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Summer vision

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Recollection by the author about a tough wrestling match he withessed between his teen cousin and her mother.

The first wrestling match that I have ever seen took place between my teenage cousin and her young mother. My cousin is a few years older than me and at that time she was a teenager.

My aunt is a beautifully full figured woman with luscious features. She is athletically firm with an angelic face, well shaped breasts (42 D inch), long legs, and a robustly sculpted ass. My cousin is a lovely girl who has been genetically blessed with the Nordic looks of her mother. A that time, her breasts were large (36 inch D, especially for her then age, and she had the legs, thighs and a butt that were heavenly shaped and sculpted through the countless hours she had spent in order to become a world class swimmer and equestrian. Her natural perkiness of youth was evident in spades, and it is many the young men who have had their heart broken over her rejections. She was coming into her own as a radiant young woman. At that moment, my aunt was wearing a thong bikini, and my cousin was dressed in only Ralph Lauren hosiery and a bra, and if one was really lucky they could see the tan line of these two beautifully bronzed bodies if they looked closely enough. I did and savored the sight greatly.

The squabble took place on a hot summer’s day. My cousin had been taking judo, and she arrogantly remarked that she could defend herself against anyone. She said to her mother, I bet that I could beat you in a grappling match with no problem. To which her mum replied, do you really think that you could take down a woman who is and older, stronger and heavier than you? Heavier than you, those words made me excited like a dog about to devour a steak for dinner. Without a doubt, my cousin said cockily. I could smell a challenge in the air and mentioned that the only way to settle would be with a wrestling match between the two strong headed vixens. Lucky for me, they both agreed. I cleared a space in the living room where they could settle their differences. They both started out in the kneeling position. A frantic struggle ensued with arms and legs tangled in almost every way possible. My cousin was able to wear her mother down with arm bars, leg locks, smother holds and anything else she could think of from her judo classes. At one point, she was able to apply a wonderful breast smother to her mothers face with her 36 inch D sized breasts. My aunt told her daughter in a muffled tone to get her tits out of her face. “What if I don't”, she said defiantly? Her mother said that she would be very sorry, and indeed she would. After a while her mother was able to free herself and seek her revenge. “Now you’re going down”, she told her daughter.

It all came to an end in an instant. Though spent of a great deal of energy, she was able to straddle her daughter and apply the most beautiful school girl pin that I have ever seen. My cousin's big boobs made an ample saddle for my aunt to ride with her big bad ass. “Give”, said my aunt to my cousin. “Never”, said my cousin. She really felt that could get out of what is called a full weight sit. A term that has never been entirely clear to me. She bucked, but this only managed to move her mother up in the air and down closer to her daughter’s neck. It was like watching a rider master her horse. I really believe that my cousin thought that she could get out of this predicament, but it was really quite hopeless. Teenagers have a lot of energy, but my aunt carries a lot of her weight in her butt and outweighed her daughter by about twenty five pounds over all. That teenage endurance could only carry her so far. Gradually, her bucking became more futile. “Use your judo”, her mother said sarcastically. They were both glistening with sweat, and grunting like pigs. “You’re being sat on”, - said her mother. “I know”, said her daughter tearfully. This was turning into quite a sitting session. The mother moved her legs down and her breasts right onto my poor cousin's face. “MMph”, cried my cousin. “What's the matter”, said her mother. “Maybe I should go back to the other move that you like so much.” Within an instant, she again sat on the teen’s chest. She held her arms high above her head. The teen tried to squirm, but it was useless. Big mom was just too damn heavy on her.

Usually in a regular school girl tussle teens can toss each other around for quite sometime before one of them ends up pinned down in what is the natural occurrence of all fights, the schoolgirl pin. But in this case, several factors were working against my cousin. Her mother's weight and significant muscle mass. While obviously in great shape for her age, my cousin's body simply had not developed these traits yet. She was relying on the natural cockiness that comes with a few judo lessons, and the thinking that all teens have that they know more than their parents. “How often do you plan on sitting on her”, I asked? “Oh, just until she behaves”. “You look cute down there”, I said to my cousin. “Shut up or I will sit on you like the horses are ridden at Ascot”, she said. The very thought caused my heart to stop for a moment. The very thought caused my heart to skip a beat.

The thought of this rich preppy girl in riding crops threatening to ride me was just almost enough to make me have a heart attack. I was a couple of years younger than she was and I had no doubt that this could happen to me. She was a 120 pound to my 90 (while my aunt weighed about 145 pounds) but my cousin was all muscle and very well proportioned. I knew that she would flatten me by using her butt to squash the air out of my chest. “She is not being very nice. Is she?” - said my aunt. “No”, I said. “Your the only who is being sat on here young lady”. “Shut up mummy”, said my cousin. She bucked but it was completely useless. The boundless teen energy of youth was completely sapped because my aunt started to bounce up and down on my cousin’s chest with her big ass. My cousin finally ran out of energy completely when my aunt lifted her butt with her knees high over my cousin’s chest and SAT DOWN hard on her big boobs. I loved watching my cousins boobs being squashed like rubber balls, and the air was expunged from her lungs into the magical air of the moment and all my cousin could do was gasp and cough. My aunt sat down lower on my cousin's stomach and told her not to move. “Fuck off”, she said to my aunt, her cute teen face all red and angry. “That's it”, said my aunt. “I'm going to teach you not to use such vulgar language”. And with that she planted her big lovely ass just inches above my cousin face. “Mummy, please don't”, cried my cousin. “Sorry, you are going to have to learn”, said my aunt. With that she sat down hard on my cousin’s face. No doubt about it now, my aunt was the better woman.

My cousin’s cute little face was buried under my aunts round derriere and she was screaming and crying as her make up and mascara started to cascade down the sides of her face from the ocean of her own tears caused by this great humiliation of big bad mummy. It was finally over because my cousin was barely breathing after only a few deliciously short seconds of face sitting. My aunt lifted herself off my cousin while my cousin just rolled away to the corner of the room and wept. She looked over at me and said: “You are next, big boy”. Gulp went my throat.

Robert Buttocks

December 2007

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