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I like your web site lot. I love to hear good stories about catfights and when I saw my mom fight one time I was hooked on it from then on.

When I was 5 years old, we went to my aunt's for vacation. My mother was 37 then 5'5, had brown hair a nice figure and was slenderly built with blue eyes. Her hair was shoulder length and she kept it always to show off to others how well her hair looked. She wore the latest fashions and dressed to show her figure so no one guesses, you could say. She was fussy a lot and had a no-nonsense temper to match. My Aunt was 39 darker brown hair shoulder length and kept her hair the same way mom did. She was medium built and had a nice figure also. She dressed like mom and had a no-nonsense temper too. They often dressed alike when we visited them. It was kind of a competition for them to copy the other.

It was hot in the summer time in the Midwest. My aunt had a big older farm settle home with a big basement recreation room and a room of toy electric trains my cousins had. I loved the trains. I got up that morning to go down stairs to play with the trains. While going down the stairs I heard my aunt and mom talking loudly in the basement. They were starting to argue over some money that grandpa had given them for us kids. It was loud, so I was scared. It was very surprising to see the two women argue and then tussle. I remember being afraid because in the movies I had seen people fight and die, so I was scared.

I crept down the stairs and hid around the corner to see what was going on. To shorten this up I will not go into all the verbiage they said... ok. They were both dressed in tight jean shorts, canvas white shoes, white sox and both wore white oxford long sleeve button down shirts with the tails out. They were not loose fitting but tailored to fit. Their hair was up because of the hot to come.

They pushed and shoved a little then the real fight started up. They grabbed clothes, hair, slapped and roiled all around in a whirl getting very sweaty and hair tangled up. It was great to see it and I was in a state of awe to see it. They would both gain the advantage, they growled and groaned during the fight. Their shirts finally popped open and they tugged at lacy bras until they tired of tht. I never thought who I wanted to win really while they fought. They hit like men and would roll some more. They just got tired and quit finally and nothing was ever said to any one about the fight they had. I was the only one to see it because every one else was asleep that morning.

It did how ever set me up to enjoy this stuff more when I was older. I have seen some good fights between women and it was great over some years ago and recently. Fights between women are more exciting because men are attracted to this thing and it is a primeval sort of deal hard to explain now.

Tom Bush

September 1, 2001

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