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Nymphs wrestle before young charmed Faun
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I am not interested in sports at all and I got to your site accidentally from the womens site "www.lita.ru". I have read many of your materials with a great interest but the most exciting ones for me were the articles about psychology of participants and spectators of opposite gender combats. I am a young retiree, so I have time to write the story about an interesting event occured when I was really young (to be more precise - two events). I hope it will interest you.

I am a little uncomfortable to say this but I used to enjoy if two boys had arguments over myself, especially if they wrestled over me (without muzzle beating though). In fact, being young I loved watching boys wrestling, no matter if it was no personal reasons or the contest was just for fun or for the strongest guy determination. I always was enchanted and excited when watching such contests. I didnt like fist fights; I considered fair wrestling as noble and exciting spectacle. As a matter of fact, at those times (at least in my Moscow encirclement) girls didnt fight and almost didnt curse. Its difficult to imagine that now but thats how it used to be.

It happened when I was in 6th or in 7th grade. There was a boy named Sergey who all girls fell in love with (it often happened). And I loved him a little too (and I believed in his mutual feelings). It was a song: He has driven mad all the girls and just reached me. He was considered as the strongest guy in the class and other boys were afraid to pick a fight with him. One day a new boy came to the class, he was not handsome but broad-shouldered and solidly built. It turned out that he seriously trained in a wrestling team. I just desired them to wrestle Sergey and this guy (he was called Vovka). Not just to wrestle but to wrestle over me. And I began preparing the ground...

I recall the story and it embarrasses me a bit. But what have happened - happened, I was mischievous that time! So, I began flirting with Vovka.  It was flattering to him that an attractive and dark-eyed girl pays attention to him and he accompanied me from school to my home. Once Vovka and I were going home and I noticed that Sergey followed us in a distance but I didnt indicate I saw him (and Vovka was so excited that he didnt see anything around). I realized that Sergey wanted to talk to Vovka. I entered the doorway and stood just behind the entrance door and looked through a small window. Sergey approached Vovka and said something and it was visible that the guys clarified relations. Then Sergey pushed Vovka to shoulders and at the moment I ran out of my shelter. While I was running up to them they already had locked in combat. I screamed loudly stop it! and they unlocked. I pretended to be angry and asked what was going on and they began mumbling something. I just took control and said, OK, I see each of you guys dont like that the other one courts me. Do you? The guys embarrassedly confirmed. Then I offer you to hold a fair duel but not here but in an appropriate place, for instance in the park next to the kindergarten. The boys didnt have a chance not to agree. We went to the park and I directed, OK, lets see who will manage to pin an opponent. While I looked around to find a good place to watch, I missed how they fell on the ground. Besides missing the most exciting part of the contest how one throw the other down, I was disappointed that in contrast to my expectation, the match was going quite boring and slow. It was a sunny day in April but the soil hadnt dried out yet and their school uniform got darkened. They were struggling on the ground attempting to pin each other. Sergey appeared on top but Vovka lied on the stomach firmly resisting and Sergey was unable to turn him around to the back.  Actually, it was not a duel but a boring Greek-Roman wrestling match (which always bored me). Thats how I judged about the fight but the boys got worked up and Sergey started taking off Vovkas uniform jacket.Taking the jacket off, he threw it into the big and dirty puddle. Although Vovka trained in wrestling that was not a wrestling match on the mat and not athletic competition at all, and he became upset and almost to tears. Sergey asked him with exultation, OK, you wanna get more? Vovka didnt answer and Sergey leniently stood up and approached me. I was angry and upset expected fair nice duel turned out to be an ugly skirmish. I slapped Sergey in the face and called him a coward. He flared up and went away. I came up to Vovka and said that I felt sorry for the unintentional provoking the conflict. I said that considered him a winner and invite him to the movie for the next day. However, even I tried I was unable to set up a real friendship with him. I didnt feel any deep sympathies to him because he wasnt mentally developed and he wasnt interesting for me. Certainly, since that incident I didnt deal with Sergey. The conclusion of this story suggests itself: a winner not always appears to be stronger and more over, nobler. The only advantage I got from this story was that I realized who Sergey was. My classmates learned about the incident and many of them denounced me.

After a while I was boomeranged and I found myself in the Vovkas position. When I was in the tenth grade of high school I had serious relationship with my classmate, Mike. He was phlegmatic, intelligent and good in studying. One day, after a school party when almost everyone was well drunk (including some girls), Mike found himself in the company of two girls me and another girl from the eleventh grade. I didnt like that the girl picked on us and I told her rudely that she had to leave us alone and to go her way. Mike disliked that and ordered me to sto. But I didnt quiet down and the girl turned out to be naughty and we began swearing back and forth.  Mike got tired of that and said to me, Remember, in the seventh grade you provoked an argument between Sergey and Vovka in order to watch their fight over you? So, let you fight and I will see who will take over. I got insulted and angry and said to them, You Mike are a bastard and you bitch is a swine! Wanna fight, lets fight! Lets step aside to the lawn! At first, the girl tarried and hesitated but I goaded her, Oh, getting cold feet, bitch? She just jumped on me and grabbed hold of my hair. Actually, I had never fought for real just saw how guys did.  I didnt know what to do but Mike interfered and calmly and confidently said, Break! You will wrestle according to the rules: no hairpulling, no blows! Grab each other and try to pin your opponent! I just recalled that Sergey vs. Vovka fight and I didnt want to dirty my dress but the scoundrel already grabbed my hands and we engaged in standing struggle. We embraced each other by waists and started unskillfully pushing each other. Although I was a little drunk I realized that I should recall some wrestling technique which boys use. For some reason, I recalled just a trip. However, from a distance a wrestling match looks completely different than when you are involved in it. So, I experienced unusual hug by the soft but solid female body and I didnt have any idea how to accomplish that stupid trip (or chop, I dont distinguish). By the way, I must say that a good trip is a very exciting wrestling move I just drank in watching how one guy trips another one up and has him down its a real kick! But in our case we just constrained each other and we didnt have a freedom of movement. Nonetheless, I attempted to lead my leg behind her knee and began to smash back of her leg by my foot but I was unable to do that effectively and she even took advantage of that. The wench turned out to be brisk and adroit while I stood on the left leg and manipulated by the right one, she just toppled me. It was the same season as when Sergey wrestled with Vovka - it was Spring and the ground remained wet and cold (perhaps such duels mostly occur in Spring when Nature and instincts are waking up). After all, she leaned heavily on me and despite my desperate resistance I found myself on the back pinned and helpless. I felt offended to the tears. The vulture triumphantly rose on her foot managing to dirty just hands whereas I blotted my light dress. Bastard Mike gave me a hand as if nothing had happened and began to shake me off. The rage and offense rushed into my blood and I slapped him in the face. But unlike Sergey, he didnt react and even attempted to hug and comfort me. But I turned around and dragged myself along and told parents that I just slipped and fell... In fact, nobody won there and this is not a womans way to fight over a man, it doesnt help.

Aleksandra Zueva, 2003

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