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Bout in a Ladies Club

Who is attending our ladies club? Different women those who dont need men at all or browned-off with men; same sex female couples; married women wishing to take a relaxing break. The membership in our club is not cheap at all, so you can understand who afford to attend it. Just ladies! Males are strictly forbidden. All internal repairs and plumbing works are accomplished during off hours. I hold back from giving you a hint about the epoch or place in which this ladies club exist or used to exist. Try guessing!

Bout in a ladies club
Artwork from "Boxeo Girls"

We consider women as perfectly all-sufficient individuals, so the old male chauvinistic historic tale that the history has been made by men has to be buried! Women are capable to do everything, even in the so-called mens areas. Women can enjoy themselves, including the intimate spheres. Women can stand up for themselves, even physically in the same way men do. For example, my partner who is an experience karateist, several times defended us from annoying molestations in the street. I wont even tell what happened with the insolent attackers I am outraged that men arrogated some activities including physical combat. It was the Matriarchy long ago, and then men usurped the power because women were overwhelmed with a lot of responsibilities. Men created the Patriarchy with its brutalities and atrocities. As long as there is equality now, lets have this equality in every single realm! And let women be a little more equal!

We are able to entertain ourselves in the club. Not just by conversations or singing but also by athletic events including boxing and wrestling. (During such events members can participate in pari-mutuel.) Many our ladies can fight and are not afraid of tough physical contact. Although I am not participating in such contests, I delight in watching contests between other ladies, including my dear Jeanne. Wrestling and especially boxing matches turn me on I deeply enjoy such spectacles both mentally and physically. At that I hate any male combative activities. Women compete beautifully and elegantly while fighting men remind wild unruly bulls; they often lose human appearance (which they lack for anyway ).

I want to tell you about the debut of my dear Jeanne on the ring in our club. As I mentioned before, Jeanne used to practice the Karate style Kyokushin. In that martial art, hand and elbow strikes to the head or neck are prohibited whereas allowed kicks to the head. In fact, in boxing they fight only by hands, so Jeanne was unaccustomed to this sport. You can imagine how much I was uneasy and disturbed. Let me describe my Jeanne: she is an impressive, brown-haired, tall, sturdy-build, muscular, broad-shouldered young woman who nonetheless looks very feminine. She has all imaginable feminine charms: broad hips, fare breasts, long solid neck. Her body presents the perfection of line and strength and development. There is a cleanness and grace about it. Her glossy skin is clean, fair and satiny. Her face is like a cameo, and her lips, parted in a smile, made it very sexy Yes, we women can keep being feminine in any activity! She has already participated in wrestling matches and quite successfully but she doesnt like close body contact when struggling on the ground. In such poses, she prefers to be engaged in wrestling with me. You could imagine how jealous I was when my semi-naked Jeanne rolled over the mat coupled with another lady

Now, Jeanne is going to fight with Lina, the best boxer in the club, the absolute championess of the club. Although we dont consider weight categories and the pairs are usually chosen by eye, there is the absolute category though, in which anyone can challenge anyone if she wants and if our board allows it (we care about safety and do not allow mismatches). The fight I am talking about is the absolute title bout. It was concluded that their strengths are even and the slaughter of the innocents is not anticipated. Lina and Jeanne are coevals. Lina has already defeated all volunteers (who all have been much lighter her) and now Jeanne decided to test herself against her. Lina is heavier than Jeanne, even though the latter is far from the light weight. Dark-haired Lina reminds a giant solid sphere. She is very calm and calculating on the ring; she never rushes. She never spends energy to no purpose; if she punches she deliver the crashing punch to a breach in an opponents defensive line which she discovered a moment before punching. Lina is able to take a punch and it is difficult to break through her defense and her fat and muscle layers; her neck is short and solid. My Jeanne is quick in attack and fast in response; she developed them when practiced Karate I saw her on tatami many time. It was almost impossible to foresee and even notice her kick she kicked with lightning speed it was very impressive. Many of her Karate opponents were unable to come to their senses for a while after her kick to the head. Before smashing her opponent she prepared her by working on her body with several punches. Women do not like getting hit to the breasts even if she wears a protective bra. Jeanne usually began with stunning her opponent by one accurate punch to the breast forcing her to concentrate on protecting this part of the body and then quickly punched to other sore points disheartening her and then delivered her firm kick to the head. She acted so gracefully on tatami reminding a panther. Unfortunately, boxing is a different sport, lets see how she will look like in the ring where she has never fought, just sparred. I am very nervous

I forgot to describe the premises of our club. There are three big facilities: auditorium, fitness gym and swimming pool. Boxing and wrestling matches are held in the auditorium. Wrestling mat is placed just before the stage removing chairs from a few rows; so, wrestling in par terre is well visible. The boxing ring is placed just on the stage. The uniforms of fighters are established by mutual agreement; the only rule is that each opponents must have similar uniform (or similarly nude). The most of wrestling competitors prefer to compete in tights or naked whereas boxing competitors usually compete in wide trousers and protective bras (of topless). The boxing rules are similar to the Olympic boxing rules, at that punches to breasts are not allowed. Unlike usual terms of boxing matches, the number of rounds is not limited a match lasts until the outright victory it might be either a knockout or unwillingness or impossibility of a contestant to continue the fight. A referee is always consistent with common sense and stops a bout if one of the two is visibly dominating or well being of a participant is at risk. Brutalities as in male professional boxing are not tolerated! We never use the terms rival or adversary, just an opponent and only during the match. For us combative sports are for strong noble ladies!

So, let me report step by step. First of all, I was a little disappointed when learned that our betting ladies estimated chances of Jeanne against Lina as one to five. Well, we will see! I believed in Jeannes strength, skills and courage! Then the referee Yvette came out into the ring a scrawny lady of a venerable age, established as the chief matron. Then Jeanne came to the centre of the ring (it is a tradition: less titled boxer comes first) topless in loose blue pants. She did not seem as a fighter at all: her eyes were too mild; there was not a spark of the beast in them, nor in her face, while her body seemed too fragile, what of its fairness and smoothness, and her face too girlish, sweet-tempered and intelligent. She looked to me like a porcelain statuette, to be handled gently and with care, liable to be shattered to fragments by the first rough touch. But it was just a first impression; if you looked closely at her, you would notice the depth of chest, the recuperative lungs, and the muscles under her satin skin. Well-knowing her, I also grasped her internal will and destructive energy.

Then spacious Lina come to the center of the ring wearing wide red robe running down to the floor. She theatrically throws it off and remains just in red baggy trousers, displaying her huge baggy breasts. Here is the fighter! She consists of big solid balls; heavy-jawed, bull-necked, thick-legged, long black hair. I know that in everyday life Lina is well-natured as many big persons. Now she reminds me a ferocious lioness with bloodshot eyes! She slowly directs her steps towards the red corner, then turns, looks around and gazed at every spectator. When she looks at me I feel she shrivels me with one glance. I realize that Jeanne will have hard time! Then Lina looked at her opponent and It seems to me that she is working herself into a rage preparing to the battle. Jeanne returns the gaze with mild girl's eyes, but her face grew serious.

By the way, each competitor has two seconds; I would be one of them but Jeanne didnt want to traumatize me and chose two ladies experienced in boxing. Both contestants are helped into the gloves by their seconds and then left the ring by Yvettes signal. Only remained in the ring the two fighters faced each other and the referee who softly instructed the fighters... Now two topless ladies stand on the ring seeing nothing but each other. Yvette waved down and articulated: Box! Then the boxers extend right hands and met in a perfunctory shake (traditional boxing greeting) and the fight starts. I am in the grip of deep emotion. The boxers circle around each other trying to seize the opportunity for delivering the first punch, which could be very important for the whole bout. They stand stockstill for a moment, so I can see them both half face. Beautiful, impressive and feminine Jeanne stands before her opponent almost upright in the classic boxing stance. Lina crouches touching her chest by the chin while her giant breasts rest on the big belly. Quite peculiar and formidable appearance. My heart literally jumps out of the chest; it was scary to imagine what this she-bull could do with my Jeanne!

I didnt have a chance to get frightened - Jeanne right off abruptly delivers her left hand toward Linas forehead forcing her to instinctively raise her glove a little in order to protect the face. It was an obvious feint - Jeanne instantly breaches Linas defend block smashing straight out upon Linas mouth. Then Jeanne instantly jumps back finding herself out of reach of her opponent. Encouraging start! The spectators applaud and I jump up agog. But it is not so easy to drive Lina out of her wits. She keeps being impregnable waiting for an opportunity to deliver a knock-down counter attack. Jeanne punched at her opponent's stomach just under the defensive block. But the blow doesnt have any visible effect on Lina and she answers with a crushing straight punch to the opponents defensive block. Not reaching Jeannes body, the blow nonetheless stuns her as a heavy cobblestone shot from a sling. Jeanne was knocked backward several steps. This is a specialty of the heavyweight to smash an opponent having her getting pushed off balance. Lina is after Jeanne driving her backward to the ropes by a hurricane of punches powerful but inaccurate. I am afraid she can cripple my Jeanne. At times I dons see Jeannes face, so obscured is it by the flying gloves and by the massive Linas body with her jolting breasts. With the sound of each blow I feel a sickening sensation in the pit of my stomach even though I realize that it is the impact of glove on glove, or glove on shoulder, and that no damage was being done. All the sudden, both ladies are clutching each other in a tense embrace; no blows are being struck at all. Clinch! They pressed their breasts at each other tightly as they are making dough. Jeanne attempts to escape but Lina holds her to snatch few--second rest. Yvette gives out an order Break! Jeanne manages to escape while Lina dashes after her attempting to punch her but missed. Again, the fighters stand seizing the right moment. For a brief several seconds I have an unobstructed view of Jeanne. Left foot a trifle advanced, knees slightly bent, she was crouching, with her head drawn well down between her shoulders and shielded by them. Her hands are in position before her, ready either to attack or defend. The muscles of her body are tense, and as she moves about she could see them bunch up and writhe and crawl like live things under the white skin. At this moment Yvette commands Stop! The first round is over. It seems they had been fighting half an hour, though I know it has been only two minutes.

The fighters come to their corners and their seconds joins them to give some water, to massage and to amend the tactics. One lady, squatting on the floor between Jeannes outstretches feet and elevating them by resting them on her knees, is violently chafing her legs. Jeanne sits on the stool, leaning far back into the corner, head thrown back and arms outstretched on the ropes to give easy expansion to the chest. With wide-open mouth he is breathing the towel-driven air furnished by two of the seconds, while listening to the counsel of still another second who talks with low voice in her ear and at the same time sponges off her face, shoulders, and chest. I am a little jealous but realize that I would not handle this task. Hardly have all this been accomplished (it had taken no more than several seconds), when the referee asks the fighter for the second round; the seconds scuttle through the ropes with their paraphernalia, and Jeanne and Lina are advancing against each other to the centre of the ring. Yvette pronounces Box! and Jeanne immediately goes on her opponent delivering several lightning-like blows, right and left. Lina successfully defends and it doesnt seem the attack stuns her she just barely badges. Jeanne has got into lather and misses a counter attack. Lina delivers a strong punch to the head but Jeanne manages to keep balance retreating backward several steps. In the involuntary effort to maintain equilibrium, Jeanne has uncovered herself, flinging one arm out and lifting her head from beneath the sheltering shoulders. In attempts to take the opportunity, Lina swiftly follows Jeanne as a wild tigress directing her fist at her unguarded jaw. Jeanne ducks forward and down, so Lina's glow just misses the back of her head while one of Linas swaying breasts hits Jeanne at the nose. A telling blow, even though not specified by the boxing rules. As Jeanne comes back to the perpendicular, Lina's left fist drove at her in a straight punch that would have knocked her backward through the ropes. Again, and with a swiftness an inappreciable fraction of time quicker than Lina's, Jeanne ducks forward. Lina's fist grazes the backward slope of the shoulder, and glanced off into the air while Jeanne manages to punch her to the stomach. Lina's right drove straight out, and the graze was repeated as Jeanne ducks into the safety of a clinch. I sigh with relief, my tense body relaxes and I hear the rapturous applause by the audience. Really fascinating fight. The clinch is broken and the fight goes on. Jeanne blocks, and backs, and slides around the ring, avoiding blows and living somehow through the whirlwind onslaughts. Rarely does she strike blows herself, for Lina has a quick eye and could defend as well as attack, while Jeanne has no chance against the other's enormous vitality. Her hope lay in that Lina herself should ultimately consume her strength. Frankly speaking, I am beginning to wonder why Jeanne does not fight; I am getting annoyed - I want to see her wreak vengeance on this beast that had persecuted her so! As I get impatient watching Jeanne pressed against the ropes, the chance comes, and she escapes from a trap and with all her might whips her fist to Lina's jaw. It is a staggering blow. Lina's head goes back with a jerk. She bounces off the ropes and the quick dye of blood exudes upon her lips. Nice! Ive regained my spirit. The ladies in the auditorium awarded Jeanne with a storm of applause. Applause sre enough to express your delight. In our club we dont scream or roar like animals or wild male fans at the site of the blood - we are civilized humans after all. This is an athletic event rather than a deadly battle. The blow, and the great applause from the audience, angered Lina - she rushes like a wild man. The fury of her previous assaults was as nothing compared with the fury of this one. Lina is pressing Jeanne against the ropes while Jeanne is busy living through the storm, blocking, covering up, and ducking into the safety. Yvettes voice saved her. Stop! The round is over. The seconds repeat what they did during the first break. I just noticed one of Jeannes second instructs her demonstrating punches to the air.

Third round. I see corpulent Lina havent caught her breath yet after her violent attack in the second round. She tried to gain time for recreation keeping in the deep defense while Jeanne tries to change the course of the fight. She has bent down and violently punched Lina to the stomach from below just under her defensive block. Since Linas big breast were laid on her belly, they probably got also hit. Lina turns around toward the referee and complains demonstrating the injured breast where a red spot has already become visible. In fact, female breasts sometimes obstruct practicing boxing, especially topless. Yvette asks the fighters come to her in the middle of the ring, points to the Linas bruise and admonishes her for attacking breasts. Ive just concluded that a big bosom lying on the belly substantially reduces the area allowed to be punched. So, competing without a bra, Lina probable uses a stratagem which hinders an opponent in body blows. And the complaint seems to be well prepared. After the reproof, Jeanne is careful and keep off body blows (according to our rule, two fault means defeat). Less caring about protection of her torso, Lina concentrates on protecting her head making it more difficult for Jeanne to breach her defense. Too bad for Jeanne. But Jeanne quickly figures out how to use the position of too high defense block: she seizes the moment when Linas breasts jump up and delivers staggering blow to the liver. It stunned her opponent; Lina sharply bends down and presses her right hand to the right side protecting the head by the left arm. Taking the opportunity of the halt, Jeanne harshly punches Lina to the right jaw. The huge fighter staggers for a moment losing her bearings. Jeanne doesnt miss this short moment and finishes the job by a gorgeous left uppercut to the jaw. Linas head jumps up while the momentum of the blow carries her body backward, and she collapsed to the floor with a loud rumble as a heavy sack. I am at the peak of happiness and festively greeting Jeanne; I feel a languor in my body. The spectators are also greeting her by tremendous ovation. I feel downright catharsis and I thirst for being in her hug But the bout is not over yet Yvette, bending over Lina begins to count the seconds, emphasizing the passage of each second with a downward sweep of her right arm. My feeling is that she counts too slowly. Lina comes to herself and begins gradually getting up clutching for the ropes. The spectators cheer her inspiring her attempts to continue the bout. The ninth sounded and was gone, and Lina comes to her feet. Yvette says Box! and Lina takes up a defensive position counting on holding out till the end of the round. Jeanne has just managed to deliver a few punches to the opponents gloves until the referee announces the break saving Lina in this case.

It is the fourth round now. Both contestants look tired but corpulent Lina evidently is exhausted she keeps being in a defensive position waiting for an opportunity or luck. Jeanne tests her durability punching her to the arms and gloves forcing her to make a mistake. She even leaves her face open to provoke Lina to act (and being ready to beat off.) And Jeanne manages to achieve that: as soon as Lina throws her right arm ahead, she immediately receives a terrible liver punch from Jeanne. The Jeannes combination consisted in the following: Jeanne instantly bent down avoiding Linas attack and her counter punch was intensified by the opposite momentum of the opponents body. The blow was so crashing that Lina winces away and staggers back, half dropping her arms, her shoulders drooping forward and in, as though she were about to collapsing. Jeanne's quick eye saw the opening, and smashed straight out upon Lina's mouth, following instantly with a hook for the jaw. It missed, striking the cheek instead, and sending Lina staggering sideways while Jeanne herself moves ahead by the momentum and stumbles. In order to keep balance, she begins grasping the ropes. Seeing this, experienced Lina does not miss the chance and hardly hits Jeanne to the temple. Jeanne falls on the ropes and then onto the floor. How annoying! She has almost won! I am in tears. Jeanne is lying on her back heavily breathing. I just noticed a few bruise on her body, one at her breast. But now it is mere trifles important is that she must stand up. I know from watching her Karate matches that she is able to quickly recover from head blows. And thats what has happened. Jeanne waits for the ninth count and springs to her feet. She doesnt look like she was just knocked down while Lina heavily wheezes and looks exhausted. She tries to clinch into safety in order to survive until the break. But Jeanne doesnt allow her to come near; she works a distance not allowing Line to come too close. But this tactic doesnt benefit her either because she cant reach her opponents head or body. Another break!.. Now a bruise at Jeannes cheek-bone has become bright red. This splash of color fascinates and frightens me so that I could scarcely take my eyes from it; my hands clenches with anger, the nails cutting into the palms till they hurt. Poor Jeanne!

Fifth round! I guess it should be the last one both boxers have been knocked down and both are very tired. Lina looks like an unassailable fortress; she tries not to overdo it and waits for her chance for a counter attack. Jeanne comes closer to Lina and is grabbed by her into a clinch. Jeanne attempts to escape and the boxing match suddenly turns into a wrestling match: as a result both fighters found themselves on the canvas. Having wrestling skills Jeanne has artfully thrown the stout down and turns out to be on top pinning Lina. Jeanne is literally lost in the opponents puffy body. Someone in the audience loudly whistles and other spectators begin to laugh. I cheer up a little even though it is boxing and the pin is not counted The boxers rise to their feet and embarrassed Lina immediately begins pushing Jeanne against the ropes. Jeanne pretends she rushes into a clinch but as soon as Lina is about taking her into the hug, she leans back and punches Lina straight to the unprotected nose. Lina drops on the spot face downwards carrying down Jeanne clamped to the ropes. This time, Jeanne finds herself under Linas fleshy hulk. Lina is lingering trying to gain time for rest and to get Jeanne to lose her breath. Jeanne loudly protests and hits the opponent to the side with a disengaged hand. Lina unwillingly gets up and exposes her nose bleeding. Blood spots are also visible at Jeannes pants and at the canvas. On my understanding, the fight is over and the technical knockout must be announced (position when a boxer cant continue fighting due to a trauma). But Linas second quickly stops the bleeding and Yvette calls the contestants and both of them get warnings: Lina - for being on the floor for too long, Jeanne - for hitting a lying opponent. The referee decides not to consider Linas action as a fault (otherwise she would lose the bout by the rule of two faults). Now, when seconds remain until the end of the round, Jeanne to pass to the decisive offensive but her attack ends with another clinch initiated by Lina. But just before getting into the clinch, Jeanne contrives to strike stinging blow to the opponents waist. I am happy! Very smart! Yvette pronounces Stop! and the contestants drag themselves to their corners.

The sixth round consists of clinches. In fact, Lina already seems incapable to keep fighting while tired Jeanne is too exhausted to escape from her opponents hugs. However, she successfully employs the tactic she used at the end of the previous round: a moment before getting into a clinch, she contrives to strike telling blow to the Linas waist. She does it once, in each clinch, but with all her strength, and she does it every clinch. This tactic finally demoralizes Lina. After a next clinch, in the breakaway, Jeanne manages to upper-cut Lina on the stomach, to hook her jaw and to strike straight out upon the mouth. Lina reels backward, saving herself from falling by a blind clutching for the ropes. She is groggy. Her face is covered by blood. Yvette stops the fight. The audience gives the new championess standing ovation. Hooray! I am rejoicing! Being lighter and less experienced, my Jeanne managed to overcome the invincible skillful strong super-heavyweight! The two seconds have hardly dragged Lina to her red corner. It is awkward to confess but I am a little annoyed that my secret dream has not come through to see the helpless giantess on the canvas in a long deep knockout. It would have been the most alluring moment which I have dreamt about during the whole bout. But anyway I feel stormy access of tenderness and love to my strong invincible Jeanne!

The seconds wipes Lina's face and the recent opponents who have been fiercely fighting in the ring, engages again in the middle and hug one another very friendly this time. Real ladies can forget injuries and do not bear ill will to each other! I have also forgotten about my secret lust for crushing Lina; now I take a liking to her. Even her massive body no longer seems ugly to me; now even her portliness looks beautiful to me! I should make friends with her

Verbal story by Amanda Greene has been written by Anna Sidanova
April 25, 2013

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