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Library horror

Library fight
Artwork by Nikolay Kulikovsky
(The library is drawn by Oksana Plohih)

Русская версия

Once I was a witness of a fight between two girls. It was July heat. I visited a local library and stood in a little line. Two pretty brunette girls about 18-20 stood in front of me. It was stuffy and I wished to get the book and to escape as soon as possible. The aged female librarian was busy with a paperwork and angrily reacted on the girls requests to speed it up: "I am busy!"

In about five minutes, a girl entered the room wearing a short red-yellow sun-dress. Without a word, she approached the librarian desk and said: "Hello, Nadya!" The librarian smiled, came to her and began processing her book. The girl standing behind her was outraged and reminded her that there was a line. The blond snorted: "You would rather wait!" The other one asked: "Are you in a state of stupor, bitch?"

Then something happened that nobody expected – a real fight sprung up. It began with exchange of slaps to face. The librarian started heart-rending screaming but didn’t risk pulling apart the brawlers. In the heat of the fight, the girls rapidly spun causing the wooden floor creaking. Very soon, the sun-dressed girl weakened pressure while her opponent intensified onslaught. In a few moment the brown-haired one yield the initiative to the brunette covering her face to no effect. The brunette grabbed her by hair and started using legs. The sun-dressed girl keeled over but managed to grab the opponent when falling. Finding themselves on the floor, they seized each other by the hair. They screamed, yelled and cursed each other reminding two enraged cats. None of them intended to yield. The girl standing near me asked me to separate them but for some reason, I was stone-still at that moment. No, I wasn’t afraid but the action was so incredible that I probably I wished to see the outcome of the fight.

The brawl ended as unexpectedly as it began. The brunette found herself on top trying to pin her hands to the floor. After a while she managed to do that and the sun-dressed girl gave in and begged for mercy. But the winner seemed to be so red-hot that she didn’t want to release the loser giving her smacks to face by open palms and express everything she thought about her. Then I interfered in the fight and convinced the top girl to stop the beating. I physically drew her by and calmed her down.

I should admit that watching the fight I experienced an unexplored excitement. It was unusual feeling because a fight is a fight (even girlfight) – far from eroticism. But both girls were pretty, well-shaped and very furious and their bare thighs and other body parts probably add erotic flavor.

None of the girls wanted to be a loser. I sympathize with the brunette but I have got to hand it to the girl in sun-dress – she struggled to the uttermost. I just memorize her glance when she gave in. Such a glance is possible only in this situation – it reflected very many emotions - insult, perhaps fear and distress. It’s difficult to describe it – it just was very unusual glance and I wondered what it meant.

It was the first real female fight I had ever seen – not on TV but three yards from me.


July 2007

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