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Brawl of intellectuals

Brawl of intellectuals

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Hi guys! I see you savor gal's fights here, so let me contribute a nickel. Once a single man was my near neighbor in the Leningrad's apartment building. He was a unique character; he worked as a watchman and went to work once in three days. But at the same time he was pure intellectual, booklover and refined connoisseur of the fine arts. For some reason (unknown to me) women loved him ardently (no me) and literally besieged his apartment. Missing him they wrote tender messages just on his door. In fact, those choice girls didn't belong to the working class.

One day I left my apartment and noticed a long-legged girl who ringed the neighbor door's bell. While I was waiting for the elevator down I became an involuntary witness of the passionate show. The door to the apartment was opened and another girl happened to be there. After the short silent scene the new visitor jumped at her rival and grabbed hold of her hair yelling, "Bitch!" The victim of the attack loudly screamed and the man just pushed the both girls out of his apartment without batting an eye and tightly closed the door. At that moment the elevator stopped on the floor but I didn't take it because the gals started to fight fiercely like two enraged wild cats and I really didn't know what to do. The two tall females firmly grabbed each other's hair and began furious kicking by knees. They kept kicking to any possible body parts and simultaneously pulling opponents' heads down by hair. The spectacle was wild and disgusting. One of them started to prevail and jostled the other one toward the stairway, so the retreating girl stepped back, stumbled and the both rolled down along the stairway crying out with deafening howls. The noise brought the neighbors' attention; scared people jumped out of their apartment and pulled the brawlers apart. After that the girls left the building heavily cursing. I delayed for a while discussing the incident with the neighbors and when I left the doorway the girls had disappeared. The hero of the occasion never showed up then.

The notable thing is that the only serious brawl between women I have seen in my life happened between dressed up girls who looked like intellectuals. And the fight was over a " refined connoisseur in the fine arts". At that they fought cruelly and didn't feel uneasy to curse.

Tamara Leshchinskaya,

Saint Petersburg, November 2003

Exclusive of the Female Single Combat Club

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