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Two short fights

Two two-second fights
Artwork by Nikolay Kulikovsky

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I am a svelte athletic girl; I want to tell about my only two real fights which I has been involved in. Both fights were with bigger girls and both fight lasted not longer than three seconds.

When I was in grade 10, Nancy was in grade 9; she was one of those well-known black bullies. She usually picked on passersby when she was walking through the school hallway and slightly punched some girls to the face. After she punched me, I pissed off at her and challenged her for fight after school. I was shorter and much smaller her – I weighed around 130Lbs against her ~175Lbs but I hoped she didn’t have real fighting skills: having so frightening appearance you don’t need to have fighting skills. But neither had I any fighting skills. But my then boy-friend "wisely" advised me "to punch her to the face as soon as possible."

The "duel" was billed to be fought after class in the woods out in back of our school. When the time came we headed for the arena where most conflicts between boys were settled. Most of our classmates tagged along behind anticipating the coming show. Was it my imagination, the closer we got to our destination, the larger my adversary seemed to get? Apparently, my rival was offering me a chance to back out. However, I insisted we finish what we had started.

We squared off and I realized with horror that Nancy looked like she knew what she was doing. She had struck a classic pugilist pose; hands stiffly rose guarding her face and body along with a straight rigid stance. Maybe there was a way we could still gracefully talk this thing out…nope, too late.

Closing my eyes I rushed in like a raging tigress, arms flailing empty air…and then darkness as I felt a sharp pain on my nose. When my vision cleared, I was flat on my back in the dust and blood gushing from my nose. Еo my great surpriseб Nancy offered me her handkerchief and assisted me to my feet. She asked if I was alright and helped clean my bloody face. The fight had lasted all of two seconds and a disappointed crowd began to disperse.

That was an important learning experience for me: never fight anyone if you don’t know how. That’s not something you learn in school books. After that shameful defeat, I made it a point to learn how to fight…and I did. I was lucky to get another boy-friend who was into kickboxing and he began teaching me the basics. First of all, he managed to convince me that fighting is an interesting game rather than just a brutality.

He taught me how to defend, to attack and to feint. He also told me which body parts are the best targets as far as maximum damage to the rival is concerned within the limits of generally accepted rules and fighting traditions. The only thing he didn’t know was how to fight against a girl. He just advised me to have a short hair cut in case of my rival would take it into her head to engage in a hairpulling fight with me.

I realized from his lessons that the rival’s face is the most important target. However, I tried to punch a big punch-bag by the bare fists and received evidence that it was quite painful and damaging for the hand to use bare fists against a solid target. As I told him about that, he gave some thoughts and advised to train in punching to the belly which is the softest body part, especially for women. We even devised a special technique: I bend down a little and abruptly move aside as if I want to bypass the opponent and at the same moment sharply punch het to the belly by the bent arm. In case of a critical situation, I would punch to the nose being very sensitive (which I personally have been convinced).

A year later, I challenged to fight another classmate, another robust black girl, the 200Lb bully. She was arrogant and contrived to humiliate almost all girls in the class. I fearlessly did that knowing a method of quickly ending such a situation. But, I had never tried it in actual combat.

We were standing face to face at the same arena. I took a quick look at something behind her at the left pretending I was going to move there; I bent down a little and swiftly jumped toward that imaginary aim. During my swift movement around her, I made a sudden brusque punch by my right hand to her upper belly – exactly under her big boobs. It was expertly executed "drop punch" - she folded down and sank to the ground like a huge sack of potatoes with the wind knocked out of her. She was lying on the ground and holding her belly not showing any signs she would or could continue… Then I realized how fascinating fighting might be and what a pleasure to knock a bigger opponent down. I wish I could fight again but once everybody knew this story, nobody would pick a fight with me.

"Power perceived is power achieved". People aren’t as apt to pick a fight with you if they think you’re skilled in the art of self defense.

Zinovia Callis

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