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Have just read the reminiscence of the wrestling match between two sisters,
which was peeped by the author of the story being a child.
And I recalled my own story....


Fragment of the artwork by artist 'GotJack'
Album DeviantArt

Being a nine year old boy, I had an odd stroke of luck witnessing two women sorting things out just in front of me It happened in a basement of an old big apartment building in Moscow. The brick walled basement represented a big utility area, with heat pipes and wires in it. We boys liked playing there to be far away from adults. At that time, I was there alone and witnessed a scene which can't be forgotten. I watched the action from behind a column with bated breath.

Two women came to the basement to sort out things and they did that in a quite unusually weird way! Being bored waiting for boys, I suddenly heard muffled women's voices from behind the entrance door and then two our female neighbors came in. They looked around observing the basement and then stepped to the opposite corner and the showdown began. (I stood in the dark and was practically invisible.) It was not a usual women's bickerfest but it couldn't be called a fight either, even though it was a physical contest in full contact. Actually, there was little action to tell about but I will try...

So then... It was very-very long ago, when people were different, especially women... Two young women got at odds and came to a solitary spot to resolve their differences tete-a-tete. They were on the heavy side; such women were highly prized at that time. It was Summer time and they wore cool dresses (by convention, the best of few pieces of clothing they had.) They stood face to face with their hands on their hips and then slowly closed and bumped into each other with their fleshy breasts. One of them was a little taller, so her opponent's bosom kind of underlaid her one. They stood still and louringly sputtered at each other and calmly revile each orher. The very calmness intensified the tension at the scene.

At some moment, the shorter one pushed her rival stronger, so I guessed it was a signal for a fight. In fact, women's fights were extremely rare at that time and I had never seen them. And these women didn't actually get into a brawl. They just pressed at each other at full fling and their boobs tightened against each other like springs. Interestingly, they still didn't use arms keeping their hands on the hips. I would call this unusual contest a combination of both physical and psychological struggle with their buffers as auxiliary assets. It looked like a game played according certain rules but it really was not - they didn't seem to have talked over any terms or rules - obviously they just acted according to circumstances and their nature. Perhaps, they didn't want and didn't know how to fight but still experienced ardent desire to come to grips with the opponent. Sometimes it happens between guys when they threaten each other but it eventually doesn't come to blows...

The nature of a woman is sometimes difficult for understanding. Probably the burst of female hormones took place in their bodies. In such situations, men usually experience a surge of testosterone and they get physical. These two women behave in their way. Probably, breasts for a woman play much more role than feeding babies and attracting men, they might be a symbol of female strength. That's probably why they pressed each other with their "women's pride"...

I experienced frantic excitement watching the contest. I feel how two powerful female elements clashed; two femininities engaged in fierce psychological and physical contest. It was far different from a clash between two men or boys. They didn't yell or scream - they just kept pressing each other chest-to-chest and sputtered at each other bare teeth. The distance between their faces was barely four inches. I was quite scared watching these Furies, especially their compressed boobs.

The taller one turned out to be stronger and more aggressive; she pressed her opponent hard forcing her to step back. The attacker was pushing so furiously that the other woman eventually lost her footing and touched the floor by her knee. To my surprise and disappointment, the women immediately untied, probably considering the fall of one of them as defeat. The winner victoriously raised her arms and stepped aside. Her defeated opponent swiftly rose to her foot, flung the word in her rival direction, "bitch!" and left the venue. The victor just smirked and went away too... That's the whole story.

After that, I was standing stone-still for a long while - I was extremely dumbfounded. By the tone of their argy bargy I learned that they tried to nettle each other as much as possible. At that moment, I was not certain what was the real reason of their encounter - frankly speaking I was totally concentrated on the sight of their contesting boobs and bodies. But since they often repeated the words "he", "him", "his" it could be concluded that a man was involved there, which probably was the object of the dispute... Those two tightly coupled lusty female bodies were seen as a heady brew of eroticism, sexuality and mysterious and violent female energy. That episode has deeply etched in my memory. To be honest, sometimes, when I see a busty woman I recall that "breast fight"...

Pavel Kuzminsky
June 20, 2014

P.S. During many years passed since that day, the images of those women have been distorted in my mind and I imagine them more modern while in that reality they looked like the women at the title illustration. During my life, their breasts have been grown.

Illustration by artist GotJack

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