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Ecstatic ladies

Ecstatic Ladies
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I just saw discussions on your site regarding connections between sexual instinct and female fighting. I have something interesting to tell you... It began about four years ago. I don't want to name the city where I live because too many people are involved in this story.

I am a former sambist and during a few past years I’ve been a “no holds barred” fighting promoter and trainer. This story is about two ecstatic ladies who attended our “no holds barred” fights. They looked unusually to me - I really didn’t understand what they were looking for there. My wife, for instance, hates any types of fights and considers my job just as an inevitable evil… One day I picked up a phone and an unknown young female voice introduced as Masha asked me to help her and her girl friend Olga get into our gym to watch training and competitions of extreme fighters. She said that they adored watching all forms of fighting. But “no holds barred” fighting attracted them more because it was closer to real fighting. Usually, I didn’t want women to be in training classes because it made sparring and bouts fiercer and less athletic. But I was flattered by such attention to my job and I allowed them to be present on our training.

When they came I recognized the two noisy spectators I saw before on our competitions. The two looked alike - brown haired, solid, tall, and quite attractive and a little bit plump girls in their early 20s. At the beginning they behaved quietly and silently admired fighters and just applauded. But later they changed - I was shocked when they started loudly screaming (using curse words) and demanding one fighter to make maximum damage to another or even to kill him. Like: “Give him more!” “Choke him, choke him stronger!” “Kick him to the balls!” “Throw him down and track dirt on him!” “Break his nose!” “Don’t relax - strike him!” “Murder him!” “Guys, start real fighting at last!” etc. I noticed though that when they were watching fights they were crawling on their seats and were getting so excited that stood up and began firmly pushing each other. When a bout or sparring was over their soundness of mind came back to normal and it was possible to talk to them - they calmed down and looked even timid and shy. Unbelievable! I was puzzled by their behavior and it started bothering me. However, they didn’t try to become friends or intimate with the fighters whereas many other girls did all the time.

Once, I was a witness of female fighting for money in a cafe, which were attended by athletes-combatants. Dressed up women walked into a homemade ring and fiercely fought for quite substantial sum of money. I just heard a woman’s screaming: “Crush her!” “Smash her!” “Improve her makeup!” “Squeeze lard from her!” “Girls, give birth to something at last!” And among spectators I noticed Masha and Olga passionately watching the bouts and energetically and rudely screaming using curse words. After watching this show, unusual for me, I come up with the idea… I talked to them frankly and told them that I was tired of bearing their hysterical behavior, which bothered my fighters, so they fought nervously and became making dangerous mistakes because they tried to show themselves better in front of women. As an alternative, I offered them to attend our classes not as spectators but as participants. At the beginning they got scared and embarrassed but after all they agreed to try. Frankly speaking, I didn’t expect them to come but they appeared next training day and I told them briefly what is being a fighter, describe in detail hardness and duration of daily training, possible traumas. But that didn’t scare them; they seemed to decide it thoroughly, so I scheduled the first real training.

I had never trained women before and didn’t know how to start but I am hanging among combatants and I talked to a female kickboxer and got special equipment and protectors for women. In order to move them into fighting world quickly, I just gave them women’s kickboxing accessories and big boxing gloves and asked them to try just fist fighting each other to feel how it’s being fighting, delivering and getting strikes. At the beginning they looked very funny - they were too feminine to fight and absolutely unskilled. Actually they looked like any pair of untrained women would do. But step by step they went into the fight, it started seriously and they got all worked up. They began screaming and howling. I was very surprised but the close friends started swear and curse like this: “Take this, bitch!” The boxing fight went into ferocious ground wrestling and I stopped it. They puffed loudly and looked angry and embarrassed at the same time. I tried to explain them that a contest sport is not a real fighting - just a sport and they shouldn’t take it so personally. I sent them home and in fact, I didn’t expect them back but in a couple of days they came all the same.

I started training them for real but didn’t allow them to spar for a while. Surprisingly, they trained very diligently and hard. I began realizing that they were gradually becoming real fighters. They turned out to be quite physically fit, strong and adroit. Frankly speaking, I had never imagined that women could fight and wrestle for real, in men’s way, without scratching, hair pulling and yelping and to be quite on equal footing with men - and Masha and Olga were! Women I had in my life were very soft and tender, so I would imagine them fighting only in night mere. These girls were totally different.

Two years passed and they became strong, tough and merciless fighters. Their weight reached almost 180lb and they looked quite menacing. I just realized that I can do a good business with them - female extreme fighting is a new thing in Russia and it should attract people. One day I organized first two mixed “no holds barred” bouts between Masha and Olga and two lighter male fighters. It was unforgettable! At the beginning, male fighters didn’t like the idea - obviously it was no win situation for them. But I paid well and managed to find tough lightweight guys who didn’t feel uneasy to go against women. By the way, the girls fought courageously and gave the men hard time. Fans got ecstatic! Especially spectators were admired when Olga broke her opponent’s nose to blood in the position where he lay on his back and was firmly locked by her legs. She tirelessly punched and punched him to the nose until the bout was stopped and she was announced as an unconditional winner. People were literally howled in ecstasy and were unable to calm down for a while!

As I was getting recognized Masha and Olga as fighters I less treated them specifically as women. My guys also got used to them and I thought they didn’t pay too much special attention to them. But it was too late when I saw the light. I never look too deep into my fighters’ personal life but I probably should have. Unexpectedly, it turned out that as Masha and Olga had become awesome fighters they turned into the indefatigable “sex machines”. They needed to have several guys during a night, especially one preceded to a fight. If they had what they wanted, next day they fought very effectively. My guys’ wives and girl fiends figured this out first and started complaining to me. I gathered my fighters and had a serious conversation with them. They had to tell the truth: Masha and Olga literally raped men, demanding to seriously wrestle with them nakedly. The girls got hot under the collar by wrestling and pounced on the partners like panthers. At that, those two preferred to do that together. (And someone still dares to say that most female combatants are Lesbians). The guys were embarrassed but I felt it wasn’t disgusting for them - the other way around, I felt they just enjoyed the experience. I met the girls and ask them to find another promoter. They left us but didn’t quite the sport and still are in combative world now.

That’s the story. So, if you see a lady hysterically screaming: “Kill him!” you should know what might be behind the scene… Masha and Olga are not their real names but if you manage to figure out who they are I will insist that you will be mistaken…

Marat Polyansky

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