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Story about strong athletic young girl who was a tomboy in the neighborhood but eventually became "just a girl".

There was a girl in my neighborhood when I was growing up who was the definition of power and athleticism. Jane was a muscular broad-shouldered tomboy who was always stronger, tougher, and faster than any girl or boy in the neighborhood who was close to her age. Three or four boys were about her age, but none of them could match her power and determination. Jane loved almost any athletic competition, especially wrestling and rough games that involved tackling, such as American football. And she always preferred to play with boys because the girls were too weak and delicate for her. Whenever she wanted to, she could catch any of the boys, tackle him and pin him. But even when a boy tackled her he could never pin her - she would always overpower him and pin him. The only rough thing she did not like was to get punched or hit. If a boy hit her, she would go after him and grab his hands and hold them, or even pin him on the ground, until he promised not to hit her again. Jane even enjoyed challenging me even though I was older and bigger. She always struggled vigorously, but I was too big for her to defeat.

Jane always had unusually thick, strong, biceps that bulged in the most amazing way whenever she reached her hand up to push her hair behind her ears. She was undefeated at armwrestling by anyone her age or younger and she especially relished beating the boys. In the summers, armwrestling matches were frequent and it was always an awe-inspiring sight when Jane would lock hands with a boy. Someone would say go, her thick biceps would pop up, and she would just power (or slam) his arm down. The boys were always keen to prove that they were stronger than girls were but, no matter how hard they struggled, they could never beat her. This is what happened from the time that Jane was 8 or 9 years old until she was about 14. But even though Jane remained superior to the boys her age, things were gradually changing.

By age 14 or so, Jane had fully developed into a young woman and the boys her age also began to grow bigger than she was. First, one boy grew much taller and found that he could outrun her easily. A few months after that, he beat her at armwrestling. After her defeat, Jane accepted that he had grown bigger and stronger than her and she did not try to wrestle him any more. Perhaps to compensate for losing to this boy her own age, Jane increased her dominance over the boys who were a year or two younger. In addition to slamming their arms down at armwrestling at every opportunity, she would also occasionally chase down one or another of the boys, wrestle him into a schoolgirl pin, and hold him or tickle him until he surrendered. She did it to reassure herself, and to remind the younger boys that she was still physically superior to them and they were helpless against her. I'll never forget the amazing sight of this buxom, broad-shouldered and muscular young woman joyfully overpowering some desperately struggling boy who was nearly her size.

A summer or two after her first loss at armwrestling, Jane must have been 15 or 16. In the first armwrestling session of the season, Jane was matched against the strongest of the younger boys. She smiled confidently and brushed her hair behind her ears, displaying those stunning arms, and reminded the kid that he didn't have a chance against her powerful arms. They locked their right hands, the match started and that thick biceps of hers popped up, looking bigger than ever. The boy's arm was more slender than hers, but nevertheless she couldn't move it. As he pushed harder against her, Jane struggled with all of her might, but this younger boy slowly took her arm down.

Jane was stunned at this defeat by a younger boy, especially a boy who she was accustomed to dominating in every way. And he was as surprised as she was. So were the other neighborhood kids. As the defeat sank in, it seemed to destroy Jane's whole identity as an athlete, tomboy and tough kid. She was at her physical peak and she couldn't even defeat this skinny young punk. This time she did not return to dominating the other younger boys to make herself feel better. Instead, she lost interest in neighborhood sports. When we asked why she didn't want to play anymore, she would say something like, "boys are too tough for girls." This is what her parents had been telling her all along, but she had been able to ignore it as long as she could see that she was too tough for the boys. Now she just gave up on anything athletic, even if it involved only girls. In only a couple of years Jane's attitude had gone from tough, confident and dominant, to that of a submissive "young lady." So, the ending is rather sad, but the memory of Jane's earlier years is still special. I'm sure there are many similar stories of the shock and dismay that a muscular teenage girl feels the first time that she is overpowered by a younger boy that she used to dominate easily. Unfortunately, even though Jane was still powerful and athletic, she became completely demoralized and gave up on athletic competition. As stories on this site show, some other girls continue competing, but with girls only.

Does anyone know of any true cases where after a boy beats a girl, she trains very hard and becomes strong enough and skilled enough to actually defeat the boy again? Please share.

Afterwords. With those broad shoulders and big arms, Jane's upper body was unusually strong for a girl as she was growing up (her mother also had a muscular looking upper body). When Jane wrestled boys her age, she always just overpowered them with her strength advantage. But by the time boys got to be 14-15 they grew bigger than her and many of them could overwhelm this exceptionally muscular girl. The biceps of the slender athletic boys were not even as thick and round as Jane's, but they grew harder and stronger than hers. I was really surprised and saddened to see how quickly Jane went from being the toughest kid on the block to "just a girl."

Jane was naturally strong and never did any training with weights or exercise machines. When my brother and I saw how demoralized she became, we encouraged her to begin a strength training program. We were sure that with her natural abilities, she would soon be beating boys again. We joined her for some weight lifting sessions (and she was still much stronger than my little brother), but her heart was not in it and she gave up. I've often wondered whether if she had trained seriously she could have surpassed the boys for another year or two. How likely do you think that is?

Daniel Del

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