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Night fight

Night fight
Photo by the author

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I have to admit that I love watching skillful “nice” guy fights whereas girl fights are very rarely “nice”, more often they look disgusting – scratching, yelling, hairpulling…Fie! However, once I happened to enjoy a “nice” girl fight – two chicks in miniskirts fought on the sidewalk at a restaurant entrance, probably having had an argument at the restaurant party. It was late night time. They fought with bare fists – hard, fierce and straight but without screaming and hairpulling. A lanky girl stood against a shorter and more solid one – they were about the same weight though. In fact, fighting doesn’t seem to be a proper women’s activity but curiously enough, these fighting girls didn’t look like having lost femininity...

I passed by and saw just the fight – I have no idea what caused it. I am not an expert in but that fight reminded me boxing – the gals worked mostly by fists, at that the lanky one aimed to the opponent’s face, while the shorter one preferred punching to body. The bout was quite short but very dynamic and ended unexpectedly. I thought the lanky girl would win because she had longer arms successfully reaching her opponent’s face which soon started bleeding. After each punch, the taller girl shook up her hand, probably a bare fist hurts when hits a face. As the result, she yielded the initiative to the opponent.

The shorter girl kept ardently punching her opponent to waist and breasts not paying any attention to getting punched to face. She might choose such a tactics because her shorter height, besides, it probably was not that painful for her fists to punch a soft body rather than a hard head… One of her punches to the belly was so “successful” that the tall girl bent down moving her face directly toward the attacker’s hands. The shorter girl didn’t miss the opportunity and delivered a spectacular powerful punch to her jaw from below – the lanky girl’s head twitched up; she fell flat on her back and was motionless for a while – while her girl friends clucked over her. In boxing it seems to be called a knockout.

I don’t consider myself as a cruel person but I had fun watching this duel – even a fight might be kind of attractive!

By the way, I noticed that male spectators enjoyed the fight very much and didn’t intend to interfere. As soon as the fight was over, they started counting of seconds all together: “one, two, … , ten”. After the “ten” they gaily shouted: “out!” (I was told that if a boxer is knocked down, they count; if he does not stand up at ten, he is finished - knockout!)… The victor was openly pleased, even though her dress was stained by blood.

In default of a photo camera, I took a photograph of the fight on my mobile phone. Sorry for bad quality of the picture.

Nezhnyanka (Caress)

The photo by the author

July 2007

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