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Hilda and Nymph
Composition based on artworks by Duane Bryers

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The appeal of the pleasingly plump Hilda is in her innocent charm, her contagious smile and happy personality that blossoms all over to match her figure. Recently passed away American artist, Duane Bryers, gave birth to Hilda in his numerous artworks. Being fun-loving, full-figured she doesn't worry too much about her waistline and enjoys life to the fullest. The fun and vivacious redhead always finds herself in humorous predicaments but her self-irony helps her get out of there. Hilda is a single but self-sufficient person; she is able not just entertain herself; she is also capable to perform any imaginable complex operations in order to support her single life. Hilda is a refreshing and humorous approach to the typical girl calendar subject. The versatile artistry of Bryers is beautifully illustrated in his outstanding Western Art paintings but it is his flair for the whimsical, pleasingly plump, Hilda that brought him national recognition.


Slide show with Duane Bryers' artworks from the resource DUANE BRYERS-HILDA

Hilda Redhead Hilda is extremely attractive and sexy; she hangs around in bikini, decorated with leaves and flowers. She loves pets and wild animals and all of them reciprocate her feelings. Hilda lives alone in a faraway countryside; she makes long distance walks around her house; she rows and sails and subdues mountains. Despite her visible pleasant plumpness, Hilda is very athletic. She pulls herself up on a tree branch and accomplishes a front handspring there; she walks on the top of a lengthwise fence pole and jump over the fence with ease; she climbs up on a telegraph pole to safe a cat; she walks on stilts; jumps over a narrow river using a punt pole; she jumps down into a precipice using an umbrella as a parachute; she throws horseshoes to the point; she shoots from a slingshot standing back to the target; she throws cobble-stones over the river. Hilda is a good swimmer and diver, she plays golf with apples. And cetera. Besides performing traditional household responsibilities, Hilda looks after the cow, horse, pig and goat; she wine grows; she gathers giant pumpkins; she fishes; repairs her house, harvest wood and sharpens an ax. She knows how to play guitar, flute and even saw; she can dance with herself, to draw and to take pictures. In other words, she is an extraordinary person who manages to remain a typical woman spending a lot of time before a mirror. She combines endless femininity and ability to manage without men’s assistance and above all, she keep being active, skilful, attractive, and sex appealing without any intentions or effort to lose weight. Perhaps, Hilda is an ideal super-woman…

Hilda That day Hilda had a lot of fun and got good results in athletic exercises: she managed to throw a big stone across the river and then jumped over the river using a pole (though not with the first attempt). After lunch Hilda was reading Ancient Greek legends. Hilda enjoys herself being alone communicating with her boy-friend through a forest phone. Probably the only thing she misses is a partner in her athletic games. But is doesn’t look like she surmises that…

Ancient legends evoke dreams and being in good mood (as always) Hilda makes herself comfortable under a tree next to her pets – doggie Rosario and kitty Malvina. Her long day turned out to be longer that she wished. She finds herself in a paradisiacal garden, by a picturesque lily pond. At first it is frightening silence around, even birds are not heard. Hilda fearlessly walks through the garden - she has never experienced fear because she has not come across real insuperable obstacles which she wouldn’t be able to overcome. She could find shelter in a hollow of a tree trunk during a storm; she could tame a disobedient cow and even a bear which she comes across. But she has never come across with dangers coming from humans. After having a walk in the park, she climbs an orange tree and began dropping oranges. Intending to get down from the tee, Hilda suddenly noticed a hairy horned hoofed man sitting under the tree and attentively observing her. Hilda reacts as it was a wild animal. She calmly gets down, approached the horned man and smiled at him. “My name is Hilda; I am from the Floran settlement. And who are you?” she asks. The creature surprises to hear unfamiliar language and doesn’t intend to treat her as he did semi-human girls he used to deal with. He makes an imperious gesture asking her to follow him. On their way, he points to trees and flowers naming them in his language/ He called himself “Satyr”. Hilda experiences double feelings – she was very curious about what she sees she enjoys his attention; on the other hand, she is not used to be next to a naked man, horned and hoofed in addition. He is ugly and irresistibly attractive at the same time. For the first time in her life, she feels burst of unfamiliar energy concentrating in her chest and belly. She feels kind of bliss and unusual power in her tender but trained body.

Hilda All the sudden, a girl shows up from bushes strikingly resembling Hilda herself. She is also decorated with flowers. The man calls her “Nymph”. Although Hilda knows both names - Satyr and Nymph, being confused and a little dizzy, she doesn’t realize who they really are. Hilda often looked at herself in the mirror and now it seems to her that she it is her reflection living its own life. Surprisingly, Hilda feels an unusual fit of jealousy of this familiar stranger girl. As a matter of fact, when she looked at herself in the mirror, she also felt the reflection is a little more beautiful than she was. Now, in front of this charming male monster, Hilda feels unbridled fury against this inopportunely appeared girl. Without any visible cause, the curvaceous body of the Nymph irritates Hilda and she wants to drive this pretender away. Probably, the Nymph-double experiences similar feelings. Both girls gradually approach each other along the pond edging until stop face-to-face taking threatening stands. While the girls were moving, the monster looked at them fixedly. Standing in front of her double, Hilda just recalls a childish image she witnessed in a rural trade fair: two strapping robust guys with heavy jaws were jumping inside an ring enclosed by ropes and were bashing each other with ten-inch black fists. She recalls unusual emotion which she experienced then. Now she senses her fists clenched spontaneously and she found herself in a weird posture - similarly to those two fighters in the fair. Her opponent-double maintains the same posture. It was absolute madness which Hilda has never experienced – longing for annihilation another person. At this moment she hates every feature of her rival: her read curly, her body shape and her velvety skin...

Hilda What happened next is difficult to describe because it was too quick. After a short turmoil, Hilda finds herself underwater - in warm pond slime. She is an excellent diver and she used to hold her breathing in order to watch beautiful underwater life. She opens her eyes but doesn’t see anything except algae. She swims away as far as possible from the place of the incident. When oxygen in her lungs runs out, Hilda emerges from the pond and doesn’t believe her eyes: she finds herself not in the magic garden but in her home river which each winding is so well knows. The Sun shines brightly in the sky; ducks imperturbably swim on the surface and… what a miracle: it is the very Nymph who just pushed Hilda into the pond stands on the beach in all her abominable beauty. Now Hilda’s the only wish is longing for drowning the insolent rival in the river. Hilda jumps out into the beach and gains the rear of the enemy. She feels surge of fury and her legs grows heavy. The Nymph turns around and utters something inarticulate. Well-trained in jumping, Hilda instantly lifts by her half-bent leg and straightens it toward the hateful Nymph kicking her right to the belly. This powerful kick tosses the Nymph and throws her in the middle of the river. She plopped by her ass into the water frightening the ducks away.

Hilda stands for a while observing the river and as the Nymph seems to be drowned, Hilda goes home to take a rest. She eats some cherries, takes a book and directs her steps towards the river where she secretly expects the manly monster whom she is unable to forget. She almost forgot about the damned Nymph but his odd naked image doesn’t leave her. Hilda She heads down the river to a small sand beach, her favorite resort. And what do you think? Yes, the Nymph imperturbably lies on the sand, sparkling by her damn frame. Now, when Hilda has a little experience of physical collision with the Nymph, she knows what to do. She comes close to the lying nymph and poses as a fair pugilist. Taken by unawares, the Nymph quickly pulls herself together and stands before Hilda in the same pugilistic position. The girls stand for a short while until both realize the absurdity of the situation. Suddenly both are seized by irrepressible laughter and the anger and hate unexpectedly blow over. Hilda realizes that gets a friend who can play and compete with her.

- Let’s throw stones – who farther, - proposes Hilda.

- Let’s stand on one foot and push each other toward the river, - says the Nymph in her language but surprisingly Hilda has understood.

Cheerfully screaming, the girls begin pushing each other; the game soon transforms into grappling in attempts to take the opponent down to the sand. It turned out to be an interesting pastime. Two fleshy young girls engage in a stubborn contest; no wonder either is unable to overcome because they are equal in every respect. Being into the contest, the girls divert their attention away from anything else and do not notice at first that the monster has appeared from nowhere and attentively watches them. As they noticed him, both stopped dead. The Satyr mumbles something making a gesture meaning he wants them to keep wrestling. Then Hilda feels a metamorphosis: the jovial friend has suddenly become an enemy again and she desires to fight her for real. Obviously, the Nymph has the same feeling. The girls furiously jump at each other while the voluptuous Satyr enjoys the fight smacking his lips. Hilda gives herself up to the battle with might and main never forgetting that the desired monster is around. For his sake she must thrash and finish the Nymph who appeared so malapropos not allowing Hilda to be tete-a-tete with him. Two strapping ladies fiercely roll over in the riverside sand and suddenly found themselves in the water moving farther and farther in the depth of the river. Hilda manages to be on top and she keeps her rival under water not allowing her to fill the lungs with air. Eventually, Hilda seems to drown her. She has spent so titanic efforts achieving that, that everything goes dark before her eyes... Being semi-conscious and utterly exhausted, she crawls to the beach and tumbles into the sand. Then she hears warm breathing of the Satyr and feels a wet kiss… That turns out to be her doggy Rosario licking her cheek in order to awaken her – as the Sun is already set and the Moon is risen… Time to go back home!

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