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I notice that individuals passionate in love and sex also express rage in other situations of life.

Being young, I loved group hikes and trips. I bought a ticket for a tour and joined a tourist group. Usually, the first part of the trip was a hike and then we stayed in a tourist center. I always toured alone -- before my marriage, none of my girl friend shared my enthusiasm in tourism; neither my husband did then. Where have I not been - from Ural to Crimea. Everyone who participated in such tours knows that women were in the majority in them. Probably, men preferred hiking by their own.

I always wondered at the fact that usually a woman busy with seeking of a man for sharing bed, appeared literally in any group. When you first time meet a group, it is very difficult to identify such a lady - she might have an appearance of a young sociable girl as well as a middle-aged quiet mom. I still can't recognize this kind of women. As I said, there was a permanent shortage of men and the female "predators" had to get over the difficulties, especially in light of the fact that all available men were accompanied by their wives. Believe or not, they often managed to gain their ends, even though it seemed to be practically impossible. During 15 years, I saw a lot of such. Since the predators were usually interested just in a onetime sex rather than in a long term relationship, in the most cases it ran without big noise. However, sometimes scandals and even catfights happened as well.

I want tell you about an event happened during a hike through scenic Estonian woods and lakes. We hikers passed the night in tents for two or four persons. Usually, the smaller tents were assigned to married couples and the rest of the hikers got whatever remained. Just two couples were in that trip, so I shared the tent with a thirty-year-old Sveta, mother of two who left her children with her husband in a country house. The short curvy brown-haired woman seemed to be typically phlegmatic - she answered after a pause, acted slowly (and lubberly), ate carefully smacking her lips. Sveta was widely-read though; she knew a lot of poems and jokes by heart and was able to cite them to the point. Contrary to usual, four bachelor guys participated in that hike - youngsters in their mid twenties, so there was nothing for our two wives to worry about. As a matter of fact, it was...

On our first day, we finished the march and made the overnight stop earlier, in order to have extra time to learn how to mount tents, to make a fire, etc. Some people went fishing to a lake nearby, some went mushrooming, some played (or watched) volleyball. The backbone of the volleyball team was represented by the four young guys, one of the two married men and the wife of the other one. Her name was Natasha - a tall energetic brunette turning out to be an experienced volleyball player. Actually, she was the best player there and the spectators really enjoyed her nice jumps, blocks and hits. Her husband Sergey, a tall lean guy was not interested in volleyball and was always busy with establishing the tent camp - he looked very experienced in hiking and camping and enjoyed this kind of activity. When we stopped for the night's lodging, Sergey assisted others with mounting tents. The group guide, a refined intellectual having a rare name Arseny, appreciated his assistance very much. Especially women appreciated the help because we usually were not experts in this area.

Sveta and I were pleased when Sergey came up for giving hand to us. He and I stood by the opposite tent corners and secured bracings. Being busy with mounting the tent, I paid attention to what Sveta was doing not at once. She pretended she assisted Sergey - she stood right up to him and touched him by her body convexities. :) I felt awkwardly and feigned that I was entirely busy with the tent. Sergey felt uncomfortable too and attempted to keep away from her - with no effect though. As a result, we mounted the tent pell-mell and as soon as we had done I took myself off the scene while Sveta and Sergey stayed. I decided to watch the volleyball game, which was in full play...Watching the volleyball battle and especially Natasha's deft moves, I was thinking about Sveta. It was doubtless, she belonged to the breed of predators and Sergey was to be caught in a net. I liked Natasha and felt bad about the prospects of being in the middle of the coming ugly events...

I could just surmise what happened between Sveta and Sergey while I was out. But then everything turned out all right - Natasha played volleyball until getting dark and then swam in the lake, so she didn't suspect anything. I kept demonstrating it was not my business. When Sveta and I went to bed, she began talking about the matter, which didn't need any explanations - it was a long tedious "stream of consciousness". I kept telling her that it was not my business but she kept convincing me. She said that everything between her and Sergey was going well and although he was afraid to come to her bed today, tomorrow she would definitely drag him there. She even had the arrogance to ask me for keeping watch. I categorically refused but assured her of not saying anything to anyone. She continued tediously driving home her point why I had to help her. Really, sometimes people come across whom easier to give in than to explain why you don't want to do that. She kept mumbling something but I tried not to listen to her and soon fell asleep - thanks to fresh air.

Next day, we stopped for the night's lodging later but everything repeated. As soon as Natasha ran away for playing volleyball, Sveta started seducing Sergey. I didn't see how she coaxed him but I realized that he would not be able to escape at that time. As the game was just in full play, it suddenly started raining, so the players took a break and gathered under a big tent mounted in the center of the camp for general use. I got uneasy about what might happen if Sergey happened to be in Sveta's tent - it would be difficult to hide it from the people. I felt sorry for Natasha and tried to draw her away by keeping talking. But then the worst came to worst: terrified Sergey jumped out of Sveta's tent and ran toward his tent. It was unlikely that Natasha had missed that and I felt she had noticed that but didn't bat an eye. I was hoping though she didn't attach value to that - what of it! Who knows, may be he assisted Sveta with the tent? The raining stopped soon, the volleyballers proceeded back and I just relieved thinking everything turned out all right, But Natasha didn't go with the others telling them she would join them later. Soon, ruddy-faced Sveta came out of the tent and proceeded through the forest toward the lake (to bathe). Natasha told me perplexedly: "I will be right back - stay here" and decidedly stepped out briskly in the same direction. I sucked in deep lungful of air and followed her. I could almost feel my heart hammering in my throat - I was very afraid that Natasha just would kill Sveta - her physical advantage was overwhelming.

When I approached them, they already stood face-to-face in belligerent poses. I made an attempt to interfere but both women positively demanded to keep away from them. A short dialogue occurred between them:

- You would rather not touch me - quetly politely drawled Sveta. I felt iron in her voice.
- I will not only touch you, I will just lame you, slut! - menaced Natasha.
Natasha overwhelmingly surpassed dollish Sveta. I was downright scared - I hate scuffles, especially womens ones.

As soon as Natasha said that, Sveta suddenly attacked her by head-butting her to solar plexus. I was literally shocked and paralyzed not knowing how to act. I would never have thought this sluggish quiet woman would dare do such a thing. Punch-drunk Natasha bent down and Sveta seized her hair by left hand and started slapping her to face simultaneously kicking the opponent. Then Natasha came round, locked Sveta's neck, brought her down and leaned her weight upon the opponent. However, Sveta began violently defending herself - randomly slapping and kicking Natasha. I was obvious that despite her physical superiority, Natasha was unable to properly fight and was stunned by unexpected Sveta's ferocity. At the same time, "clumsy" Sveta demonstrated wonders of knack in this activity which is far from distaff.

The interlacing bodies were rolling over the ground covered by fir cones and penetrated with roots of trees. The women fought fiercely in blind fury and growled like wild panthers. I had never seen anything like that before. Neither I have seen that after that. Evidently, Sveta began prevailing and I already was worried not about Sveta at that moment. Suddenly for myself, I gave a frenzied scream: - If you don't stop immediately, I will call people for help and you will be ashamed. That came home only to Natasha who tried pushing Sveta away. But there was no stopping Sveta who continued ferocious scrapping. I just pulled Sveta up by her hand in attempts to uncouple them. That move gave Natasha the opportunity to stand up. However, Sveta pounced on her again. Then I grew bolder and embraced the attacker from behind by arms. We both fell down and I tried her stand up but all the sudden she started loudly sobbing. She was a sorry sight - her opened body parts were covered by grazes and bruises - after all, she had fought in swimsuit while her rival wore a closed track-suit. In between sobs, she really blethered addressing to Natasha. Something like this:
- You are lucky, you have a normal husband but my husband is a milksop!
НNatasha seemed to keep a stiff upper lip answering quietly:
- Mine is too! And you have fought like a lioness, congratulations. And addressing to me:
- I hope this is between ourselves. Saying that she retreated hastily. I hardly calmed Sveta down, took her to the lake in order to clean up her grazes. Then in our tent, I iodized and creamed her wounds.

Mysterious women's soul! Seducing someone's husband, then beating up her acting as a wild animal and after all, sobbing like a child! When she calmed down a bit I share with her this thought. She thought it over for a while and said word for word:
- When a man induces my sexual appetite, an aggression toward rivals comes as well (be they real or potential). I try to suppress this aggression but not always successfully. If Sergey's wife didn't pick on me, I wouldn't touch her but when she came up to me with the threats, I was seething with rage - 'either I or she'. Feelings, which I experience when fighting, might be compared to sexual feelings. In fact, they are quite similar.
When asked how often she had occasion to fight, she admitted she had considerable experience in this matter. I would never think she had. She told me she had been involved in many brawls - always in such situations - against wives of her short-term lovers. According to her, she had always won in those scrapples and stopped fights only if her opponents gave in or if the fighters were pulled apart. By the way, she admitted that Natasha was her first serious opponent and she learned something from this fight. And that all her previous opponents had been much weaker and fought too womanly. I asked her if she tried to practice some seriously. She answered:
- No, I am capable to fight only against real rivals rather than conditional ones. Besides, I am terribly clumsy.
- Oh, yeah, a clumsy person has fought as a truly man, I said to myself.
She also said that she actually had two essences: one pragmatic and down-the-earth. the other aggressive and passionate.

Nobody suspected anything about the collision in our tourist group - all involved ones acted as nothing had happened, even though Natasha and Sergey tried keeping away from Sveta. Next day, Sveta already looked totally recovered and during the following few days she seduced one after another the four young guys. And then, in the tourist center, she trapped a few more guys.

So, never make judgments prima facie and if you come across with a modest, quiet woman, do not run too swiftly to your conclusions - just remember Sveta...

Outward appearance might be delusive!.

Svetlana Kravtsova

August 2006

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