act, moved forward and said:
- Let me umpire your duel, since you are going to fight anyway, let you fight fairly and according to the rules.
More aggressive Katya rejected:
- What rules? I am gonna simply thrash her.
Ira also was on the point of jumping at her opponent but other guys backed my proposal and we managed to convince the girls to wrestle in the classic (aka Greek-Roman) style (the girls knew what it was having attended a couple of Sergey competitions.)

Putting the cart before the horse, I should admit that while they were grappling, I didn't feel anything except sporting fervor - I tried to act honestly as a referee. However, later on I often recalled this fight and was always excited (as I am now). When I was young, I never saw a real girl wrestling neither before nor after the fight. Now women's boxing and wrestling are routine but at that time, it was very exotic.

At my command, the girls stepped ahead, grabbed each other by shoulders and started jostling. Ira had nearly tripping Katya but I interfered in time minding that it was a banned technique in classic wrestling. After struggling at distance for a while, the girls gripped on tightly: Stockier Katya clutched Ira's long neck and pushed her head down, curved Ira's body and shoved her down under Katya's chest. She grabbed Ira from behind around her chest, locked her hands at the opponent's belly and pressed on her back by chin. Katya's position looked more preferably, even though Ira didn't lose her head too - she took a firm stand trying to keep balance, set her head against Katya's belly and clutched at Katya's uniform. Noticing this, I attempted to rebuke her but the girls were too busy with fighting and no longer heard me.

When we boys wrestled, such a position often happened, which we called "pull-push". Having some experience, either wrestler would be able to take an advantage in this position - the bottom one had a chance to push the opponent and floor him, the top would use his weight to confound the opponent. In the presence of big strength, any wrestler in the "pull-push" couple would pick up and throw the opponent but in the reality, only a professional would implement that. The girls not having the experience acted on a hunch. Being on top, Katya attempted to pick Ira's body up but not having enough strength, she stumbled and fell on her back taking Ira upside down with her (Ira turned a somersault). In order to drop the opponent, Katya pulled Ira back with all her might and threw her farther back. As a result, Ira landed on back behind Katya - both found themselves lying on their backs, head to head in opposite directions. In fact, this move would be a decoration of any real wrestling match. Katya was the first who sized up a situation revealing exceptional agility and resourcefulness - she managed literally throw herself onto the lying opponent and after an intense but brief Ira's resistance I announced the pin.

Katya gaily jumped up and screamed:
- I got it!
But Ira rose to her foot and sharply said:
- One more time!
As a matter of fact, it was obvious that in any case, the problem wouldn't be really solved - perhaps, the loser wouldn't back away and whatever outcome of the duel unlikely would change Sergey's mind. As far as the sporting aspect is concerned, the match seemed to be over and the winner had been determined. But the girls ran into the grappling again, less and less following the rules, so I abdicated responsibility and joined the spectators.

So, the second round began, much more intense and fierce gradually transforming into a typical brawl. For a while, the gals grappled following kind of wrestling rules (not classic though but at least close to freestyle). Suddenly, more brisk Katya attacked Ira's legs, hooked her knees, accomplished backfall and leaned heavily on the opponent pressing her back against the grass. Rule violation again but nothing could be done with that. It looked like the situation recurred and the pin is around the corner - the spectators broke the silence and started yelling: "Make her, Katya!" For some reason, I wanted Ira to win and confusedly whispered: "Ira, don't give up!" As if she heard my wish, being about pinned, Ira powerfully grabbed Katya's neck, dropped her and they started rolling over the lawn and screaming. In the tight parterre grappling Ira showed real advantage and rectified the situation very soon - she managed to take up a position on top, leaned on Katya's chest from one side and spread apart legs not allowing Katya to turn her around. By the way, I forgot to mention that the girls wore the school uniform - in my days, the girls' uniform consisted of an unpretentious brown dress (below or above knees) and a black apron (in holidays, they wore white aprons). During the fight the dresses had ridden up (Katya got it already in the standing when Ira grasped her by the lap), so the dense round asses in variegated pants became very visible. The flesh was too exposed, so girls around started putting the wresters to shame and called them brazen, while the boys made a dense circle and talked rubbish. In fact, Katya had already lost the second round but the fighters forgot about the rules and continued fighting. Katya despairingly grasped Ira's hair and moved her head aside. Ira screamed that Katya violated the rules. The gals jumped up and a regular catfight began - with scratching, hairpulling and slapping. It was disgusting. All the sudden, I heard an authoritative voice behind: "Stop brawling!" We turned round and saw Sergey. : The brawlers were confused and started adjusting their uniform and haircut. Sergey applied to the girls and said:
- Are you having a duel here?
Ira and then Katya constrained themselves to speak:
- Yes.
He continued:
- Then I will elaborate terms and rules for the duel and I will be a second for both of you girls. As soon as I come up with the terms, I will announce them.

After that, everyone talked about the future duel and anticipated it with pleasure. But Sergey didn't rush; after a short while, the school year was over and the most of the students left the city. As the eighth grade began, we discovered that Sergey became close with a ninth grader, Zhenya, who was known in the school as the first beauty; our maypoles - Ira and Katya - weren't in it with her. I even felt regret for them. In the eighth grade, everyone could notice that the classmates became mature, not just girls (who ripened a year ago) looked as grown women but boys at last became manlier. However, Katya and Ira didn't calm down and even reconciled with each other in order to teach the stranger Zhenya a lesson. One day in fall, when it got dusky, they caught her and started intimidating to spoil her face if she wouldn't leave Sergey alone. Although Zhenya was a ball-buster, she was also quite fragile physically, so she was downright scared. But she was lucky to have her father passing by - the attackers made off and Zhenya complained to Sergey who decided to teach the assertive girls a good lesson. He announced that he set a term to the duel in December, when it will be enough snow. He said he would announce the terms immediately before the duel just mentioning that the duelists would have to wear sports coats and winter mittens.

At last, the long awaited December day had come. The duel was supposed to take place at the same venue where the girls fought last time. In order not to attract adult attention, it was decided to get together after sunset. Actually, by that time, the rivals' combative zeal cooled down, they hadn't had argy-bargy for a while and didn't really want to fight. However, the pride didn't allow them to avoid the fight, not to mention that they still had a soft spot for Sergey, Besides, kind of curiosity encouraged them to figure out who will have the upper hand (the previous fight was unanimously considered as a draw). Everyone from our class had come to the spot in the uninhabited park with lash-lights. Katya and Ira stood in the middle in bright sports coats. Zhenya also was there joining hands with Sergey. He stepped forward and announced the terms and the rules of the duel, which turned out to be a peculiar fistfight.
- A nickel is to be flipped in order to determine who will deliver the first punch (by a gloved fist). If the punched one remains on her feet (doesn't touch the ground by any body part except feet), she will be able to deliver a punch in return. So, the duelists will exchange with punches by turns until one of them falls. A defending duelist may not block the punch using arms.
Even in dark it was visible that Katya and Ira were confused by such terms - the young flourishing girls didn't want to disfigure their faces - to be sure! They exchanged whispered secrets and declared that they accepted the terms.

A nickel had been flipped and Katya was fortunate to start the fight. In order to stand a better chance not to fall, leggy Ira put one leg forward and the other backward (probably expecting a jab.) In fact, Katya delivered a heavy jab to the shoulder simply and unpretentiously but Ira stood stock-still. Everyone was surprised expecting a punch to the face. Now it was Ira's turn. Katya followed Ira's tactics and posed her legs in the same way. For a while, Ira was busy thinking something over and eventually armed a powerful hook at the side of the shoulder making Katya's block not efficient. Katya was thrown aside but she maganed to balance herself just making a few steps aside. After the second blow, everyone suspected that the girls had an agreement not to punch to the head (and they were right if they do). I just noticed that Zhenya standing anigh Segey wispers something to him. He nodded and she stepped forward and claimed to be a second. She said to Katya:
- Please deliver the next blow - it's your turn now.
Then she covered her face by a mitten and began mockingly giggling. Ira planted her feet firmly on the snow waiting for and Katya who lingered trying to size up a situation. Unexpectedly, Katya drew back her arm and heavily hit Zhenya to the ear - she collapsed as a mat-bag and left lying on the snow motionless. Sergey hurried to help the fallen second, rubbed her cheeks by snow and she gradually revived. While the turmoil was running, Katya and Ira stood still shoulder to shoulder and silently watching the scene. As soon as Zhenya had been leaned against a tree, Sergey made his way toward Katya.

He came right up to Katya and said:
- Now, I am gonna wipe you out!
Ira interfered:
- You scumbag, If you set a head on her you will deal with both of us.
Sergey smirked, bluntly laid hold of the girls' hands and started twisting them in the opposite directions. Katya kept her head and kicked him by a knee to the balls - he weakened the clutch for a moment and the girls managed to escape. After that, two blistering viragos pounced on their recent favorite. Zhenya began screaming and calling the guys for help but nobody moved. Ira dismounted Sergey's hat to his face and Katya took the opportunity and hit him again between legs. Then Ira struck him a swinging blow for all she was worth. He was stunned and Katya pushed him by both hands having him drop on the snow. Thus, a pugnacious fellow, an unbeatable wrestler and a terror of the school had been toppled and dishonored. The new friends, Katya and Ira embraced and took themselves off with dignity.

After that event, Zhenya dumped Sergey. He grew quiet and improved his school performance. Much water has flowed under the bridge since then. Katya and Ira are still bosom friends. Sergey met a quiet pretty dumpling, made three children with her and became a model housefather…

Nikolay Sukhov

(Written to find out from the author's father)

June 2006

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