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"We wrested with you at sunset..."

Sunset wrestling
Drawing by Nikolay Kulikovsky

Русская версия

Long before I learned about existing of Japanese wrestling Sumo, especially female Sumo, I had watched a magnificent women's wrestling match, which by all indications would be attributed to Sumo.

It happened almost 25 years ago, in summer of 1980, when Moscow Olympic Games were running. It was the time when Moscow authorities encouraged people to move out of the city and I managed to get two passes for my wife and me to a quite good resort on the reservoir on Istra River nearby Moscow.

Lempicka. Обнаженная I'd like to make a brief digression here. Nowadays, being buxom is not appreciated for women but a generation ago, buxom women were considered healthy and were very popular among men unless they had fat wrinkle clusters. A plump pretty woman even had an advantage over a slim one. My young wife of that time Alla belonged to such a buxom type. (We parted with her long ago, she lives abroad, so I am sure she wouldn't be offended by my story). She had marvelous, tender and perfect face. She was quite short and her body consisted of only spheres. Nonetheless, she was very flexible, physically fit and active. She had very lively sarcastic character and her sense of humor was incomparable. Wherever she and I appear we became a center of a cheerful company and sometimes I had to drive away too persistent suitors. She was a motor of all outdoor entertaining activities - she ran, played tag games, volleyball, participated in armwrestling. She used any opportunity to prove that a buxom woman is not a second to a skinny one. And she always managed to get it - she ran faster than the most of other girls, she played soccer with guys and there were just few girls who were gladly invited by guys to their volleyball teams as she was. By the way, the passed time has told that I have an old-fashioned taste: buxom women attract me but slender ones - don't (even though I admire them).

Thus being at that resort we became close friends with a few young couples where another plump woman was among whose name was Vera. She was taller and bigger than Alla and very pretty but unlike Alla, she felt a little uneasy about her obesity, especially when wore a swimming suit. My wife noticed that and devoted special attention to her trying to help her overcome her complexes. She taught Vera how to play volleyball, so by the end of our vacation she became quite a good player. Alla also involved her in armwrestling, teaching her how to use a weight advantage in the sport. Alla's favorite number was a challenge a guy for an armwrestling contest - she knew how to tease guys. In fact, a woman has a little chance against a man in armwrestling but sometimes Alla managed to defeat guys making Vera to be in ecstasy of that. Gradually, Vera's lack of confidence disappeared and she didn't feel awkward about her big body anymore. Those around her considered the two young plump ladies as a norm. After all, thanks to my wife everyone's vacation was running very cheerfully and fascinating. As I came closer with Vera, I started realizing that her timid appearance was quite illusory.

Lempicka. Обнаженные In fact, owing to Alla our vacation was going cheerfully and fascinating. However, too close attention to my wife slightly bothered me. One of such a chaser was Viktor, Vera's husband. Once, about the end of our vacation time, my wife provoked a wrestling match in which Viktor and I happened to be participants. Someone brought the newspaper "Soviet Sports" with Olympics reports to the beach. All people present laughed all together at the title of an article about freestyle wrestling, "Taking pains keeps going" (ironically, in Russian the word for birth giving and wrestling bout is the same). After Alla had finished laughing to her heart's content, she said playfully, "OK guys, would you please demonstrate what 'taking pains' in men's performance is" At that moment I took an opportunity to teach a persistent Alla's admirer a good lesson. No, I didn't become angry at him, I just wanted to press him friendly. I came out and told her that I could show what "taking pains" mean with that guy (I pointed my finger to the guy). He started decline by making excuses but Alla instantly figured out the piquancy of the situation and forced him to wrestle with me. She found for wrestling an appropriate spot on the lawn nearby. Alla eggs on us to fight more active, "Go guys! Isn't it real wrestling?" Vera watched silently. I had well crumpled and finished with him. After the match was over Viktor looked annoyed with us and left the venue. Alla asked Vera if she liked the match. She answered ingenuously, "Something outstanding! Why guys won't wrestle again?" Alla asked her if she wanted to try herself. "Are you crazy?" - she scared "To wrestle with my build?" didn't argue so far but without saying anything, walked to the nearby beach, grabbed some sand and drew a round border on the grass. The people watched her manipulations curiously. After that, she slipped off her dress remaining in a bath suit and offered volunteers to compete with her in pushing out of the circle. A few guys enjoyed jostling with my plump wife and we became a witnesses the cheerful skirmish in which the most of the guys were shamefully pushed out of the circle - Alla was much more deft than she looked and skillfully used her not light weight. I have to mention that after I had over wrestled that guy Vera became looking at me a little more tenderly and stood close to me during Alla's games. You were unable to hide anything from Alla and I noticed that she noticed Vera's interest to me. Thanks God, Alla was unable to hear what Vera shamelessly whispered to my ear, "How wonderfully you have destroyed my husband. Well done! However, I would be happy to find myself in his position". Being out of breath, Alla cunningly looked at Vera and asked her to change her in pushing with guys. Putting on airs Vera came out into the ring, attempting to imitate Alla. Surprisingly, she withstood the heated guys quite successfully.

Lempicka. Обнаженные Then the most exciting part began. My wife peremptorily stopped the ongoing activity and announced: "Now Alla and Vera, the winners in trials will wrestle in the final match. The referee will be Oleg" (i.e. myself). Seeing shrewdness in Alla's expressive eyes, I realized that she wanted to give Vera a friendly "lesson" (as I had done before). The situation was interesting: at first I wrestled over her and now she was about kind of wrestling over me. Vera a little flustered but it nobody was capable to argue with Alla. My darling directed Vera to dress off to swimming suit, grabbed her shoulders, and ordered her to grab her as well. Then she told me to command to start the match. I got confused and shouted "Box!" After that, our ladies started wrestling in the small circle on the grassy meadow. Quite many spectators had gathered and I saw Viktor among them. Actually, the women really enjoyed the general attention to them and became engrossed in the role of wrestlers. They moved out of the drawn circle forgetting about it. Even-tempered Vera remained calm whereas vibrant Alla attempted to heat the match and to make it fierce.

In fact, women's wrestling has great sex appeal but wrestling of two buxom girls is especially delightful. The audience got so excited that stopped yelling and became quiet. The duel was running in absolute silence, you were able to hear the hard breath of the wrestlers. I should admit that I experienced some kind of excitement realizing the fact that the two solid ladies actually were fighting over me although of course I knew it was just a play for fun. Probably Alla felt that too when I was competing with Viktor over her. Vera was forced to defend in the bout but she offered a decent resistance to my aggressor and demonstrated quite good reaction and balance. Alla actively pulled and pushed the opponent in attempts to throw her down but Vera didn't yield to the attacks and even dropped her down a couple of times - using momentum of Alla's big body. However, Vera didn't know how to use the advantage and let Alla instantly stand up and pounce on her again. At that, the wrestlers were gradually moving toward the waterfront. In a few minutes the women noticeably got out of breath, became less quick and started screaming. All the sudden, Vera stumbled and Alla managed to take her down. The match lasted quite shortly but each of its moment was impressed in my memory forever.

You must be a poet to describe that bout (and below you can see a poem written by Vera) but let me try...

Lempicka. Обнаженные End of a warm Summer day. The sun is moving toward the horizon. People gather on a picturesque edge of a forest siding with a small bay of a large reservoir. At the center of the crowd, there are two buxom young women in close swimming suits. The wrestle with enthusiasm. The setting sun intricately lights up and shades in their convex verve bodies. Their oval breasts, hips, bellies and short cut heads - all quaintly continuously move and collide. The abundant bewitching female flesh flatters and flows between bouncy self-spheres like in connected containers. You can't take your eyes off this spectacle. Crimson patches of light sparkle on the faces and on the bodies of the wrestlers. Rays from the sun cast a purple shadow at the thick grass and at the spellbound spectators.

Red-haired plump Vera is bigger than her opponent is. Her short golden hairs burn brightly, her dark eyes languorously and raptly follow moves by the lively aggressive opponent. Although Alla is a little smaller, she also has a bulged and expressive body shape. She stares right through her opponent hypnotizing her by green eyes. She permanently alternates her attacks; she pulls, pushed, and moves Vera aside in attempts to take her down - no effect. Despite the ardor, the wrestlers' moves are quite smooth. The both pairs of corpulent tempting hips stick out and stately sway in rhythm of the peculiar combative dance. Motions of Alla's heavy spheres remind operations of siege tools, which are about destroying the besieged fortress. However, the fortress doesn't make up its mind to surrender. Vera steadily stands on the ground; she has moved apart her firm legs and slightly inclines her torso ahead. Her massive bust is counterbalanced by the wide round thighs. The siege tools become confused - swaying of the heavy spheres cased losing aggressor's balance. She falls, leaps to her feet, falls again and hastens to the impregnable fortress once again.

The bosoms of the opponents are in cram and they deserve to be particularly described. Alla's front constitutes a single sculptural composition whereas Vera's breasts are carved in relief and more protruded; they dispose separately at a little angle. Before the first Alla's fall, when the wrestlers hold each other by shoulders, their bosoms were located at the same level and were firmly pressed against each other forming a massive buffer. However, after Alla fell and then pounced on her opponent, she grabbed her by waist; then her bust props up the Vera's breasts slightly raising it. It looks like Alla has given up the idea to take Vera down and began to stealthily shove her slightly toward the water edge; she probably conceived to finish the match by bathing. Their bare feet already feel the beach sand. A few moments and the wrestlers' legs will touch the water. However, Alla didn't manage to reach the water edge because Vera suddenly stumbled and Alla topples her down. The phlegmatic red girl is confused whereas the quick brunette instantly leans heavily on her opponent by the bust and pins her by pressing her hands against the sand. For those who have never seen such action, it's difficult to imagine a pin performed by girls having in total more than 350LB - there is nothing in the world to compare with :). The spectators applaud and chant, "Good job!" Just two-three minutes of the dazzling spectacle and you can never forget them...

Brenda Haigh. Nudes

Tamara Lempicka's motives
Brenda Haigh. Nudes

My triumphant spouse stands up and helps the opponent to rise. She put her hand on the Vera's shoulder and said, "So, do you now realize what real fight is?" After that the heated girls run into the water and the crowd followed them.

If I was asked to comment the match, I would say the following. Considering lack of athletic training and belonging to the female gender, the wrestlers acted very well. Each of them has her advantages and disadvantages. Alla demonstrated speed, aggressive style and inventiveness. However, she was unable to find a key to the opponent's defense in standing and if Vera didn't make her mistake Alla wouldn't have any real chances to topple her (but keep in mind Alla was lighter). Nevertheless, once got the chance, she took advantage of it; she instantly oriented in the situation, took Vera down and fixed the pin. On her part, Vera showed excellent reaction and perfectly distributed the body balance getting the maximum of stability in the standing position. She forced the opponent to waste much energy; as the result, Alla lost her balance a few times falling down. The main Vera's shortcoming was inability to wrestle in parterre and not knowing how to take an advantage of the opponent's falls. In fact, that was the result of lack of training. If someone instructed her a little before the match, she would defeat Alla in seconds. However, as it says, "Don't swing by fists after the fight is over" - Alla got an utter victory over the heavier opponent and deserved to be proud of herself. As far as their "athletic future" is concerned, Vera had all features of Sumo wrestler: heavy weight, excellent reaction, outstanding stability and composure. At the same time, although Alla was quick and assertive, her moves were "too woman", so it would difficult to imagine her real wrestler, even if she trained for a while. In fact, it's a waste of time to guess about unreal things - having successfully acted in the match, our ladies didn't intend to continue wrestling career. :)

Only on the back way I realized in full measure how piquant the situation was. At first, one of the couple representative, Viktor, coquetted with my wife and was forced to wrestle with me. Then his wife winked at me and had to wrestle with my wife. As the result, the luckless husband and wife were defeated by the "insulted" couple. Must one more time emphasize that I didn't consider that seriously but just as a rare queer thing.

At that night I experienced unusual lust to my wife, it was unforgettable night. I am sure that Vera's husband felt the same.

Soon after the described events, Alla and I were divorced. I didn't see Vera for 10 years and by chance, met her in Moscow subway. It turned out that she also broke with Viktor. I was our destiny we came closer together and became husband and wife. Vera still has Alla as a friend - she contact with her on the permanent basis, by phone and by e-mail. The famous "match of the giants" often comes back to our mind. Sometimes we wrestle each other in jest, imitating that match (I always play Alla's role:)) Now, when I know well both of them I can say with the confident that Alla won just accidentally - Vera has marvelous sense of balance and it's very difficult to take her down (even for me, unless she succumbs). In 2000, (in the anniversary of the match) Vera wrote a humorous poem dedicated to Alla (imitation of her favorite poet, Aleksandr Blok). I convinced her to allow publishing it with my story.

To Alla from Vera

in honor of the anniversary
of the famous
single combat

I was wrestling with you at the dusk
By a forest and beautiful beach,
We firmly hugged each other's bodies
Forgetting our natural femininity.

It was strange for two buxom ladies
To squeeze each other in public,
But we followed the natural call...
Long ago in the Olympic year.

No throws, no jabs, no punches -
In this truly feminine battle,
Each of us tonged the opponent firmly
Relying on the will of fate.

There were so many pushes and pulls
In that fierce battle - you wouldn't count.
We wrestled in the evening fog
Defending men's honor.

The rough anger of male battle
Is not accepted by the girl's nature.
We wrestled by the edge of the water
Loudly inhaling the fresh air.

But your huge boundless bosom
Overshadowed the battlefield view.
You treacherously took an advantage
Attempting to dip me into the water.

I apologize that I vamped your husband,
I deserved your righteous anger.
You skillfully managed to pacify me
Throwing and pinning me down.

But irretrievable years have been passed,
I managed to defeat you husband,
Now, according to the law of the Nature
He enjoys pinning me down.

Every day we are training in wrestling,
We've achieved the excellent skills,
And I must confess to you friend:
Being pinned is my favorite move.

Lempicka. Обнаженная

Oleg Koltsov

February 2005г.

Thge illustration without captions are fragments of pieces by Tamara de Lempicka

Exclusive by Female Single Combat Club

From Female Single Combat Club. The illustration is drawn up by the heroine of this story, Vera Chechelnitskaya. Vera is the experienced designer and the expert in classic and contemporary art. She is interested in the subjects of our club and has written the article for us, "Motion and fighting in fine arts" published in the section "Combative Muse".


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