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Epistolary story how a Spartan girl challenged her rival, how the duel ran and what happened after that

Stately beautiful Hypatia! Let the gods be favorable to the Spartans! So be it!

As a friend, I sincerely admire your feminine beauty, your massive shape and your excellent skills in wrestling and fistfighting. Yes, I admire you but you know very well that we won’t peacefully share Cleomenes. So, the duel is inevitable.

Hypatia, the daughter of Sparta! Now, I challenge you to a hand-to-hand single combat! I am impatient to settle our dispute in the most simple and honest way, as real Spartan women should follow. The one who gives in will forfeit a right for Cleomenes.

I am desperate to engage in a fight with you, woman on woman, to a triumphant conclusion. I think much about our future fight. I give you the right to choose a duel term - three ones are available for Spartan women: wrestling, fistfighting and pankration.

I will be happy to wrestle with you – I love wrestling. I will pin you and press you heavily to the ground until you will beg for mercy. I will delightedly mangle up your young crummy body.

I know, you are a strong tough girl, the muscles on your arms swell as guys’ ones; your bottom is massive and your legs are heavy, which is important for a wrestler. Yes, I saw how you sent toppling experienced matrons and even boys. But your Achilles' heel is your waist - too slender and fragile for a wrestler. Besides, during past months, your bust has substantially grown, and you know that bulky breasts impede a wrestler (valorous Amazons cut their right breasts not without purpose).

For my part, my breasts being not too small for a girl are not too big for a wrestler. I have become very skilled in the art of wrestling and, as it befits a true Spartan girl, I wrestle fiercely and none of my opponents has avoided begging me for mercy. You will do that too.

We will engage in a toe-to-toe fight in the olive grove. I will start attacking the most vulnerable part of your oversized body – your waist. I will grip it and press against your heavy breasts by my elastic bosom; I will lift you and throw to the ground. I feel right at home on the ground. I will squeeze your body and twist your arms and legs – as long as it needs to force you to beg for mercy.

First and foremost! We will fight in front of Cleomenes. Let his reins swell of watching fierce fight between two naked girls over him. Let him see your shame and my triumph. And let him splash out his accumulated passion on the victor.

If you are afraid that your boobs might hamper in wrestling or you don’t want to break your spine in an honest wrestling match, choose a fistfight. Recall the legend about Argonauts. Remember, how violently Polydeuces and Amycus fought, how they “rushed together as two bulls fight in furious rivalry for a grazing heifer.” Now, it’s our turn to violently fight like two young heifers over a grazing bull-calf.

Like them, we will bind our hands with cow-hide stripes, raise our fists and match our might in brutal strife. Cleomenes will be awarded by watching the wonderful spectacle. We will fight honestly like true Spartans, punching each other only to head. I know how big your knuckles are and how skillfully you wield them. Everybody remembers how you surprised the village having knocked out unbeatable Eunice. But your task lightened because of her wide face, so you managed to hit against her cheek-bone. Your face is wide too and your chin is heavy, so it suites me to crush your jaws. I foretaste how I will punch to your chin from below having you collapsed unconscious. If you want we could fight as despicable Athenians striking each other to any body parts. Then I will unburden myself by kneading your whitish boobs like dough and chopping your round belly like lamb. So, you will beg for mercy before I have a chance to knock you out by punching to chin.

If you don’t want to be smashed and cast down to the dust by my powerful punches but still want to fight as it befits a truly Spartan woman, you should accept the pancration rules. You have definitely understood how I would break you in wrestling and smash you in fistfighting. In pankration I will do both things at the same time! It will be an honest battle because you are strong in pankration as nobody else. I remember how well you floored cunning Cleitagora, rested her nose against the dirt and brutally twisting her arm behind her back forcing her to give in. The best fight I have ever seen! But it’s difficult to knock me off my feet - I will first bring you down as a sheep in a shambles.

First of all, I will stun you by a smashing punch to the jaw and you will go down on all fours, as formidable Alkippe did once being knocked down by my punch. Then I will grab your maidenly waist from the back upside down, perform a reverse frontal waist lock, heave you up and throw you down, so you head will come smash to the ground. If you are still able to resist, I will comfortably seat myself on your soft bosom and keep striking on your head until you give in or get unconscious. Imagine what impression these moves will make upon our lovely Cleomenes!

So, cause joy to him, don’t be a contemptible coward! Accept my challenge and come tomorrow at sunrise to the grove near the creek winding. Don’t postpone the duel because in three days Cleomenes will leave for the military camp, so he will be unable to enjoy our fight and victor’s petting.

Unbeatable Aminta


You are garrulous like a dissolute Athenian woman but I am laconic and valiant like a courageous Spartan man. I choose every combative style – wrestling, Spartan fistfighting and pankration. Be preparing to the worst thing!

Ruthless Hypatia

Salute to my heroic brother Demetrios!

I want to tell you that two the most splendid girls in our village – Aminta and Hypatia bitterly fought over me. I love watching fighting women! It’s the most fascinating spectacle in the world! My fallus reared up so high which would not happen if I saw just naked colleens. Даже от вида обнажённых баб мои чресла так не вздыбились бы! In fact, I don’t care about both of them and it was all the same for me who would win. Nevertheless, Hypatia seemed to look more appetizing.

As for the pankration fight, it was so short that I was even unable to warm up well. As soon as the girls stood in the fist fighter stand, Aminta attempted to punch Hypatia with a powerful straight right to face turning her whole body toward the rival. This is a good technique in fistfighting whereas in pankration it’s a serious mistake. And the punishment came immediately.

Hypatia managed to intercept the punch – she deftly grasped Aminta’s punching hand by her right hand, deflected backward, abruptly tugging the opponent by the arm toward herself. As the result, Aminta’s whole body was speeded up ahead while Hypatia instantly moved aside and put her massive leg under Aminta getting her to fall face downwards to the ground. Hypatia managed to accomplish all these moves without weakening the hand grip.

Without any delay, Hypatia placed her knee on Aminta’s back and kept twisting her hand behind the back pressing her face against the ground. Making Aminta motionless, Hypatia began punching her by the left fist to the nape and temples. Exactly as depicted on the famous sculpture, in which the top mounted pankratiast applies an arm lock on his downed foe while preparing to rain down an onslaught of punches to the head. At the beginning, Aminta took the punishment with fortitude but after around two minutes she bawled. That was it! What a pity! The only thing I had time to enjoy was the huge bulge of Hypatia’s white butt. While putting aside amenities of female body, I was very impressed by Hypatia’s combative skills – she fought as a real man…

Disgraced Aminta left the venue while robust Hypatia flushed from one battle into another in which she was matchless...

In fact, I felt a little sorry for Aminta – a poor dishonored girl having her nose battered… But the next day I tried to console her. At first, she awfully opposed regarding that she would break a Spartan’s word if she given in to me. However, she eventually accepted on condition that I would outwrestle her. In that case, our intimacy would be considered as if I took her violently against her will. She wrestled desperately, so I had to mess around with her for nearly half an hour in order to pin her and have her steady supine. In return, it was very hot for both of us… Although Aminta’s amenities are not as big as Hypatia’s ones, she definitely has much ardor than Hypatia.

Brother Demetrios, don’t let the cat out of the bag. If Hypatia learns about that, only a sword duel could settle differences between them – it is a point of honor for a Spartan woman. But I hope to have a good time with each of them…

Composed Cleomenes

Anna Sidanova

October 2007


Pankration. Ancient Greek Sculpture

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