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In 1960s - 1970s I was working as a ship doctor in the Soviet trade fleet and I had occasion to stop in African countries. We repeatedly found ourselves in the Moroccan port Casablanca. A couple of times we were invited to visit the Soviet Embassy in Rabat. Once one of Embassy employee told us a spicy story about feudal aristocracy life in neighboring Mauritania and their harems. A harem is a closed organization, and very few know what really happens there. So, my story might happen just as a historical anecdote. Although there were involved two "families", so it was more difficult to conceal the event. In addition, you can realize that there were our spies and chekists attached to the embassy who would have informants anywhere.

The event took place in a palace of a rich Moor who belonged to the ruling Arab Hassan tribe and had several wives. Mauritanian noble men from the ruling tribes traditionally love plump stout women; they even have some kind of competitions between men whose wives are heavier. This is a specific symbol of wealth and power. Two rich and noble Moors bet whose harem was better. One of them invited the other one to bring his wives to his bath in order to test their strength with his wives. Just the men, their maids and eunuchs were allowed to be present at the contest. Each husband exhibited "all star team" consisting of four most strong ones - that was the prophet Mohammed who had four wives but those Moors had more. The rules established there were very simple: nude women engaged in pairs by a water pool and each one aimed to push her opponent out into the pool.

Certainly, the husbands guessed that the heavier a wrestler was the more chances she had not to be budged, so there were quite weighty young "girls" in the teams. The four guests were brought to the bath where their maid helped them dressed off (for moving through the town they were dressed up). Then the host team arrived. The girls in the both sides were sweating for a long while; then they dried and massaged each other. After that they were rubbed by aromatic oils and were treated with hashish.

That's how the competition happened. At the signal the girls began pushing each other. It was directed to wrestle just standing but since the girls didn't have any experience, wrestling quickly came down to the floor and a scuffle cropped up. Eunuch ordered everyone to stand up and to start again. Then more serious struggle sprang up - the hashish did its part and the girls got all worked up and began real fighting, slapping, scratching and hair pulling each other. But just one managed to drop a host lady onto the water - she just dragged her by hair. The other three pairs which were rolling on the floor were pulled apart with difficulty. You can imagine how spicy the spectacle was... The Moor guest rightfully considered himself as a winner and generously awarded the victorious wife, making her the "first lady'.

This story impressed me so deep that sometimes imaginary appearances of nude harem women came to my mind.

Vasily Korshunov, Ocnober 2003

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