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They fought like true guys

Fist fight
Artwork by Nick Kulikovsky

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I noticed that my son liked reading stories about women's fights and I asked him to type and to send you the story about a women's fight I have witnessed. It happened in Moscow, in summer 1976; I remember exactly when it occurred because I had just graduated from college and had been directed far away for work.

I had to buy something for the trip and visited a department store nearby. There I witnessed a passionate clash between two women - a customer and a store employee. (It's important to know that in the USSR, all stores were owned by the government and store employees didn't benefit from selling anything). In those days, you would hear swearing everywhere and it didn't seem to be something unusual. However, that dustup looked like it was about coming to blows. Curios people gathered around and silently watched the developing conflict. Suddenly, the squabbled women stopped arguing and for a moment froze in the face-off standing. It looked the calm before the storm. I just remember how both women looked like. The store host was a solid sizable lady with short haircut. The customer was a lively long-legged girl of an average built with a ponytail.

All the sudden, the women started fiercely fighting but it wasn't a stereotype catfight at all - they worked just with fists without hair pulling or scratching. Furthermore, they aimed blows not only at the head but also delivered body blows. It looked quite weird to me - I grew up in a small textile town and I saw a lot of women's fights. However, they ran very differently - they grabbed clothing, hair, loudly screamed, scratched and bit. These two fought like true guys though - they silently and purposefully punched each other.

The lighter one looked nimble and agile, she jumped and maneuvered attempting to hit some opponent's vulnerable place aiming to the face, belly and body sides. She skillfully manipulated with fists like a boxer but her punches seem light. Her robust opponent stood almost immobile and as soon as the attacker approached closer, she landed a heavy staggering blow wherever one happen to be. However, the smart attacker managed to evade the most of blows and grow bolder. In order to keep balance, she placed her legs apart, even though her narrow dress constrained her. It was visible how her heavy opponent got tired; she acted more chaotically; the duel would come to the upshot soon. Eventually, she got a precise punch to the jawbone from below - her head abruptly shook up and she started flopping down. I occasionally happened to be just behind her, so she was falling directly toward me. I quickly caught her under armpit trying to prevent her from falling flat on her back. However, she was so heavy, that I was unable to keep her from falling - I just managed to soften her falling and fell along with her. Another man came at the right time and we helped her stand up and accompanied her to the accessory room. The woman behaved very decently and courageously, she sincerely thanked us for the help. Later, a policeman showed up but not a trace of the offender remained.

Reminiscing about that incident, I am still puzzled. None of those women looked quite ordinarily and didn't remind athletes. Nonetheless, they manipulated their fists rather competently; were the knockout happens on the boxing ring, it would be a pearl of any match. It remains unclear though, what motivated the women for such a desperate fight. Some people around guessed that a man was a reason of the duel while others claimed that the women just had had an argument.

That's about the extraordinary women's fight that happened just before my very eyes.

Egor Fedotkin

November 2003
The exclusive of the Female Single Combat Club

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