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Ginele Marquez suplexes Atsuko Emoto at MMA fight at “Smack Girl” in Japan
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I am going to tell the story how I fought over a woman… against the same woman.

I am a sturdy chap but a short one – I am a sport master in Greco-Roman wrestling in the 60 kg category. The point is that a female athlete pleased me very much. Her name was Larisa - she was training in out club. She had moved from basketball to wrestling and achieved impressing results: she became a champion of our million-strong city in the 72kg category. She impressed me by her stature, suppleness and peculiar wrestler gracefulness (wrestlers can understand this). I could not tear myself away from her when she was acting on the mat where she looked even more attractive. I tried not to miss any of her matches.

Larisa was distinguished by her outstanding ability to keep balance; for her opponents it was very difficult to put her out off balance and coordination. Even grabbing and lifting her leg didn't give her opponents any advantages over her. She was stable even standing on one leg; it looked like the air held her. She could pretend being passive, allow an opponent to grab any part of her body and then to gain scores or to pin just by skillful counter attacks.

At first blush, Larisa's techniques seemed to be unmethodical but it was an illusion - Larisa knew exactly what she was doing - she did that on purpose confusing her opponents. She instantly counter attacked and usually forestalled her opponents. In par terre, in any situation, she managed to go on top quickly. She would often twist opponent's arms and legs in so intricate way that it was difficult to realize which are which. While her opponent was figuring out, she could find herself pinned. She was lithe, dexterous, supple and sensitive while possessed great endurance. But sometimes tough like a guy. After a match she tenderly hugged her opponent whom she had just been mercilessly broken and prevented from breathing. Even men would learn something from her. However, I am confident that Larisa couldn't be successful on the mat against an experienced guy much as he would light. Actually, female wrestling and male wrestling are substantially different.

Our heavies ran after her, so as you can imagine, my chances were very low… Naturally, she didn't pay attention to me at first but I was "lucky" being sparring with her – men sometimes were asked to help girls in development of certain moves. Once I asked the trainer to assign her to a sparring with me, even though I was a classic (Greco-Roman wrestler). Reluctantly but eventually he caught at an excuse when there were no lightweights around and assigned me to be a dummy when she was practicing so-called "suplex" - a throw where the attacking wrestler throws his opponent to his back head using a back arch*. Arching throws are very difficult to accomplish but very spectacular and showy. Outstanding speed, strength and flexibility are needed to accomplish this throw. There are several modifications of this throw but the whole point is that a wrestler picks up his opponent off the mat and then weight to drive him down on the mat, using a large portion of his own body, so the opponent is slammed to the mat back-first. Suplex is used in both Greco-Roman and Freestyle wrestling; for Greco-Roman wrestling this move is even more important due to the limitation on available body parts to grab and use. Women use this technique very rarely: despite their better suppleness, they usually lack strength, especially torso strength, to accomplish this move. Besides, grand amplitude throws are quite dangerous because both wrestlers are slammed onto the floor. Larisa desired to master this move at any cost – she had enough strength - I saw her lifting and throwing down heavy ladies. Besides, she loved moves calculated to produce an effect. I was relatively light and she threw me like a volleyball. I enjoyed though… By the way, I advised her to train the move with a heavy dummy in order to strengthen relevant muscles.

After a while, Larisa got tired with playing with the "dummies" and I got tired of being the dummy itself, I started resisting. During accomplishing a regular suplex, after she grappled my torso and started moving back I tricked her by a freestyle tactics – I clasped her waist with my legs lowering her bridge (which always was quite low) and braked the moved touching he floor by the straightened legs. As a result, she was unable to implement the throw and found herself pinned – I held her there longer than it was determined by the rules... She didn't seem to expect that and looked at me surprised, seeming to recognize me as a real man… This episode helped me take the first step to a greater intimacy with Larisa…

The time came and one day Larisa successfully accomplished suplex in a real wrestling match. At the first seconds of the bout against a shorter stocky girl, she wrapped both arms around the torso of the opponent, bridged backwards and slammed the bulk onto the mat. After that, Larisa would easily pinned the girl but the gained five points were enough to win the match and she showed generosity not attacking the shaken girl who was shocked and remained lying for a few minutes. It was the most spectacular throw I had ever witnessed. Larisa was beside herself with joy,

Just after the match, Larisa came over to me and cordially thanked me for the lessons. I asked her for dinner to celebrate her (our) success. In the restaurant, during a dance, I made up my mind to kiss her and said: "Why don't we become friends?" Larisa had good sense of humor. Without a moment's hesitation, she just replied slyly: "If you manage to overwrestle me then we could talk". Then becoming serious: "Really, why not? Come to the club on Sunday, I will take my girl-friend as a referee and let's wrestle; I have the keys. Actually, I wonder how it is to wrestle against a man without and indulgence".

I suggested it would be a playful romping but being thorough, I began thinking what strategy would be appropriate in case the match turns out to be real. I didn't have any doubt I would win in any case but I couldn't even think about doing with a girl on the mat whatever I usually did with guys. I started reflecting how I could instantly pin Larisa without hurting her. Recalling her matches and comparing them with men's ones, I concluded that the only reliable way was speed advantage: after all, the heavier a wrestler is the slower he is and women's response time is lower as well. The conclusion was that I had to dumbfound her and instantly pin her. Besides concerns about her safety, I was afraid of making the match too long because a fear of the arousal.;) Almost unsolvable task… Then I had a brain wave: the suplex -- she had perfectly accomplished but never had a chance to be suplexed. Being a Greco wrestler, I would like to use upper body techniques which I had developed to perfection. So, suplex was fine… I am shorter, so it was convenient for me to grab her by waist and sharply throw over myself. The main thing was to get her to start in the upright stature, so it would be easier to get to her mid body. I knew how to throw opponents without brutal slamming against the floor: I decided to try to fall onto my back with her on top and then quickly to turn her over for the pin.

As the Sunday evening approached, I got more nervous, not because of fear to lose but because I was really fond of Larisa… Actually, everything went as planned. Larisa came with one of our club girls, we got into the empty gym and I put a few thick gymnastics mats on the floor (to make falls safer). I asked Larisa just in case if she still intended to wrestle a man for real. She answered that she thirsted for pinning me. As an experienced wrestler, I very well understood that combative feeling. Then I also felt an excitement and combative ardor. Let's go! Larisa and I got on the mats while the second girl got into the role of referee and announced that the match would run as a freestyle contest. I just remarked that the Greco techniques were quite enough for me which Larisa greeted: "So much the better!"

The referee had barely commanded to start the match, when I threw myself toward her mid body and firmly locked her waist. She instinctively tried to push me away which even helped me – using her body momentum; I straightened my legs and harshly moved back. It took literally a moment to land onto my back keeping our bodies together - chest-to-chest - and then to turn her around pressing her back against the mat. All that happened as in a normal sparring. I even didn't have a chance to realize I was embracing a beloved woman. By the way, as I started accomplishing the throw, the referee squealed with horror like an ordinary woman. Just after I found myself on top of Larisa, all three of us were stunned for a few seconds: Larisa was immovable, the referee was dumbfounded and I was shaken. Actually, the pin had been accomplished and the match was supposed to be over but Larisa suddenly came to her senses and began attempting to escape from the pin - in vain – I am experienced enough to handle such a situation; I gave her not the ghost of a chance to throw me off. She resisted for a short while and finally said something freestyle wrestlers never said: "Give in!" Then I felt rush of blood exactly right there and got a little embarrassed: I was afraid the girls might notice that and even worse that Larisa had already discovered that. I hurriedly stood up, helped Larisa stand up and apologized to the girls saying that defeating a woman wouldn't do any credit to a man but I had nether an option to turn down a challenge from a beautiful woman nor to make a losing move which would offend her.

Larisa noted that she was glad that her female opponents didn't master the suplex and the thick mats had saved her from making mincemeat out of her. She came nearer to me and whispered: "Now I am at your disposal."

After that it was exactly as in fairy tales which usually ended with a marriage of principal characters.

*) Suplex (or supple, French - souple) is a type of grand amplitude throw in so-called old French wrestling, which involves arching/bridging either overhead or twisting to the side. The move was adopted from the Greco-Roman wrestling then called 'French wrestling'. The suplex is inarguably the most exciting move in all of freestyle and Greco-Roman wrestling competitions.

Andrey Berlogin

February 2011

Exclusive of the Female Single Combat Club

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